Update on Motor Home

Well, there is no update! I e-mailed the service manager on April 12 requesting an update and bless his heart, he responded. Over the years we have occasionally done business with another RV dealer (who shall remain nameless) who neglected to return our calls or e-mails ensuing a trip to the dealership and intercession from Newmar. Unfortunately, the dealership that has our coach is near Atlanta, a good 8-10 hours from us so a “drop-in” is not probable nor according to Jerry, possible!

Back to the e-mail, Ben told me that there were still waiting on some mechanical parts in order for them to put the front cap on. Once the parts are in and they are able to repair those parts they will be able to put the front cap on and proceed with the painting. In the meantime, they are repairing the rear cap and then getting it painted. Only when they receive all of the parts will they be able to go “full force”. We were told initially that it would take three weeks for the work to be done so I am foolishly hopeful that once the parts are all in, they will get started on that three-week window.

With spring in the air and the blogs and Instagram accounts I follow full of exciting accounts of trips, I’m a little sad that we are still stationary but what can you do? We still have A LOT of repairs to be done at our river house, thank you very much Hurricane Florence so we’ve been busy with that. In fact, I think Jerry is waiting for me right now for some work on the very lopsided patio due to the rushing waters from the river. Oh well, as they say, it’ll happen when it happens. Until then we’ll work on the river house and keep e-mailing the service manager for updates. Thanks for checking in!

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