Home Away From Home

An Introduction to Region 5 Kountry Klub

Today was a free day so we slept in and then took our time getting out. Our first stop was the check-in tent for the Kountry Klub Region 5 Rally. We quickly got our information and then headed out to the local Walmart for groceries. By the way, it was located next to the local Lowes. For some reason we always find our way to Walmart and Lowe’s. Wonder why!

Back for lunch and then off again to the Tanger Outlet mall. We love the classic relish at Harry and David’s but the only store in North Carolina closed a while back. We were down to one jar so we definitely headed there where we bought a case! Mixing one jar of the onion relish with a small container of cream cheese and accompanied by scoops is an easy and delectable hors d’oeuvre. We always get lots of compliments when we take it to a gathering.

Tanger Mall is a very large outdoor mall that just seems to go on and on with numerous stores, well worth a visit if you have extra time while visiting Williamsburg. After purchasing our relish we wandered around a bit taking in the variety of stores. Our conclusion: “if you can’t find it there you probably don’t need it”.

Back to the campground and an afternoon of leisure. We sat outside for a while and then Jerry rode his bike for five miles. I walked – a half a mile!

That evening we all gathered for an introductory meeting and dinner at the tent. We ended up sitting at the table with our neighbors who remarked “oh you were the ones coming in last night after dark”. Oh yes, that was us! We met a lot of people whose names escape me now. Perhaps by the end of the week we’ll remember some names.


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