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Miss Hampton II

Miss Hampton II
Our day topped off with an evening dinner cruise on the Miss Hampton II on the Hampton River along the Hampton Roads Harbor. (Wow, that’s a lot of “Hamptons”) There was enclosed seating as well as up top seating that was open. Since it was cold and windy we elected to sit inside. I did go outside for just a few minutes before we ate and it was beautiful, not too cold or windy and the setting sun was lovely. I got a text from Jerry telling me that I needed to come in as they were serving dinner. We both got hamburgers and chips and they were pretty good. I didn’t eat much though because I had an upset stomach earlier and I didn’t want to push it. As soon as I finish eating I went back outside and oh my gosh, the wind had changed and it was both cold and windy, too cold for me so I only stayed a couple of minutes, at that. The rest of the tour was viewed out of a cloudy window.

Container Ship
We saw the naval yard with a number of ships and a couple of submarines (which I never saw). The most amazing thing we saw was a container ship that came along side of us. That ship was HUGE and I was hoping he saw us. We were able to watch as he lined the ship up for the cargo to be delivered. The narrator explained the difficulty in unloading as the ship had to remain in balance as things were strategically removed. As we were cruising another container ship arrived. The narrator said that during the year 1800 ships came into the harbor. Wonder what they are delivering.

We got off of the ship about 8:30 and briskly walked back to the car. Turned on our heated seats and heated steering wheel and headed for the campground. It was a great day.

A beautiful ending to a great day
Home Away From Home, Virginia


The day started early with the group joining for breakfast at Denny’s. We sat with Jerry and Pam, a couple from Georgia that we have really enjoyed.

Flags representing the 13 states
Our first tour stop was the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown. Jerry and I had visited there in August, 2015 when it was under construction to enlarge and improve the facility. Boy, did they ever. When we were there earlier we wandered around by ourselves but this time we had a guide which gives a lot of insight into the times. We had a very informative and passionate guide who painted an enthralling picture of the not only some of the more famous people of the time but also those less well known. The museum itself is filled with authentic artifacts, displays, living re-enactions and amazing audio visual effects. One of the most outstanding things we saw was a film depicting Cornwallis’ defeat at Yorktown. It was so realistic that as the “smoke” was rising and the lightning was flashing along with the musket firings I found myself quite often flinching.

Outside was the re-created Revolution-era farm and Continental Army encampment which had changed a great deal since we were there. There were a number of 6 man tents like those used by General Washington and various displays depicting the life of a soldier. We stopped by the outside kitchen where one member of the 6 man team would prepare the meal. Only one meal a day was prepared and then I guess leftovers provided the other meals of the day. Meals were prepared whether the weather was cold or drizzling rain. The only thing that prevented the preparation was a deluge of rain. Otherwise the job continued.

Despite it being a late October “Fall” day the wind was blowing and it was pretty cold outside so we didn’t linger too long at the Encampment Farm but scurried inside. Since it was near lunch time we considered eating in the café there on site but decided to ride on in to Yorktown. After a ride through the battlefield seeing several fortifications and cannons and remembering our drive of August, 2015 we ended up at the Coast Guard Training Center where ALL ID’s where checked. Reassuring but since we had no business there we turned around and headed out. That was when we saw three deer wandering around with no evident fear of activity. We wondered if possibly we were in a protected area with no hunting as we had seen deer before on our visit and they do seemed very accustomed to activity. Next we headed to the museum where we had bought our America the Beautiful pass two years prior. What a deal. At the time we bought it it was only $10 and even though it is now $80 it is still quite a bargain as you are allowed free entrance into all national parks. Oh yes, the one caveat – you have to be 62 or older!

The lady at the admissions counter asked us about our NKK (Newmar Kountry Klub) badges so we talked with her for a few minutes. She is interested in buying an RV and in particular interested in Newmar. Of course we told her all about the virtues of Newmar. We went in the gift shop where I remarked on the Passport books for national parks. As I said “we should have bought one of these four years ago” Jerry said, “well, let’s do it now” so we finally got our passport book and will begin to fill in the national parks we have visited.

