Home Away From Home, Missouri, Nebraska, Tennessee

Heading Home

August 22

Jerry had said he wanted to be on the road by 7:00 this morning so we scrambled out of bed at 5:30. Soon we were dressed and ready to leave – only one problem. It was still dark! We finally got slides in, jacks up, etc and pulled out of the campsite at 6:45. Then we had to stop at the entrance to attach the car, dump the tanks and fill up the freshwater tank. That took a long time as the water was running so slowly.

We finally left the campground at 7:40 and had our last view of the lovely Grand Tetons. Jerry had planned to get in a lot of miles today but when traveling in the mountains that is hard. From Gros Ventre to Dubois we climbed up to over 9500 feet above sea level. It’s difficult to make time when you’re going 35 or less!

After that, the ride was pretty uneventful. We stopped twice, once in Dubois, Wyoming for gas. We were able to easily pull in and fill up. Our next stop was a quick lunch at a rest stop in Sinclair, Wyoming. I had hoped we could make it to the Summit Rest Stop where the Lincoln statue is located but we were late having lunch so we just passed by it. It is quite large and very visible from the highway. Our only other stop was for gas at a Pilot in Cheyenne. Yes, a Pilot. Despite what I said earlier we have used Pilot stations again. There don’t seem to be many Flying J’s in the west but the Pilots have had a dedicated gas RV lane so for now, we’ll use Pilot. In the east, they do not have those dedicated lanes and are difficult to access.

When we left Cheyenne the weather ahead looked a little forbidding but we went on and ran into a pretty bad storm with heavy rain and hail. That will get your attention. There was a rest stop ahead so we talked about stopping there but just as we got there the storm seemed to pass so on we went to a Cabela’s in Sidney, Nebraska. I had called earlier to see if they permitted overnights and was told we could park with the Semi’s and boy were there a lot. By the end of the day, the lot was full.

There was a Pizza Hut across the street so we trotted over there – yep, trotted, we had to pass a semi-busy street. As we were waiting for our pizza I kept thinking we needed a to-go box as the sky looked a bit threatening. By the time we had finished eating it had started to rain so we “trotted” back to the RV. The wind was blowing pretty hard and the RV was rocking so since we were on concrete Jerry put down the jacks to help stabilize us.

August 23

Whew, what a day! We left Spencer, Nebraska at 7:10 for who knows where. For the most part, it was a very easy drive, easier than yesterday because of less road construction. The only somewhat difficult part was going through Lincoln, capital of Nebraska. Jerry’s Clarion was leading him right downtown and although my Garmin took us through Lincoln we were not in the downtown area. We stopped for lunch at a rest stop and then for gas. Jerry was feeling good, not tired and the driving was easy so we kept going. Our aim was Kansas City for the night and therein the trouble began. Traffic was pretty heavy at 6:00 on a Friday afternoon. We headed to the Flying J where we were hoping for an RV gas lane plus we hoped to spend the night there. There was no gas lane but we were able to get gas with no difficulty. It was a busy, busy station though. As I was pumping the gas Jerry walked around to see if there was room for us to park. Nope. The only space was a back-in and without unhitching the car we couldn’t do that. Onward we went. By this time I had called Walmart who said no and Cabela’s who told me it was fine but I needed to get permission from the city of Independence. Since it was after 5:00 that wasn’t possible. I tried to find a nearby Sam’s but no luck. I was out of options so I started looking for truck stops and there were two in Oak Grove, Missouri. We went to the first one, Pedro and it was full to the max. We headed over to Travel Center of America and it too was full but we did find a pull in site between some big semis. Jerry just didn’t feel good about it though so I started looking again and lo and behold there was a Walmart one mile away. I called and got permission and in just a few minutes we were parked on their perimeter. 7:30, 12 hours after we started and 569.2 miles later. Not our usual day. Thank you, Jesus, for getting us safely there.

We walked over to the store, made a few purchases and then returned to the coach. It was a little warm so we opened all of the windows and the door to get some air circulated. Jerry turned on the generator and the air conditioner in the back. I heated up our leftovers for dinner. Afterward, we both took showers, got ready for bed, turned the generator off and read in the dark. We were hopeful that the coach battery wouldn’t be dead when we woke up!

