Home Away From Home, Louisiana

Abbeville Again

Finally a little bit of sunshine on our way to Abbeville. Tonight we will have full hookups! Yea! I guess we are officially boondockers now as we have spent two nights with no hookups and only used the generator long enough to get hot water for showers. Nice to know we can do it.

We left Saraland, Alabama a little after 8:00, took a short ride through Mississippi and then into Louisiana. As soon as we entered Louisiana we stopped at the Welcome enter to use the bathrooms, took a picture in front of the Louisiana sign and then back on the road to Abbeville.

Jerry said he would drive until we stopped to get gas and then I could take over. In the meantime, I canceled dental appointments, checked on a bill for Mom and then paid our bills and reconciled our bank account all while looking at the pretty scenery of Louisiana. The grass surely is greener here! In NC everything is brown now.

We stopped and got gas in Dedham Springs and then headed on to the Atchafalaya Welcome Center for lunch. We were only 40 miles from Abbeville but knew we could either eat then or have a very late lunch. The center is very nice and we could have enjoyed spending more time there. Maybe another trip.

We arrived at Betty’s RV Park around 2:30 and immediately saw Jim, a guy from Washington state that we met last year. Suddenly I heard his wife, Cookie say, “Is that who I think it is?” and out she came with a great big hug. Good to see friends from our visit last year.

We got set up and felt like we suddenly had so much room after being at Walmart with the slides in for two nights. We swept the floor and mopped it and then headed out to see a little bit of Abbeville that we hadn’t seen before and then on to Maurice to get some frozen stuffed potatoes from Hebert’s. They are in the process of remodeling but were still doing business with cash or check. We bought four potatoes and would like to have had more but at $6 each they’re a little pricey.

I had heard about NuNu’s, another specialty meat store so we rode around until we found it. Jerry went in and scoped it out. It’s a country store with a lot of specialty meats, especially sausage but Jerry said the packages were so big that if he didn’t like it he’d be in trouble because he’d surely have to eat it all. We ended up getting nothing but at least we now know what NuNu’s is!

Our next stop was the Villager Café to get their delicious bread. Jerry bought two loaves. We don’t have much freezer room so couldn’t get any more plus I think the price has gone up! We were able to get both loaves in the refrigerator. We’re planning on spaghetti Friday night after we get to San Antonio, over 400 miles from Abbeville so another long day of travel. Fresh bread to go along with the spaghetti will be very welcomed!

We returned to the campground and walked over to the Happy Hour just to see everyone and then out for dinner at Shuck’s. Boy are their candied oysters to die for! Jerry got fried catfish that he said was outstanding and I got the charbroiled oyster sampler. Wow – just wow!

Being back in Abbeville seems so familiar and it’s nice to recognize things we saw last year. We’ve always said that once we visited a place we didn’t want to return because there are so many other places we want to go. Fortunately Abbeville is on the way to Texas because we surely did like coming back. In fact, we may do it again!

Home Away From Home

Abbeville, Louisiana

A Day of Rest

This has been a slow day even though we moved from Gonzales to Abbeville. I had hoped to leave by 9:30 or 10:00 and we actually pulled out before then. The drive was quite easy, all four lane. I had heard that traffic around Baton Rouge could be heavy but we had no problem. As we crossed over the bridge we could see where we had walked earlier in the week.

We checked into Betty’s RV Park and she told us about some Cajun music being played in the afternoon in Erath and also invited us to the daily Happy Hour at 4:30. Since we had nothing to take to the Happy Hour I ran to the grocery store to pick up some meatballs while Jerry stayed in the coach and tried to pull State to victory over Duke. If only we could have played one half!

After the game we rode over to Erath to find the music but we couldn’t find it. We did see a bar with loud music but declined to go there. We came on back to the campground and I fiddled with the Wi-Fi booster trying to get it to work and also looked for a lost letter. How in the world can someone loose something in a 40’ RV is beyond me but I have done it! I keep looking but to no avail at this point.

Happy Hour supposedly starts at 4:30 but it was after 5:00 before we saw people heading over. We sampled the meatballs and they just weren’t good so we opted not to take them. We headed over empty handed and just joined in the fun. We met several nice people, two from Brevard, North Carolina, a couple from Texas, a couple from Indiana and a couple from Washington State. We just sat around and talked about the various places to visit and mostly the various places to eat! We got lots of suggestions and I finally took out my iPhone and started taking notes. It looks like it’s going to be a friendly week with lots of opportunities to meet people. We were invited out to join some of the group for lunch tomorrow but I expect that we’ll be touring if things are opened on Sunday.

We came on back to the rig and ate a bit and then had a quiet night.