HMS Charon
Inside the small museum is a one fourth replica of the HMS Charon, a British ship which houses some of the ship’s cannon that were recovered from the river in the 1930’s. According to the poster outside “On the night of October 10, French artillerists along the York River west of Yorktown turned their attention toward British ships anchored in the river, including the 44 gun Frigate the HJM Charon. Firing “red hot shot” that were super-heated cannon balls, they set fire to the Charon. Attempting to escape, the Charon collided with a transport, spreading the intense fire. The Charon drifted to the Gloucester side of the river where it burned to its waterline and sank.” Inside the displayed ship was a rimmed table with a one place setting with a pewter plate and the same stainless that we use!

Hanging out with General Washington, General Lafayette and Admiral de Grasse in Yorktown
By this time we were really getting hungry so we went back into Yorktown searching for a restaurant. We didn’t think we had a lot of time to spare as we were heading to Hampton for the evening and we were unable to find a restaurant that didn’t have a wait time. I had earlier looked at the menu at the American Revolution Museum café so I suggested that we go back there. The entrée’s sounded good and were reasonably priced. I got a bacon, tomato, lettuce and cheese sandwich which was quite good. Although I had never heard of putting cheese on a BLT I think I’ll be trying it in the future.

We left in plenty of time to get to Hampton since we had been told that it would take some time getting there depending on the traffic. Well we got there before 3:00 and were not supposed to meet our group until 5:45. We rode around the town a bit and then found a parking place and just relaxed for a little bit.

Home Away From Home, Virginia

Colonial Williamsburg

Since we had such a long day yesterday we took it a little easy and didn’t even arrive at Colonial Williamsburg until 11:00. As we were walking up we saw Phillip and Becky, our NC Directors and joined them for a delightful day.

Recommendation was to take the shuttle bus for the entire ride which encircled the historic district so we decided to do that realizing that we’d get enough walking in as the day progressed. After going all around we all decided that we hadn’t gotten a lot out of that – don’t recommend it to anyone else. We got off at the Governor’s Palace which we had seen before but it was interesting to see it again. The palace was noticeably clean. All the chandeliers were sparkling and I didn’t see one bit of tarnish on the silver displayed. When do they do all of that cleaning? I think I need to take them home!

After the palace we wandered around a bit and then decided on lunch at Chownings Tavern where we had eaten when we were last here. The menu was interesting, written I suppose in Olde English. of the entrée’s was accompanied with sippers. None of had any idea what that was – it was toast! Each of us got something different. I just got a garden wedge salet and a Basket of House-Made Chips—rustic hand-cut seasoned potato chips served with a trio of Chowning’s dipping sauces: malt vinegar bleu cheese, rarebit sauce, and gunpowder sauce. The gunpowder sauce was a little hot but very good. Jerry got Bangers and Mash—Roasted English sausage with sautéed onions and mushrooms, served with Madeira brown sauce on a bed of whipped colcannon potatoes. I had to look on the menu to determine what bangers were.

Jerry couldn’t resist a picture of me in the stocks.
After lunch we walked around a bit and then Phillip and Becky decided to return to the campground. Jerry and I walked around a bit more enjoying a beautiful afternoon. One of the shops we went into was a silversmith. I learned that when silver is engraved some of the silver is lost but if it is etched on the back, a process called repoussee then all of the silver is retained and it keeps its weight. In Colonial times the worth of silver was determined by its weight so silver designed by the repoussee method was more valuable.

By this time we were getting a bit tired so we headed back to the Visitor’s Center by shuttle. They have two gift stores so we went in both and I bought the ubiquitous magnet for Williamsburg. I had bought one yesterday for Jamestown thinking I might have already gotten one and I had so now I have two Jamestown magnets on an already crowded fridge! Tomorrow we visit Yorktown and I’ve already checked. We have the magnet!

We headed on back to the campground. I had some work to do on the computer and Jerry went outside to read accompanied by cheese and crackers. He didn’t stay out there long though as it was too cold so he came in and took a nap. Tonight was the night to have dinner in so I brought out the spaghetti sauce

We had to get to the Newmar tent a bit early because they wanted a picture of the North Carolina Tarheels – do you know how hard that is for us as NC State fans to say we belong to the North Carolina Tarheels? Our boys would love that! Oh well, we got the picture. The night began with a salute to the Virginia State Directors who were retiring and then they had a raffle. Next we all played Card Bingo. It’s a real easy game with a lot of winners but alas not us. It was fun though.