August 24

Sleeping with the windows open when next to a very busy highway didn’t give me a good night’s sleep plus when I woke up at 5:30 this morning the bedroom was dark meaning that the coach battery was dead. Drat. Nothing I could do so I closed the window and cut the noise and fell back to sleep for about 30 minutes. When I got up Jerry had the generator running. Before we left Jerry went out to check the battery on the car. It needs to be started a couple of times a day when it’s being towed. Well, it was dead. Not our day for batteries.

We pulled out of Walmart in Oak Grove, a very nice, quiet place to overnight – if you use your generator and don’t have your windows open! Our plan for the day was to stay somewhere around the Nashville area. Again we had difficulty locating a place to stay so after 600+ miles we finally turned into a Walmart in Murfreesboro, Tennessee along with several other semis and RV’s. It was a long day of driving. We surely have not adhered to our 330 rule these last three days (either drive 330 miles or stop by 3:30). Of course, we did drive longer today out of necessity since we couldn’t find a stopover and sometimes you just do what you have to do. At least we’re closer to Lawrenceville.

August 25

On Sunday we only had 200 miles to go to get to Lawrenceville but we had to go through Atlanta. Not fun at all as we were stuck in multi-lanes of traffic due to road construction. Let me tell you there are some crazy drivers out there for sure! We arrived at National Indoor RV around 2:00 and fortunately, there was an available space. After a quick set up Jerry suggested we go get something to eat. I think he’s beginning to be as tired to processed meat sandwiches as I am. We got lunch at a Panera Bread, hot soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Delicious. We returned to NIRV for a restful afternoon.

August 28

We stayed in Lawrenceville through Tuesday and realized that our coach was not going to be ready by the end of the week so we loaded up the car with as much as we could and headed for home. We stopped at the North Carolina border and when I got out of the car I realized my keys were in the motor home – in Georgia! Wonder what else I forgot!

We arrived in Kinston around 6:00 glad to be home. It was an absolutely grand trip, a once in a lifetime trip and we saw indescribable beauty but eight weeks is a long time to be gone. It was past time to see our loved ones.

Home Away From Home, Tennessee

Ah, A Full Hookup Campground

Wow, what a way to start a cold day. Because of our early morning yesterday and our fatigue we crashed early last night and I slept quite well in the Hickory Walmart parking lot. We both woke up early and decided to quickly get on the road. I had planned to put stew beef in the crock pot to cook while we were traveling so Jerry was pealing the potatoes while I was getting all the ingredients together and suddenly – it appeared we had flipped a breaker. Nope, the house battery was down meaning we had no power. Because we were parked on the hill beside grass we were able to put the two passenger slides out last night but because we had no power we were unable to pull them in this morning. So, we started the motor home and waited while the house battery charged enough to close the slides – and waited – and waited. Knowing the heating system was drawing amps we turned that off and so there we sat in the dark, in the cold hoping that nothing underneath froze before we could get the slides in and get on the road. Wow – bad starts for two mornings. I’ve always heard that things happen in threes. Certainly hope that is not our case.

Jerry finally decided that perhaps the fuses had blown although he doubted two of them would blow at the same time. He walked over to Walmart to see if they had any and of course they did not. He called to tell me and I started searching the Internet for a nearby AutoZone. As Jerry opened the door his words were “Stupid, stupid, stupid”. Because we were trying to recharge the house battery we had the motor home started and guess what? The slides will not operate when the RV is running. That was a NEWBIE mistake but in defense I can say that we were dealing with things we had never encountered before. Temperatures in the teens with winds of 18 miles an hour, a dead house battery, little water in the holding tank – the bitter temperatures and no house battery were the icing on the cake. We immediately turned off the RV, pulled in the slides, raised the jacks (yes, we had put them down lightly to stop the sway on the hill. We were still very slanted front to back) and finally pulled out a bit after 8:30. Not the start we had planned but all was finally good. Suffice it to say that RVing in the bitter cold creates problems that we don’t usually run into the warmer months.

We decided to take advantage of our Harvest Hosts membership and stop in Portland, Tennessee at the local winery so off to Portland we headed. As we neared Asheville we began to see light snow flurries but I kept checking the weather and there was no indication of snow ahead plus there were blue skies and sun ahead. By the time we had passed Maggie Valley and headed into Hayward County the light snow flurries had turned into heavy snow flurries and the roads were becoming treacherous. In fact, only one lane, the right one was open and the left was covered in snow. As we crossed into Haywood County we stopped at the Rest Station. We talked to the attendant and he said that we could stay as long as we wanted so we just sat for a few minutes. When it appeared that the snow was letting up and the roads appeared clear we headed about again.

