Home At Last

My sister had asked me to pick up some BAMA sweatshirts for her so after we pulled out of Coaches Corner we headed to the local Walmart which was only a couple of miles from the campground. Unable to find anything at Walmart we headed over to Sam’s and found one long sleeved t-shirt. All of the short sleeved t-shirts reminded me of merchants putting out Christmas decorations in October. Think they all are rushing the season a bit.

It was nearly 10:00 when we headed out of Tuscaloosa but our plans were for a shorter driving day today. We had once stayed in Augusta on a return trip home so we had hoped to do that again. Unfortunately they were unable to accommodate us so I began AGAIN to locate a park. Since it was our last night on the road we needed a park with full hookup. I finally located The Barn in Lexington, SC. It was a nice park just a couple of miles off of I20. As we rode in Jerry spotted a Bojangles and said that was where he was going to have breakfast the next day. What a fateful statement.

We got settled in at The Barn, had dinner and watched some of the Olympics. When I awaken Tuesday morning about 6:00 I immediately realized that it was completely dark in the coach AGAIN! Jerry woke up too and began to assess the problem. Unfortunately it was bigger than we thought. He got the tanks emptied and then told me to pull in the slides. When I pressed the button to pull in the passenger bedroom slide nothing happened. Oh no. I later found out that three of our slides are hydraulic and one is electric, standard for most RV’s. The electric one would not come in. After trouble shooting Jerry finally called Newmar and they were able to instruct Jerry on how to pull in the slide. It was determined that we had an electrical issue that was causing the fuses to blow so that is something that will have to be dealt with by an authorized Newmar repair center. It would probably be helpful if we understood how the electrical system works and that may be a seminar in the future. As Jerry said, if we keep having problems he will soon know how to solve them. Needless to say it was very upsetting and a bad way to end a wonderful vacation. We did finally get the slide in and got on the road and yes, we stopped at Bojangles for a biscuit and some coffee.

We finally made it home by 3:00 and we were mighty glad to see Autumn Drive. As soon as Jerry turned off the ignition we turned to each other and bowing our heads thanked the Lord for safe travel and a safe return home. Although we did have some bumps with the coach along the way we never broke down on the road and we never had a problem we were not able to deal with. 6200+ miles on the coach and I have no idea how many on the car, probably at least 1000 and home safely. It was indeed a trip of a lifetime, a trip of learning and a trip of sharing and being together with my best friend!

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