Lucky for us Becky and Phillip who by the way are our next door neighbors drove to the tent so we got to ride up and back with them and didn’t have to brave the cold, dark walk back.

Home Away From Home, Virginia

Jamestown Settlement and Museum

Today started very early as we were to meet for breakfast at Denny’s at 7:30! That’s an early start but it gave us a chance to meet some more people. We sat with a couple who serve as the At-Large representatives and they explained their responsibilities with Newmar.

Next we all met at the Jamestown Settlement. Jerry and I had visited the Jamestown museum a couple of years ago but had never been to the Settlement. We had a very informative, interesting and entertaining guide. Someone commented that if they had had a history teacher like that they might have paid more attention. He took us through the stages of Jamestown Colony 400 years ago. In 1607 ships carrying 144 passengers and crew landed and anchored in the James River after spending 144 days at sea. Amazingly only one death was reported and most likely that was from heat stroke although that is not definite. The Virginia Company of London as “James Fort” was established on May 4, 1607 funded by a group of London investors.

One of the first things the settlers did was build a fort with a wall as the Powhatan tribe of Indians was there and not very friendly! Hard times were ahead for these men when disease and starvation hit in 1607. I cannot imagine the desperation that would lead to cannibalism but it definitely occurred then. Diseased bodies were thrown in dug pits, some on top of each other and buried without benefit of caskets or preparation.

The Hunt Shrine dedicated to the memory of the Reverend Robert Hunt, the first Anglican minister of the colony
Finally in 1610 when they decided enough was enough, the entire company boarded the ship and headed home only to be met by Lord de la Warr with supplies, new settlers and an order to return. Return they did and they established forever the first permanent colony in the New World leading to the establishment of the House of Burgesses, the first representative assembly in America.

We were able to go into the Memorial Church which was built in 1907 but only as far as the front as archaeologists were busy working in the remaining section. We also visited the Archaearium where there are many artifacts plus a glimpse into the lives of the people.

Jerry in his new Jamestown T
Fortunately before we went on the guided tour I asked Jerry to go back to the car and get my raincoat. Had I not done that I don’t think I would have been able to finish the tour as it was windy and cold with the wind blowing off of the river. When we went into the Archaearium gift shop Jerry ended up buying a pretty long sleeved T which he put on over his short sleeved shirt. For him to say it’s cold, its cold!

Although we didn’t have to be at the museum until later we headed on over remembering that they had a café there. We got a bite to eat and visited with the Regional Director and some others. We also visited with the North Carolina State Director Becky along with her friend Phillip who encouraged us to join the NC Chapter, the Tarheels. She gave us the application and we filled it out right there on the spot plus paid the dues, a whole $10! Looking forward to some local rallies.

Picture by Gayle Webber
When Jerry and I visited the museum before we wandered around on our own but this time we had a guide for over an hour. Although it would have been nice to spend more time in the different sections that was not possible with such a large number on the tour. Still, we learned a lot more than before. Hopefully we’ll be able to retain it! Of course most of it we heard in one form or another when we were at the Settlement but this just emphasized it. It is definitely a grand museum and worth the visit.

While riding his bike the day before Jerry had broken his mirror while trying to adjust it so after leaving the museum we attempted to find a bike store. Thank you Google. We found a store, he bought the mirror and got me a light for my bike as well.

We returned to the campground and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the cool weather outside. Jerry cleaned out his tool box and mounted the mirror on his bike.

All of the Kountry Klub members met for dinner at Sal’s by Victor. I couldn’t believe how crowded it was on a Tuesday night and was hoping that was a sign of good food. We ended up seated with several of the North Carolina members and had a delightful time. The food was good and the company was great. In fact when we finally got ready to leave we looked around and realized that the other 90 some members had already left.