We stopped around 12:45 in Farragut, Tennessee just west of Knoxville at a Flying J for gas. We like the Flying J’s because they have two dedicated RV lanes for gas coaches. Wouldn’t you know they were both out of order but it was easy to pull into a regular lane. They also had propane so Jerry wanted to fill up the tank not knowing what was ahead for the evening but we couldn’t get water to add to the fresh tank because all of theirs was frozen. While having lunch we discussed where we would spend the night. Should we try a Walmart again or Harvest Hosts? We decided to try the Harvest Hosts winery since they offered electricity. I called and unfortunately someone had called yesterday and reserved the one electric site but we were welcome to come and dry camp. We decided against going there since it was a bit out of the way plus we’d be using the generator so why not Walmart. As we rode along though we realized that we really wanted a hot shower and we wanted to extend our slides so I began looking for a campground that we could get to within a reasonable amount of time. By searching the Good Sam site and confirming with RVPark Reviews I discovered Piney River Estates in Bon Aqua not far off of our route. When I called, the gentleman said they had a site and to come on. He gave me very explicit directions insisting I not follow the GPS and also instructed me to call him when we got nearby. After we arrived I knew why!

What a beautiful little campground in the middle of absolutely nowhere! We took the directed exit and drove 4 ½ miles down a two lane, curvy, hilly, sometimes narrow loopy loop road. With laughter especially after Jerry commented that we might have to drive to Florida if we needed to turn around we continued on knowing that it was not the first road we’d been on like that and most likely would not be the last. When we got to the turn off for the address I became a bit skeptical hoping that we were going the right way because the road was even more narrow and although there were scattered houses there was absolutely nowhere to turn around. I called the campground manager and he said we were about a ¼ mile away. Well, that must have been as the crow flies because trust me, it was a lot further. We continued down the narrow path hoping desperately that we weren’t on a wild goose chase and then voila – we saw campers and the gentleman was waiting for us.

In the cold – about 21 degrees, the host and Jerry got the water hooked up and we had power and water! Yea! Before he came in Jerry put more water in the fresh water tank so I think (and hope) we are good to go now.

As we were riding along the road at a little after 5:00 I commented to Jerry that it certainly was lighter here at 5 than at home. His reply was that we were further west. Well, we are further west but we realized a little later that we crossed over from EST to Central meaning it was an hour earlier. No wonder it was lighter. Then the question arose as to which time zone we wanted to keep our clocks in. Since we’ll be in central time while we are in Morrilton for the week-end I suggested we change the clocks. There’s no telling what time we’ll wake up in the morning!

After we got settled I put some butter beans on to have with our deliciously smelling stew beef. It was a new recipe so I was banking on it being as good as it smelled and it was. What a treat to have dinner already prepared after a long day of travel.

Home, North Carolina, Tennessee

Goodbye Chattanooga

All good things must come to an end so on Saturday morning we were up and out of the campground headed for Clemmons. It was an uneventful trip back with good weather and light traffic. Emma has been really good about staying belted in during the trip to and from Chattanooga. Being in a Class A motor home gives one the advantage of getting up and moving around but that is pretty much a no-no for us. I get up occasionally to get Jerry a snack or something to drink but for the most part we are belted in.

We were staying at Tanglewood Campground in Clemmons again. I guess we really should apply to be workampers there since we are there so often! I thought Emma would want her parents to meet us at the campground but no, she wanted us to go to her home and surprise them so after we got set up we headed out again. No one can ever accuse us of letting grass grow under our feet!

Needless to say everyone was happy to be reunited and we enjoyed a pleasant afternoon outside with all of the family. After a quick dinner out Jerry and I headed back to Tanglewood for the night and then Sunday morning we headed home to Kinston. It was a grand trip, such the right length of time but as always the best part is coming home.

