Home Away From Home, Iowa

Harvest Host Extraordinaire

A very late start this morning but taking care of repairs on the road can slow you down. Our dash AC stopped working on Friday and although we could run the generator while traveling to keep the house AC on, we didn’t want to do that unless necessary. The house AC needs a break! We have been at the Illinois State Fairgrounds Campground since Friday and while it has been just what we wanted there are NO trees and we have been in direct sunlight the entire time and it’s been HOT!

I made numerous calls Friday trying to find a mobile RV Tech and it’s not easy to find someone. We finally found someone on Saturday but guess what he was doing? Camping a couple hundred miles away. There really was no one to call on a weekend so we planned to try again Monday morning and fortunately we were able to reach the tech we had talked with on Saturday. They arrived around 8:30 and discovered that we needed a vacuum hose so off they went to get one. Time was ticking and I really wanted to get to our Harvest Host site in Hudson, Iowa as soon as possible. They have kangaroos!

As we are traveling, I often start humming a song with no conscious thought of what I am singing. Today it was “Wherever He Leads I’ll Go”. Interesting. Where is the Lord leading us today? I prayed this morning for our safety and then as we were leaving we prayed. What a reassurance to know that we are in God’s loving hands.

Today was possibly the most uneventful travel day we have had. Other than a little hiccup when we missed the exit everything went well. We had no major cities to traverse and the traffic wasn’t too heavy. We stopped around noon in Iowa for gas at a Flying J. With our discount the gas was $2.54 a gallon – love it! I prayed that we could get gas with no drama and thank you Lord, we got in, got gas and got out quickly. No drama! We stopped about an hour later at a rest station in Iowa for a quick lunch and then back on the road. As we rode along, I noticed a lot of flat land, road signs quite a distance from the highway and an occasional whiff of cattle although we saw no cattle.

We arrived at Hansen Dairy Farm, our Harvest Host home for the evening around 4:00 and immediately joined a tour of the farm. It was absolutely fascinating. The dairy farm is family owned and has been for 150 years. The four sons and their families all work with their mom and dad. What a work ethic the grandchildren are learning. We got to milk a cow plus we got a private visit with their four kangaroos. Their fur is so soft. We fed them some bread but I think they had been treated earlier today so weren’t as hungry. I just loved sitting on the ground rubbing them.

Despite his grumpy looking face the butter was delicious.

When we arrived, the tour was at the barn where the babies were and kids were feeding them milk from bottles. There were three sets of twin calves and then across the way were a set of triplets. It’s the only set of triplets born on the farm in the 150-year history. Apparently, it’s so rare that they made the local and national news. At the end of the tour we were able to sample the delicious milk, white or chocolate (and I usually don’t like milk), made some butter that was just as good and then ate some luscious ice cream.

We couldn’t have asked for a nicer place to spend the night. We’re settled right next to a lovely pond where we could fish – if we fished! After dinner, I sat out by the pond and enjoyed the serenity and the quiet while watching the beautiful sunset. Ah….

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