Home Away From Home

An Introduction to Region 5 Kountry Klub

Today was a free day so we slept in and then took our time getting out. Our first stop was the check-in tent for the Kountry Klub Region 5 Rally. We quickly got our information and then headed out to the local Walmart for groceries. By the way, it was located next to the local Lowes. For some reason we always find our way to Walmart and Lowe’s. Wonder why!

Back for lunch and then off again to the Tanger Outlet mall. We love the classic relish at Harry and David’s but the only store in North Carolina closed a while back. We were down to one jar so we definitely headed there where we bought a case! Mixing one jar of the onion relish with a small container of cream cheese and accompanied by scoops is an easy and delectable hors d’oeuvre. We always get lots of compliments when we take it to a gathering.

Tanger Mall is a very large outdoor mall that just seems to go on and on with numerous stores, well worth a visit if you have extra time while visiting Williamsburg. After purchasing our relish we wandered around a bit taking in the variety of stores. Our conclusion: “if you can’t find it there you probably don’t need it”.

Back to the campground and an afternoon of leisure. We sat outside for a while and then Jerry rode his bike for five miles. I walked – a half a mile!

That evening we all gathered for an introductory meeting and dinner at the tent. We ended up sitting at the table with our neighbors who remarked “oh you were the ones coming in last night after dark”. Oh yes, that was us! We met a lot of people whose names escape me now. Perhaps by the end of the week we’ll remember some names.

Home Away From Home, Virginia

Next Stop – Williamsburg, Virginia

Sunday morning dawned bright and early for us as we had much to do before our departure for Willliamsburg. Because it was after dark when we returned from the group gathering last night we were unable to accomplish any of our usual pre-departure tasks such as taking the tent down or putting up the outside things. Before tackling those tasks though we gathered with the group for breakfast and devotions. It delayed our departure time but what a perfect way to end a rally.

We finally got everything put away and/or packed up and pulled out of Creekwood Campground a little before 10:00. To say it was a long day is quite the understatement. We ran into road construction at least three times and two accidents along the way. Who knew that a fender bender could tie up traffic for such a long time. We figured we spent at least two hours stopped or barely moving. When we stopped for gas I got us something to eat and we were back on the road in 15 minutes. A quick stop at a rest stop when we hit the Virginia border gave us a few minutes to walk around a bit. Both of us needed to stretch the kinks out.

We finally arrived at American Heritage Campground at 6:38 putting the 330 rule to shame. (Off the road after 330 miles or by 3:30 pm). We got checked in quickly, unhooked the car and headed to site 94. It was a pull through so that was easy but setting up in the dark is never easy. We got “kind of” level, enough to survive the night and Jerry was able to hook up the electric, water, septic and cable in the dark. I know Jerry was tired as he had driven about 450 miles. Glad tomorrow is a free day!

Home Away From Home, North Carolina

Fun at an FMCA Chapter Rally

In July Jerry and I were in Indianapolis at the FMCA National Rally where we met a lovely couple from North Carolina. Since they were parked right behind us we ran into them frequently which led to evening visits and an enjoyable way to wind down after our busy days. They shared their involvement with one of the North Carolina chapters, the Carolina Guroos. After we got home we got an e-mail from the chapter president asking us if we were interested in joining and or attending a rally. We immediately decided to join and to attend the October rally in Waynesville, NC.

We arrived on Wednesday at Creekwood Campground and after setting up began to immediately meet members of the Carolina Guroos. After a short afternoon of visiting seven of us went out to eat at Maggie’s Galley. I had rainbow trout which was delicious but of course Jerry had to try something a bit different. He had gator tail. He thought it would be a large piece of gator but instead it resembled the gator bites we’d had several years ago. Actually it looked like fried oysters to me but he said they were good.

Thursday was another afternoon of visiting with everyone trying to escape the warm sun and sit in the shade. Jerry finally got out our NC State tent and we spent the afternoon there. People came and went bringing chairs and sometimes beverages with them. It was a great afternoon.

Thursday evening we all gathered at the meeting room for barbecue and then games. Our game that night was Left, Right and Center. It was a fun game.