Home Away From Home, Tennessee

Friday in Chattanooga

For us we got a fairly quick start this morning as we were headed to the Creative Discovery Museum and had no idea how long we would want to spend there. Got the address put in the car GPS and headed out. Interestingly, when we paid for our admission Jerry and I were given pink wristbands to wear and were told that we could come in and out of the museum anytime during the day. The children didn’t have to wear any kind of identifying band. The museum, a children’s museum located right downtown in Chattanooga contains art, music, science and an area called River Play, a two story tall exhibit with a “riverboat” for the little ones and then a larger area for older kids. Emma was running up and down the twisting tunnels so quickly that it was difficult to keep my eyes on her. Within this area is a water table where kids can learn about locks and dam systems. They have a bevy of toy ducks that you could put in the “steam” and watch them as they navigated the path. Another amazing exhibit was the lightning dome. When your hand is placed on the dome electricity is generated and you can see the various strain of current. Another section is devoted to music with different instruments and their sounds. Still another area is the health center where you can be weighed (yeah I did and decided to have another ice cream cone later), get your pulse taken, have your eyes checked. It was totally fascinating. Another interesting area was the dinosaur exhibit where they had a large “skeleton” of a dinosaur. Emma wasn’t as interested in this as Eli would have been. Upstairs was an entire area devoted to Eric Carle, author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Upon entering there was an area of tall glass fronds which you could tumble into. Adjoining this was an outdoor science demonstration showing how simple machines worked. There was also a large checker board with black and white checkers that could be moved around. It was amazing and Emma was so excited that she couldn’t decide what to do first so just ran from one station to another.

Naturally we finally ended up in the gift shop where Emma’s money was burning a hole in her pocket. She finally decided on some modeling clay and a stuffed animal. Jerry was able to find a gift for both Eli and Olivia as well.

Our next mission was lunch and after wandering around for a while we decided on Five Guys. Emma got a junior burger and Jerry and I both wished we had. Ours were huge! After about two bites mine fell apart so I started eating it using a knife and fork. That worked much better. We only ordered one order of fries but Jerry said when they put the burgers in the bag along with a cup of fries they just dumped a large scoop full of fries in the bag. We left a lot of fries.

Our next stop was the store advertising moon pies and RC Cola, apparently something Chattanooga is famous for. Emma got dipping dots and we sat outside while she ate.

We then headed to the Chattanooga Choo-Choo but by the time we got there we decided to forego that activity and headed on back to the campground. Jerry decided that he wanted to take a nap so Emma and I decided to go to the pool for a swim. I can’t believe we haven’t been all week because it’s a nice pool although the depth markers seemed a little off. It was nearly over my head at 4 feet and I’m 5”6”. It was a great day for a swim and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of fun and laughter with our sweet girl.

After the swim we discussed what to do that evening. Our choices were go swimming again, do nothing, or go to the Chattanooga Cleveland Horse Show. We finally decided to go swimming although that never came to pass. After dinner Emma and I sat outside and then all three of us went to the nearby Baskin and Robbins for ice cream. All in all it was a wonderful day and week. I told Emma today the only bad thing about having her spend nearly a week with us is that it makes us miss her that much more when we’re apart. She has been the sweetest girl this week and at times such a trooper in the heat and humidity but rarely complaining and always compliant.


Ruby Falls ZIP Stream Aerial Adventure

Looking a little apprehensive
When we were at Ruby Falls on Tuesday Emma saw the sign for the Ruby Falls ZIP Stream Aerial Adventure and kept talking about it so finally on Thursday morning we headed out there. She was a little dubious of going when we first got there and I asked her if she was sure she wanted to try it. There is no refund if you change your mind so we wanted to be sure she would do it. She assured us that she would so we paid the $25 for her. We had to wait for a while and during that time a gentleman came off of the adult zip line and according to how his wife was treating him he wasn’t feeling well at all. I think that sort of frightened Emma but she was determined to do it. Her guide was Anna Rene and we couldn’t have gotten a more perfect person to do it. She was so patient and gentle with Emma encouraging her but never forcing her to do anything.

Dressed for adventure
Actually it is an obstacle course with a zip line in it. Emma got to go through it four times and each time chose a different obstacle. There is also a rock climbing wall and Emma climbed all the way to the top. I was amazed at her dexterity but then she is a dancer. Quite frankly, it was the best $25 we spent in Chattanooga!
That pink speck is Emma

We had told Emma about the Unclaimed Baggage store in Scottsboro, Alabama and she really wanted to go there. I’m not sure if she really wanted to go to the store or if she wanted to add another visited state to her list but never the less she wanted to go. We stopped at Wendy’s for lunch and then headed to Scottsboro. It’s not too far, about an hour, from Chattanooga. The store is huge with most anything anyone would want but it seemed different this time. Their prices did not seem to be as good as when we visited a couple of years ago but Emma still found some bracelets that she wanted so another chance to spend “her” money.

