Home Away From Home, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota

South Dakota – Finally!

Though we hadn’t talked about it we ended up leaving the earliest we’ve left the entire trip. By 8:10 we were on the road headed to our next Harvest Host site. We enjoyed seeing the acres of green farmland dotted with plentiful wind turbines and no billboards cluttering our view. We saw no litter and of the states we have been through thus far, Iowa has the very best highways. There were acres and acres of corn at various stages of growth. We were told yesterday that a lot of it is field corn used in making ethanol. We were on a four-lane highway so lightly traveled that I could have driven although it would have been much slower!

We stopped around 9:30 for gas at a Flying J, possibly our last Flying J for a while as there don’t seem to be many on the roads ahead.

Of course, our two GPS’s deviated and Jerry decided to go with his. In retrospect I’m not sure that was a good idea. As we entered Minnesota, we ran into road construction and a detour. Forty minutes later we had seen a lot of Minnesota that we had not planned to see and the roads were one-lane and very nerve-wracking. We had skirted the rain clouds most of the morning but by noon we were in steady rain although we could see blue skies ahead.

We stopped once more at a Love’s in Sioux Falls for gas and then by 4:00 were at our Harvest host site for the night. The road leading into the park is dirt and at one point we had to go over a cattle guard. That is fun in an RV with a tow!

Look hard! I’m there.
Porter Sculpture Park is located in Montrose, SD and is rated as a Top Roadside Attraction in America. There are more than 50 larger than life sculptures scattered around the acreage. Most of them are quite large and a couple are enormous. In fact, I was looking at the picture of the horse that Jerry took and didn’t even realize that I was in the picture. It’s a big horse! As we walked around, we saw numerous “thirteen striped squirrels” and some flippertails – not sure what they are. I quickly went inside to replace my sandals with some closed-toe shoes!

As soon as we arrived, we took the walking tour of the park and then due to the heat spent the rest of the evening inside. One other RV arrived and we ended up chatting with them for a few minutes. It’s kind of good to know that we are not the only people out here as it’s a little desolate.

It’s still taking us a while to get use to the late arrival of the night as it’s dark by 8:30 at home whereas here it’s still quite light. Jerry had mentioned this morning that it was light at 6:15 so there must not be a very long night.

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