Friday morning we made our one trip out of the campground to go to the grocery store. Jerry had heard from one of the other members about a wood distributor close to the campground. That definitely peaked his interest so after the grocery store run we headed to Oak Unlimited. Jerry went in to talk with the owner to see what they had available for sale. They had ends for $2.00 a piece so Jerry decided to get five. When the fellow asked Jerry what kind of wood work he did Jerry brought him out to the car to see the walking sticks we had been lugging around. The fellow asked if Jerry sold them and if so for how much. When Jerry responded $20 the guy’s response was “take 10 pieces of wood and give me a walking stick and we’ll call it even”. Needless to say that put a big smile on Jerry’s face.

Another afternoon of visiting and then everyone went out to eat at Rendevous Restaurant. Because it was leaf peeping season it was difficult to find a restaurant that would take a reservation for 20 people so our choices were limited.

A nice view for the afternoon or for an evening campfire
After we returned to the campground we joined the couple across from us at their campfire. Several couples sat out by the creekside in the cold (cold enough for me to have a blanket) and listened to jokes and I’m quite sure a few “fish stories”. Every RVer has an interesting anecdote or experience to share. Around the campfire in the flickering light most are funny but some have a lesson behind them. For example, don’t go through a yellow caution light when towing your car behind your RV. The car will go through on the red light and yes, the camera will get a picture. Upon returning home you mayfind a ticket waiting in your mailbox! True story.

Saturday afternoon a couple of the guys were carving pumpkins for the pumpkin contest later in the evening. The ladies all joined to watch our president show us how to tie dye a small pumpkin with nail polish. That was very simple with a lovely outcome. Definitely something to try with the grands! Update: I tried it the next week with the grands – colossal fail!

Instead of going out to dinner Saturday night we all gathered in the meeting room for pizza and salad. After that we played Five Seconds. Dividing up into teams of two, men against women we were asked a question that had 3 answers and 5 seconds to answer. There was so much laughter that at times it was difficult to even hear the answers!

Saturday evening concluded with another campfire. It was a little warmer so no blanket was necessary.

The rally concluded Sunday morning with biscuits from Bojangles and a devotion by Sandy who along with her husband Rick was the wagon master for the week-end. They did a great job, one usually done by two couples and set the bar high for the next week-end rally. The Christmas party will be lunch in Clemmons in December and then Florida in February. We are planning to attend the lunch in Clemmons but will have to see if Florida works in our plans.

Carolina Guroos Week-end
After a fun filled week-end with great people I can truthfully say joining Carolina Guroos was one of our better decisions. I have often described us as “travelers” rather than “campers” but this week-end we were campers! Traveling and touring as we do means we often leave the campground early in the morning and return late in the afternoon collapsing from fatigue. That doesn’t give much time to enjoy the camaraderie of the other travelers/campers in the campground so this was an even more special time. The only time we left the campground was to go to the grocery store and a short stop at Oak Unlimited. Otherwise we slept in, had lazy mornings and evening campfires, played fun games filled with laughter with new friends and did a lot of visiting. Can’t wait to get together again! Now on our way to Williamsburg for the Newmar Kountry Klub Region 5 Rally!

Home Away From Home, North Carolina

On to Waynesville

The RVing folks are a very congenial group of people united by a common interest of traveling with a home on wheels. There are however a few topics that always instigate some lively discussions. Whether to tow four down or to tow using a dolly almost always initiates interesting discussion. Since we’ve done both we, like many others, have a pretty definite opinion however I will add this caveat: whether you tow four down or dolly tow, have a Class A, B or C or a fifth wheel or tag along, the decision you make is the one that works for you. There is no one answer for everyone and that is something most RVers can agree on.

As I have shared before, we recognize that for us leaving on a trip is so much easier now that we tow four down. No more crawling on the ground no matter the weather conditions for Jerry. After I correctly align the car behind the RV Jerry hooks it up and it only takes a few minutes. My job is to put the jeep in active drive transfer so it can be towed. Because we haven’t traveled with the toad since July I’m a little rusty at the procedure but since I faithfully follow our written instructions each time step by step hopefully it’s right. Before we pull out with the RV we also have a check list that we go over every time. Most of the time we’ve completed every pre-travel task but once in a while something will be left undone. Last time I had forgotten to lock the refrigerator but luckily was reminded when we went over the check list. Believe me, no one wants the doors to the fridge to open when going around a sharp curve. Been there, done that and nearly everything came out on the floor including me as I was trying to get everything back in the fridge while riding down a busy street – what a mess! With the check list procedure for the tow car and the checklist for the RV we generally pull out secure that we have done all we can do to ensure a safe trip.