The ride back to the campground was long as there was pouring rain and heavy traffic but we made it. Another eventful day!


Chattanooga Ducks

Wednesday started out with a walk over the Walnut Street Walking Bridge. Jerry and I so enjoyed it the last time we were in Chattanooga but it was in the spring, not in hot June. It was a long walk although Emma saw a guy jogging and decided she could beat him so she took off running. She would have beat him except she had to stop at the end of the bridge and he kept running. It exhausted her though and she just plodded down the streets. We finally realized after seeing every store closed that nothing opened until 11:00 and we were too early. We walked over to Coolidge Park and there was lot of people there with children running in and out of the sprinkling water fountain. We couldn’t talk Emma into it though. Unfortunately the carousel didn’t begin operation until 11:00 either so that was a bust! We lumbered back over the bridge and saw a little ice cream shop that sold WATER! Oh, sweet relief.

Emma driving the duck boat
Our next stop was the Chattanooga Ducks, which is a tour aboard an authentic renovated WWII amphibious landing craft. We had to wait for quite a while so we went into the Cupcake Shop which I had remembered being on the corner. We walked around the street and there is was and the showcase was full of delicious looking cupcakes of all kinds. Of course each of us had to try a different one. What a way to start a day! Afterward we went back to the loading area and when we got on we were lucky enough to get the very front seat! After a very interesting tour through the city we hit the waters of the Tennessee River. It’s an amazing feeling to be riding in a vehicle on land and then suddenly be floating on the water. On our return trip up the river the tour guide let the children “drive” the boat and since we were at the front Emma was the first. Since she is comfortable on our jet ski she was pretty comfortable steering that large boat and did a grand job!

By the time we were really hungry so we began the quest to find a good restaurant. We found a nearby restaurant that had good food and cool drinks. What more could we ask for?

Sharks – On my!
Our next stop for the day for the Tennessee Aquarium. It is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon for both adults and children. We got to put our hands in the water to fill a sturgeon and then later some stingrays. Of course we could have petted a snake too but elected not to! They have both a saltwater and a freshwater building in addition to an entire room dedicated to butterflies. Emma tried her best to get one to light on her but no such luck. We had to be checked when we exited that room to be sure that there were no butterflies on us. There were lots of interesting animals to see in addition to the many species of fish. Of course we ended up in the gift shop but Emma’s only purchase was some candy.

As we headed out we had planned to stop at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo. It took us a while to find it and by that time we were all just too tired for another tour so we headed on back to the campground.

Another full day!


Rock City and Ruby Falls

Whew – what a busy and hot day in Chattanooga. We finally got out around 10:00 (plans were 9:00). Since it was supposed to be such a hot day we decided to go to Rock City first and then enjoy the cool temperatures in Ruby Falls. That was probably one of the wisest decisions we will make on this trip! On our way to Lookout Mountain we went by Walmart to pick up a few items and thus arrived even later than anticipated.

The road to Rock City is obviously a mountainous curvy road with a lot of “s” curves. As Jerry had said on the last trip,he was glad he wasn’t driving the motor home. Luckily we got a close parking place. At the ticket booth we realized that we could save a little money by buying a package so we ended up buying tickets for 2 adults and one child for Rock City, Ruby Falls, Inclined Railway and the Tennessee Aquarian. How do you spell ka-ching!

Rock City
We headed right into Rock City and the lovely walkway. Everything is so green and lush at this time of the year although we didn’t see a lot of flowering bushes. Emma seemed to be intrigued with the many facets of the walk.
Fat Man’s Squeeze
Fat Man’s Squeeze was particularly interesting. We all three squeezed through! As we wandered around we realized that we somewhere took the wrong turn and had ended up at the beginning in the gift shop. Interestingly enough Emma, the one who had not been to Rock City before recognized where we were before Jerry and I did. The only way to get to the pavilion where we had planned to have lunch was to retrace our steps. Whew – we were already hot and Emma was tired too so the walk was not something we were looking forward to but we made it! We took no side trips but went directly to the pavilion, got a table and ordered lunch. I had a delightful plate of fried green tomatoes along with crudités accompanied with their homemade pimento cheese. Since it was not an entrée I ordered the chips to go along with it. Actually I ate very few of the chips as the plate was quite enough. I might add, it was delicious, almost as good as the cold glass of iced water that we got as soon as we got there!

