Home Away From Home, West Virginia

Headed to the FMCA International Rally

After A LOT of discussion and keeping in mind that we had already paid our registration plus I was on the volunteer list we decided to keep our commitment to attend the 96th FMCA International Rally in Indianapolis. We got home from the river Wednesday afternoon too late to get the motor home so we picked it up Thursday morning. In the midst of packing it we were also packing up things to be moved, taking three trailer loads to the trash dump and giving away a bedroom suite. We packed the RV in stages so I have no idea what we do or do not have. After I remembered that we would be electric only for six days I realized that I had to plan a bit differently because we wouldn’t be able to use our washer and dryer.

We had carried our bikes on the back of the RV on our previous trip but found that it was scratching the finish so Jerry wanted to put the bike rack on the car instead. This entailed changing the hitch on the RV. I don’t know why but that’s his department. While he was doing that I got on the riding lawn mower and cut our grass. I guess that is an indication of how stressed and pushed Jerry was feeling. He never lets me cut grass! Realizing that he had left all of his shorts at the river we knew a trip down there was necessary plus he wanted to cut the grass there as well. Since we were going anyway we decided to take a trailer load of things that we were planning to keep there until we get settled in the townhouse. We loaded the trailer and took off for the river. As we were going through Washington we both heard a strange noise coming from the trailer and thought it was probably just something rattling around. Nope, when we got to the river Jerry realized that one of the tires was nearly off. Whew – apparently a bad bearing. Thank you Lord for looking after us yet again.

Trailer unloaded, grass cut and off to Greenville for a short visit with Mom before our trip. After that since it was getting so late we decided to grab a bite to eat in Greenville. My mouth was watering thinking about the tasty salad at Basils, one of our favorite restaurants. Well apparently it’s on everyone’s favorite list because the parking lot was full. Because of the time crunch we decided to try out a new barbecue restaurant that everyone had been raving about. Well, it was fast. That’s all I’ll say. We ordered our meals, sat at our table and never saw a waitress. Water glass was empty, food was so-so at best. We’ve been and now will know not to go back!

We finally got home exhausted but determined to finish loading the RV. That meant everything out of the fridge that needed to go. When I open the refrigerator door and saw the chicken breasts we had bought to make chicken salad I knew our day was still not over. Between the two of us we got it done though so if nothing else we’ll have chicken salad. It won’t be a sandwich though because I forgot the bread!

Our plan was to leave by 8:00 Sunday morning and we missed it by 10 minutes but – about 5 miles down the road I realized that I had forgotten to get the clothes I had washed Saturday night out of the dryer. If it hadn’t been my favorite pair of jeans I would have just said go on but they are my favorite so we turned around, went back home and got the jeans. It was a good thing too because I realized that we had left the kitchen light on. Back on the road at 8:26 headed to about halfway between Kinston and Indianapolis. We had not decided if we would boondock at a Walmart or try to find a full service campground. I was voting for the latter as we will be electric only for the week ahead.

We stopped at a rest stop at the Welcome to Virginia station just before 12:30, four hours on the road, used the facilities and then had lunch in the motor home. Left there at 12:50 and shortly after we hit “traffic congestion”. There were cars as far as I could see. I began searching for fuel stops and campgrounds. There was a Flying J at Wytheville, Va so we stopped there. It was by far the busiest gas station we’ve ever stopped at and we had to wait in line to get to the RV pump. I guess July 4th and sunny days brought everyone out. While we were waiting we discussed staying at a campground tonight and decided on Huntington/KOA in Milton,WVa. I called and made a reservation. It’s a 122 miles so we should be there by 4:00 or earlier.

Garmin has a funny way of giving you the distance as the bird flies. Milton was not 122 miles away, it was closer to 160+ miles but uneventful. We arrived at the campground around 5:00 and I have never had a quicker check-in. I think it may have taken 3-4 minutes and then someone led us to our campsite. That is a perk that we seldom get but it surely is nice. We were on the back side of the campground close enough to the highway to hear the trucks passing by but hey, what do you expect when you call mid-afternoon?

We were quickly set up and then Jerry crashed. I suggested a walk which I really needed but he didn’t want to so we both hit the sofa and read for a while. About 7:00 we had dinner, spaghetti! Since we had originally planned to boondock at Walmart I had chosen something simply for dinner. Had I know we’d be nestled in at a KOA I might have preferred grilling but spaghetti was just as filling.


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