Today we traveled 40 west out of Clemmons heading to Waynesville and it was an uneventful ride (which we love). As always there was some road construction but it didn’t slow us down much. When I started looking for a gas station I of course went to the Garmin and there was not one Flying J listed on our route. We like the Flying J’s because they have a dedicated RV lane. We decided to settle for Love’s. They are often more expensive but have easy access. While riding along though I saw a sign for a Pilot so we went for that. It did not show up on Garmin but did on the iExit app. It was on a two lane road, very busy with big semi’s and just a lot of traffic but alas – no rv lane and a very slow pump! We spent 25 minutes refueling and then began the interesting task of navigating away from the pump and around the station. I drove while Jerry stood outside navigating. One guy even offered to stop traffic for us. It’s always nice to run in to people willing to help. We made it and back on the road to Waynesville. Then we had to conquer Black Mountain. Again, we made it!

Asheville was not as busy as we had thought so we motored on to Waynesville to Creekwood RV Park. We missed the entrance initially perhaps because I was looking for Creekside. Don’t know where my mind was! All in all it was a nice ride but no pretty scenery on the way. Due to the dry fall the beautiful fall colors haven’t made it to western NC this year.

Home Away From Home, North Carolina

Frustration, Praise and Thankfulness!

Almost four years of RVing and we still feel like Newbies! We seem to learn something new on every trip, sometimes something really big and sometimes just a process that makes things easier. Despite the absolute fun and convenience of traveling on wheels occasionally we have a bit of frustration. Things break or wear out just like they do in our sticks and brick home, thus my post today.

On our way to the FMCA Rally in Indianapolis in July we realized that our assistive braking system on the car was not working so while at the rally we talked with a representative from the company. We discovered that the system had been installed incorrectly. Campers Inn had never installed one before so they were learning and we could understand that. The plan was to contact them as soon as we got home to resolve the issue.

On to Nappanee, Indiana, home of Newmar to have some work done on our Newmar Canyon Star. In addition to some other smaller issues the rollers on the slide had damaged some of the tiles. We asked about getting them replaced but the cost was prohibitive (ah, say exorbitant to us) so we elected to buy a box of tiles and have it done at home. Perhaps that was our first mistake.

When we got home (in early August) we took the coach to Campers Inn in Selma/Smithfield, NC where we had the brake assistive system installed. They had agreed to put down the new tiles in the coach at half the cost plus ascertain the problem with the braking system. They immediately got to work on the tiles. They removed the damaged tiles, opened the box we had purchased from Newmar only to discover that we had the wrong tiles. What? We could see the tiles through the cellophane on the box and they looked like the correct tiles. They were the right color but the distributor had changed the grout line making it impossible to correctly align the them. Of course we called Newmar and learned that the distributer had discontinued those tiles – what? We’ve got bare places on our floor, down to the OSB and no available tiles. What to do? Then began the process of Newmar trying to find some tiles. We held off on taking the car to Campers Inn while we were waiting to receive the tiles so we could get it all done at the same time. Second mistake.

We had planned to take the RV on a short trip to Raleigh, NC in September for a horse show but of course that was not possible as it was still at Campers Inn waiting for some tiles. One canceled trip.

Finally after several weeks of waiting, phone calls to Newmar, frustration, etc. on September 7 I sent an e-mail to Newmar Customer Service and we finally found out that the guy handling our tile problem was out due to a family emergency (actually two emergencies) – understandable but then we had to start explaining all over again. Finally around the first of October I sent an e-mail to Customer Service stating my dissatisfaction with Newmar and the tile problem. Then began a series of e-mails with Derek who was trying to catch up and do what he could. Thank you Derek.

