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Our Shakedown Trip With the New Braking System

We have a trip scheduled in mid-June to take our nine year old granddaughter to Chattanooga for a few days. I suggested to Jerry that we might want to take a short trip prior to that to make sure everything is working like it should and also determine that we know what we are doing! We just happened to get an invitation from Travel Resorts of America inviting us for a three day, two night stay so since it wasn’t very far from home we decided to try it out the first week-end in June.

We brought the RV home and got it all packed and ready to leave early on the morning of June 1 which just happens to be our anniversary. I think we almost have as much difficulty packing for a three day trip as we would have for a three month (not that we’ve gone on a three month trip). It took us the better part of two days to get the meager things into the coach. In the midst of that I decided that we needed some area rugs to put our personal stamp on the coach. After all we’ve had it over two years so don’t you think it’s time? We had bought a new comforter and shams to replace the smoked and horribly smelling bed linens we lost in the fire so now it was time for the floor. Two trips to Lowe’s and we found something that might work. We’ll see about that.

Then it was time to attach the car to the dolly. Jerry had typed up a list of instructions and I had printed it out. We have learned that getting the Jeep ready to tow is easy if you follow EVERY step. In order to be towed the Jeep must have the two speed transfer case with the neutral switch and you have to put the transfer case and the transmission in neutral. If you leave out one step it won’t work. It probably took us about 45 minutes to get the car attached and that included running into the house to watch a video on YouTube on how to do it. We finally got it! Yea!! I don’t think it will be that difficult once we get the hang of it. In fact I think it will be much easier than the tow dolly plus Jerry doesn’t have to get on the ground and crawl under the car each time. At the time we started RVing we didn’t have a car that would flat tow so a dolly was the logical way to attach a toad (that’s RV for the car being towed) so although we’ve been RVing over three years this is still new to us. We’ve always said that we learn something new each trip. Sometimes it’s little things and sometimes it’s BIG things. Let’s hope hooking the car up was our lesson for this trip.

We’ve got the coach packed, the car is attached and all we have to do in the morning is get ready, take a few last minute items out and we’ll be off. Now the next interesting point will be detaching the car and putting it back in the drive mode. We’ve got the list of instructions!


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