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Planning, Calulating Mileage, Planning Some More

Ah, the planning of a trip. January is our travel month because we have no commitments during the month however planning a trip in January limits our destinations. Yes, we want to go to the Northeast and we yes, we want to take that long ago planned trip to South Dakota but in January – nope, not possible. After some discussion we finally decided on Texas and New Mexico traveling through Hot Springs, Arkansas for a brief stop after leaving around January 2nd or 3rd. That quickly changed when NC State was offered a bid to the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida. Hot Springs is not on that route! Back to the Roadtrippers I went revamping the entire trip and guess what – we’re leaving December 28th.

We don’t generally make reservations for our January trip as we like to be flexible but I knew we had to have reservations for the first leg. My hope was Clinche State Park near Amelia Island, Ga about an hour away from the game site but there were no vacancies. I then quickly began to realize that Florida in January even as far north as Jacksonville is snow bird country and things possibly have been reserved for quite some time. Do we stay in St. Mary’s, Georgia, Jacksonville proper, St. Augustine, an hour away in the other direction? Quite the quandary. My guess – we’ll stay where we can get a reservation although $70 a night on the front of our trip is a little more than I want to spend!

I’ve pretty much routed the trip noting the various places we want to see after leaving Jacksonville on New Year’s Day. Will that be an easy day of travel with little traffic or will there be many returning home after the holidays? We’ll see!

We visited Texas a few years ago and loved it but there was just so much to see and we couldn’t possibly see it all so Jerry suggested going back. We missed Dallas, Houston and Austin but we don’t really enjoy cities so even though these cities made the original route, Dallas made the cut early. Houston and Austin are still in but we shall see.

2 thoughts on “Planning, Calulating Mileage, Planning Some More”

  1. I can relate to not wanting to spend buckets of money for a place to stay in Jacksonville. It’s tough having to find a place during snowbird season. Going to the bowl game will be a fun way to start your trip! We have stayed in Pecan Park RV Park on I-95 to go to the Georgia/Florida game. There is another park on I-10 that people like. We enjoyed spending a few days in Louisiana enjoying Cajun food on our way to Texas a few years ago. Lots of things to see and do in the Texas Hill Country. There are some good COE parks on Canyon Lake and several state parks to choose from. Inks Lake state park was one of our favorites.

  2. Pecan Park was full so right now it looks like we’ll be at a KOA in St Marys. Loved Louisiana. Spent about 3 weeks there eating every delicacy and visiting 14 plantations among other things. Was just reading your post on New Mexico. Lots of good ideas. Thanks!

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