The next step was receiving an e-mail from Ivy in Customer Service apologizing for “this whole ordeal” and telling us that the tiles shipped out that day. After several disappointing days of waiting anxiously for the UPS truck arrived we called Customer Service once again. You won’t believe what we found out. The box of tiles (I use that description lightly) in its journey arrived in Greensboro, NC empty – torn and nothing inside. Excuse me, but did no one notice that tiles were falling out of the box? They contacted Newmar who contacted us. Only three boxes of the tile had been located and one of them was gone forever.

Back to the emails again. The parts man who had originally helped us e-mailed us and told us that they had found some more tiles and would be sending them to us. Since it was Friday and we were scheduled to leave for a FMCA chapter rally and then a Kountry Klub (Newmar) Region 5 rally on Tuesday I asked if they could be overnighted. He replied that they were being sent by the distributor but Newmar had OKed them to be sent if the distributor would do that. Shortly afterward we got another e-mail saying that they had found some tiles at Newmar and they were being sent out that day. Thank you.

Jerry contacted Campers Inn and an appointment was made to take the car in on Monday at 8:00 for the brake repair and to pick up the RV. Guess we’ll be traveling with no tiles on the majority of the living area of the RV because it is doubtful that the tiles will arrive by Monday morning. I have always taken the sheets off of the bed, washed them immediately upon arriving home and then put them back in the coach. Did I do that the last time? Of course not because we were dealing with the house issue plus we had taken a lot out of the coach to use at home because everything in the house was packed up for the move that didn’t happen. On to the story, we decided on Friday to go to Smithfield, get the sheets and determine what we had left in the RV in July. Off to Smithfield we went (an hour away) and guess what we found. Someone had left the battery disconnect on with perhaps a light on so the battery was dead meaning that we had no steps, no light and no way to put the slides out to get the sheets. Discouragement reared its ugly head.

We finally pulled the sheets off, literally climbing in and out of the RV and headed home. Brake assist not fixed, no tiles and a dead battery but you know what? These are just little blips along the way of life. There are so many people that have real problems and ours are just inconveniences. Yes, I have been discouraged at times. 2017 has not been kind to us in many ways but God has not been surprised by any of this. He is still in charge! Praise God!

Update – Monday, October 16: Jerry got up early and was at Campers Inn before they even opened. They quickly got to work on the car and Jerry, the RV (finally) and the car were home by lunch. Guess what was in the garage waiting for him when he arrived? You guessed it – a big box of tiles! Obviously Newmar didn’t want a repeat of lost tiles so they had packaged them in a huge box. Jerry immediately called Campers Inn and they said to be there by 8:00 on Tuesday morning and they would put the tiles down.

We spent the rest of Monday getting ready to leave and by 7:00 on Tuesday morning Jerry was on the way. I followed in the car about an hour later. The tiles were replaced quickly but they suggested that we wait for at least two hours before picking the coach up giving the tiles time to set. No problem as we were not in a hurry. We walked around Carolina Pottery, the local outlet mall, got some buffet lunch at Pizza Inn and pulled out of Campers Inn a bit after 1:00. The floor looked great! They had asked us not to use the slides for 24 hours but other than that all was good – finally!

After a couple of stops along the way we pulled into Tanglewood Park around 6:00. We have stayed at Tanglewood a number of times in the past and although there are some unlevel sites we usually have no problem getting level. When I had called to make the reservation I was given a choice of what site to choose and thinking #10 was on one of the first rows I chose that. #10 is in the corner and most unlevel. We finally had to put the jacks down manually but we got it good enough for the night. Setup was quick and easy since we were not pulling out the front slides. We were able to open both slides in the bedroom and that gave us plenty of room for the night. We were having dinner with David and Jane so not pulling out the front kitchen slide did not cause any inconvenience.

It felt so good to be back in the coach with everything in its place. Looking forward to a good fall of camping! It got pretty cold that night but we were snug and warm inside our little home on wheels. Ah….

Kudos to Newmar and Campers Inn for their persistence in helping get our tiles replaced. Circumstances beyond their control contributed to a long delay but eventually all was resolved. Needless to say we’re on a first name basis with both companies!