Arizona, Home Away From Home

A Day in Sedona

We headed out to Sedona this morning. Several people had warned me about Hwy 89A and initially we couldn’t understand why as it was four lanes and good driving and then… It got really curvy and steep, a typical mountain road. In the Jeep it was no problem but I surely wouldn’t want to do it in our RV. We will definitely find an alternate route tomorrow as we head south. It was a beautiful drive though through the Coconino National Forest. We even stopped at one point and took some pictures.

When we hit the outskirts of Sedona I was mildly surprised. It is not a sleepy little town but a very busy, touristy place and this is not even their busy season. We had talked about taking a trolley around town but decided to first go to the Visitor’s Center. After talking with someone in there we scratched the idea of the trolley and headed to Red Rock Crossing and Cathedral Rock.

On to Cathedral Rock we went. Supposedly it is one of the most photographed sites in the area and noted for the red rocks which is due to a thin coating of iron oxide mineral. It was a lovely place and had we not been tired of sandwiches it would have been a lovely place for a picnic. We stood in the center of the walking paths and took some beautiful pictures of Cathedral Rock. I can see why it is a popular spot for photography.

I’m not sure exactly what path we took but we followed a lovely stream as we walked along. We saw some people that were crossing the stream on stones but they eventually had to walk in the water to get out so we nixed that idea. We didn’t really hike, we strolled through the wooded path which quite often diverged into two paths. The weather was perfect for a walk but we were glad when we got back to the car because we had gotten a little hot. Unfortunately neither of us brought any “summer” clothes on the trip. In fact when I get home it will be a while before I wear black pants and a turtle neck!

We rode back into Sedona and we finally found a parking place which was not easy. Although there is public parking it was all full so we were forced to park in the pay to park on the street. $4 got us 2 hours which was ample time. I can’t imagine what it would be like in their busy season. We immediately walked into a shirt store right in front of the car and asked about a pizza restaurant. The lady was so nice and recommended Sedona Pizza right across the street. She did caution us to walk on the crosswalks as they were giving tickets to anyone who jaywalked and she wanted us to enjoy our visit.

Jerry had been wanting pizza for a couple of days so Sedona Pizza it was. The pizza was good however something must have happen with our order or our waiter. After we were seated four other tables were seated. They had been served and had finished eating and we still had not gotten our order. Jerry asked about it and the waiter brought it out immediately. Unfortunately it was just warm, not hot so I suppose it had been sitting somewhere waiting to be served. It still was good though.

Our next stop was the Original Red Dirt T-Shirt store. It’s a small shop and is where the dirty t-shirt originated. The sales lady was very informative and was eager to explain the different ways the colors were created. Jerry ended up buying both a shirt with “Older Than Dirt” on it and a cap. I told him that I was going to hide the State cap he has worn this entire trip!

We returned to the shirt store (that’s what it’s called – The Shirt Store) we had gone in earlier and I bought a t-shirt as well. The next stop – oh yeah, ice cream. Of course I got a chocolate and it was yummy.

We returned to the car and headed for the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a Roman Catholic chapel built into the buttes of Sedona. Upon arrival we looked up and there seemingly almost carved in the rocks was the cross surrounded by glass. As we entered the chapel we realized that the entire front of the chapel was glass framed around the enormous cross. The inside of the chapel is very simple with only two tapestries on the wall and the lighted candles.

Before we reached the chapel we had seen a ginormous beautiful home or at least we thought it might be a home – or a hotel! Actually I found out later that it is one of three homes owned by a Romanian immigrant, now an American citizen who among other things invented laser surgery for eyes. They said he is rarely there though.

Our next stop was the Bell Rock and the Courthouse Butte. We parked in the parking lot, took some pictures and decided that three miles was enough for the day so we headed on to Flagstaff. As we rode I tried to find somewhere for us to stay in Tucson tomorrow night but had no luck. The gem show is there this week and apparently has taken every RV spot in town. I still have two places to call tomorrow morning before we leave. If that doesn’t work out I guess we’ll be headed to Tombstone for a couple of days assuming we can get reservations there and then wind our way east to North Carolina! Along the highway to Flagstaff we saw several signs saying beware of elk. Do you really think I saw one?

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