Hot, Tired and Hungry!
With some fuel in our bodies, a little rest in the shade and something to drink we were a little bit more energetic so Emma and I headed to the swinging bridge. We cautiously walked across it as it was bouncing because of others on it. When they got off went all the way across and then she decided she wanted to return alone so I let her go and then joined her after she reached the end. Jerry and I enjoyed Rock City this time but not nearly as much as the first time mainly due to the influx of people and the heat. When we were here in April it wasn’t so crowded and of course the weather was cooler.

Our next stop was the deliciously cool Ruby Falls. Although we had a little wait time before we could go down to the falls we were at least in the air condition. Our tour guide was Austin, a college student and since Emma, Jerry and I were in the front Emma became the line leader. We were always very near to Austin so not only did we hear everything he said quite well we were able to ask questions as we walked along. The falls were very crowded today with extra buses but we still went along pretty quickly. As we walked along Austin pointed out the various interesting points and then the finale – the spectacular falls. They are natural, beautiful and the only indoor falls of that size in the country.

Next we headed to the Inclined Railway, rather anti-climactic really but at least we were sitting down and it was cool. We headed down the incline for the mile ride, had our ice cream cones and then rode back up.

Exhausted we finally headed back to the campground. It was nearly 7:00 so a tried crew went right inside to recuperate for the next day.


Chattanooga Again!

Riding along on this pretty June day brings to mind that wonderful poem “what is so rare as a day in June” and it is certainly true today. After a good night’s rest Jerry and I were up fairly early but still had time for our “quiet time” and coffee, showers and then preparation for leaving. Jane brought Emma by on her way to school and we were nearly ready to go by then. Jerry pulled the coach up to the parking area and I followed in the car. Then we again hooked the car up to the motor home. Jerry does the outside work of hooking up and I do the inside “work” of putting the Jeep in the right gear to be towed. By 8:23 we were on the road to Chattanooga. It is a really pretty drive as everything is green and mountains are in the distance. It’s probably going to be a hot day but we’re cool inside so we are still enjoying the benefits of that rare June day.

After a couple of hours we stopped at a rest stop mainly just to walk around for a few minutes plus take advantage of the facilities. Back on the road by 10:20 and Emma has asked how many more hours. Um… After a week-end of dancing Emma was pretty tired so she took a couple of naps on the way. That makes for a much “shorter” trip”! Of course, an iPad and a movie help too! FYI – she is belted in!

At the Tennessee state line we stopped at the Welcome Center to take some pictures and get some information plus we had lunch. We had originally planned to use the picnic area but decided inside with the generator and air condition was a better choice! It’s hot in Tennessee!

We arrived at Holiday Travel Park of Chattanooga which is actually located in Rossville, Ga around 3:30 and had an easy check-in. We’ve stayed at this park on our Tennessee trip a couple of years ago and they have made improvements since then. The roads and the sites are graveled so we didn’t have to contend with mud if it rained. Also, the sites seemed to be further apart. They have a nice pool also. The only negative is its proximity to the drag strip. On Friday and Saturday nights the loud motors of the race cars can be heard but by the time they started we had ended our day and were inside so they didn’t bother us too much. We had a nice quiet spot almost at the end of the park, a pull-through although we needed to unhook before we pulled in in order to align the tanks with the pedestals.

A quick set up and we had the rest of the afternoon. Jerry surely didn’t want to drive anywhere so Emma and I went discovering. Since we knew that the campground was located on a Civil War battlefield which served as a skirmish site in 1863 preceding the Battle of Chickamauga we set out through the woods to find the marker denoting this information. We thought we were going on a long hike – nope, just a little walk and there was the plaque!

We then decided we needed to go to the grocery store so the three of us headed out with no idea of where we were going. After several missed turns and finding a not so good grocery store we realized that there was a Publix fairly close by. Emma and I got the silly giggles and then she wanted a picture not only of the Publix sign but one of her standing beneath the store sign. All the way to Chattanooga to get a picture of Publix grocery store! As we walked in the first thing we saw was a watermelon – heck, our shopping was done! I’m quite sure people looked at us as though we were crazy (Jerry surely did) but we were having fun and since we didn’t know anyone we could act as silly as we wanted to – and we did!

