Del Rio, Texas and Seminole Canyon Hike

When we woke up this morning it was so soupy foggy that we could hardly see beyond our site. I knew there would be no viewing of a sunrise today. Since it was also misting rain we decided to go into Del Rio and see if we could find some gas for the Avalon. We are pretty sure we have enough for the motor home but if push comes to shove we can always siphon some of the car gas into the RV. Well, at least Jerry can!

On the way into Del Rio I mentioned that I wished I had some good hiking boots. I have good walking tennis shoes but I’m afraid the soles may not be thick enough for the hiking we’re about to do. After riding through the fairly large town of Del Rio we set off to find some free Wi-Fi. Jerry had several books that he needed to download and I wanted to check my e-mail. Being off the grid for 24 hours is a strange feeling! We found a Starbucks and I had a latte while Jerry downloaded his books. We also asked a couple of people where we could get good Texas barbeque since we wanted to try it before we go home. They both suggested Rudy’s but first we set out on a hunt to find hiking boots. Jerry’s boots were falling apart – he had glued them back together last night – so we both needed boots but were not willing to spend a lot of money on something that we would only occasionally use. To make a long story short I’ll just say we both found some at the local Rack Room. Mine are Timberland and I know they make a good boot and I really liked the price. Their buy one, get one half off was a real enticement!

Afterward we went to lunch at Rudy’s. When we drove up I realized that it appeared to be a renovated gas station. Oh no – memories of the haircut that I got in a renovated gas station in Wisconsin flowed through my brain. When we went in we were met by a server who very nicely explained everything they offered plus he gave us samples to try. The turkey was quite good and the brisket was as well but nothing beat the creamed corn. After we sat down Jerry offered me some of his carrots and I tasted a slice. They were cooked with jalapeno peppers and I have rarely tasted anything so hot. In fact the cooked jalapeno wasn’t that hot. I drank a half glass of water before I even started my lunch. The lunch was ok but not $32 worth!

We started back to the campground and along the way saw a sign for Box Canyon and decided to ride down there. Apparently Box Canyon is part of Amistad National Park. We turned on Box Canyon Road, rode 7 miles to a little community, did a U-turn and drove 7 miles back to the highway. I never saw a canyon but we did see a lot of sheep herds – herd? Is that correct?

He found the rock!
He found the rock!
As we drove down the highway Jerry was on the lookout to find a particular set of rocks that he had seen earlier. They had a wavy pattern to them and he wanted to photograph them so when he saw them he whipped the car around, stopped on the side of the fairly busy highway and started taking pictures. Tourists! Really!

We passed through the Immigration Inspection station with just a hello and shortly afterward arrived at the campground. We put on our new shoes and headed out for a hike.

And why am I doing this?
And why am I doing this?
I thought we were just going on a short hike but Jerry had other ideas. There was a 3 mile hike to Panther Cove Overlook where we could see the confluence of the Seminole Canyon and the Rio Grande and he wanted to go so off we went. I tried to ignore the sign that said watch for snakes! It probably wasn’t the wisest idea to start the hike after 4:00 but off we went. It is a good hike but some of the path was rocky and made walking a bit more difficult.
On the way!
On the way!
Fortunately we had the walking sticks with us. There were signs along the way that indicated how much further we had to go. When we got there it was well worth the trek. The caverns, the Rio Grande, the entire vista is absolutely breathtaking. We so wanted a picture of the both of us but neither of us had carried our phones so a selfie was out of the question or was it? I had my little camera so we tried it with that and it worked. Unfortunately I had worn my hat because I had thought it might rain and I look like a little Asian lady! Notice the picture is not posted!

We made it!
We made it!
We didn’t stay too long as Jerry was afraid it would be dark when we got back and we had three miles to go. It wasn’t but it was near dusk. Again, we missed the sunset due to clouds but maybe next week.
When we got back to the RV we both collapsed. I thought it was a good prelim to our days at Big Bend and Jerry said “too little, too late”. I don’t know about that but we did break in our new shoes!


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