Planning an RV Trip – With No RV!

Here I sit in the cold March weather – yes, it’s cold for Eastern North Carolina – planning a Summer RV trip however we have no RV! How long does it take to get a damaged RV repaired? Well, our accident was December 28 and it’s now March 12 and repairs haven’t even started. We had plans to be in Perry, Ga this week for our third FMCA rally there but no RV so no go. We even have a tentative June trip to take two of the grands white water rafting in the NC mountains. Surely we will have the motor home back by then don’t you think?

Between repair estimates from the RV dealership, approval from the insurance company, parts estimates from several different manufacturers, windshield removal so they can see if there is further damage – well, you get the picture. Is it frustrating? Well, yeah. Spring is coming and we are getting hitch itch but alas, we have no hitch to hitch.

Our planned summer trip is out west visiting Custer State Park, Teddy Roosevelt National Park, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons. Ambitious? Yes. Lengthy? Yes. We normally travel without reservations so our schedule can be flexible but we have been strongly advised to make reservations for these hot (no pun intended) tourist attractions so that locks us into a somewhat rigid schedule. At least we won’t be riding down the highway with me frantically looking for an overnight stop. I have most of the trip mapped out and am only on the fourth draft. That’s pretty good for me as I have been known to make as many as thirteen drafts before I come up with the final one. It’s difficult to map out 50 days on the road but I have had help. I have used Road Trippers for some time and it is a great resource. This time though I added RV Trip Wizard. Between the two I have mapped out a route to take us to all of the places we hope to go. I have also gotten great advice from IRV2 and the many RV blogs I read.

Hopefully everything will come together and we’ll have a grand trip. I have some reservations to make this morning and if I am successful the trip will be completely planned. Now all we need is a motor home!