Back to the campground via a much closer route and then a nice dinner. Jerry had promised a treat after dinner so off we went again, to the local ice cream shop. A nice cone of chocolate ice cream is a good way to end a day!

Home Away From Home, Tennessee

In and Around Pigeon Forge and Sevierville

Since we had been going non-stop since we got here we had pretty much seen all we wanted to see and rain was threatening so we just ran a few errands. We went back to the Apple Barn and Tanger Outlet. Jerry had wanted to go to the Direct Tools store there but he must have been a bit disappointed because he was in and out in no time. I ran in Bed and Bath store and bought some liquid soap and then we went in the New Balance store. I finally ended up buying a new pair of tennis shoes, a ½ size smaller than what I usually wear and a new pair of jogging pants. It had started raining by then so we came on back to the coach for lunch. I warmed up the hamburgers we had earlier and cooked some fries.

Dolly Parton
We left then and rode to Sevierville. I wanted to see the statue of Dolly Parton that is in front of the Court House. Why, I have no idea but we stopped there for a few minutes.

Left there and went to another tool store that Jerry had seen across from the knife store. I sat in the car while he shopped and was surprised when he eventually came out with only a $6 purchase. We talked about going to the FoxFire Swinging Bridge but it looked like it might begin raining again so we scratched that idea. We went to Walmart to pick up some groceries – seems like we always need something – and then back to the rig. We went on and put the car on the dolley and pulled the awning in. Jerry emptied the gray tank and the front black tank so all he will have to do tomorrow is flush out the back black tank. Hopefully we can get up and out early in the morning as we have about 250 miles to Cave City.

Home Away From Home, Tennessee

Soul of Motown in Pigeon Forge

Wednesday started out as every other day – slow. It seems to just take us a while to get coffee and breakfast, get dressed and out the door. We decided to start earlier today so we left by 10:05! Jerry wanted to buy a lens cover (or two) for his camera so we went on a hunt for a camera store. The first one we went to was supposed to be in Pigeon Forge but apparently it is closed because we never found it so we headed out for the second one in Gatlinburg. It too was closed so we turned around and headed back to Pigeon Forge for the third store only to find out that it too was closed but they did have a mobile unit that would come if called. We just gave up and headed into Old Mill Shopping Square. We went in a couple of stores and I’m sure there are many more interesting ones there but it had started to rain so we headed out to the next stop, Smokey Mountain Knife Store. It is a huge store with most anything relating to knives but I just wanted a paring knife – and I found one but it was $29 and I just couldn’t talk myself into spending that much money so I bought one for about $5.00. We also bought some sweet onion relish hoping that it will be as good as the jar we bought in Yemanasee, SC. On our way back to the coach we stopped at Kroger’s and bought a few groceries. We rushed back to the RV Park to eat a quick lunch, and try out the onion relish as we had to be at the Majestic Theater by 1:30 for a show, the Soul of Motown.

After checking the weather Jerry suggested that we wait to leave for Mammoth Cave on Friday so we had to go by the park office to see if our site was available for one more night. It was so we headed on out to the show. It was absolutely fantastic. The vocalists were fantastic, the harmony was right on and the songs sounded just like the original recordings and they even let us sing along with them when they came down into the crowds. We bought a CD and will be jamming on the way to Kentucky!

After the show we went to the Christmas Shop in Pigeon Forge billed as the largest Christmas shop in the South. It was nice and big but nothing special. We were able to get ornaments for the grandkids for next Christmas – now to remember that in December.

We came on back to the coach then. We sat outside and visited with the new neighbor. Someone was moving in across from us and he was having some difficulty so Jerry helped him. Since the weather was so dreary we had decided on chicken pastry for dinner and it hit the spot.

After dinner Jerry went outside for a while. After cleaning up the kitchen I went out to join him but it was too cool for me so I came in and got ready for bed. Trent, Eva and Britt FaceTimed with us and we had a nice visit. It’s not the same as being with them but it surely is nice to see their smiling faces and hear their sweet voices. Eva had gone for her test at Parrott so she talked about that. Britt’s first words were “where is PaPa?”. After the phone call I played on the iPad for a while and then fell asleep listening to a podcast.