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On the way to Greenville, Al – I think

Since we had such a long day yesterday plans for today are for a shorter drive. Unfortunately finding campgrounds where we want to stop proves to be difficult so we will see. Since we both got a good night’s sleep we didn’t push this morning. I don’t want to be so exhausted when we get there that we’re too tired to see anything… We both got up around 7:30 and by 9:00 we were pulling out. Our tentative plans are to stop in Greenville, Al which is about 200 miles from Perry and an almost equal distance from New Orleans. We’ll just see how the day goes.

After we left the campground we drove through an area that was full of peach trees and then saw Lane Southern Orchard. They have daily tours so we may be able to visit in March. I can just imagine how incredibly beautiful it must be in the spring. We then rode right through the middle of Fort Valley, a very small town and I think we saw most of it from the business to the poorer section. I only found out the name as we were leaving and I saw a sign on the other side of the road welcoming people to Fort Valley!

A little crooked but we're in Sweet Alabama!
A little crooked but we’re in Sweet Alabama!
As we continued to ride along Jerry realized that we would be in Greenville, Al around 12:30 so he suggested we just stop there. We discussed it a bit and realized that there was not much to see there as far as we know and Mobile is only about 120 miles further so we decided to go on to Mobile. That will put us closer to New Orleans for an easy drive Thursday. I also assured Jerry that I would help drive today. I started looking for campgrounds in and around Mobile and found two possibilities. One is a Passport for only $12.50 but it has no webpage, reviews were sketchy at best and we finally found a message telling us to e-mail or call a specific number because they are often in remote places and may not get voice messages for days. Obviously we didn’t choose that one. I called Shady Acres and they had an available site for $25 with Good Sam discount. Sounds like the best bet for us.

We stopped about 11:24 at a rest station for a brief break. As I was denoting the time I realized that somewhere along the line we changed time zones. Instead of 11:24 it was 10:24. We’ll get to Mobile even earlier than anticipated! So wish we would have some time to tour a bit but probably not. Oh well, another time!

Around 11:30 or !2:30 depending on which time we were observing we stopped for gas at a Flying J. They have an RV lane which makes getting gas so much easier. We surely will continue to look for them as not only is getting gas easier but getting in and out of the station is signfnicantly easier. We have been in some tight places before and don’t want to do that again. Flying J you’ve got a customer! When we went inside Jerry found a coozie that would fit the drinks that I like so he bought it – it’s a Roll Tide coozie! The guy at the checkout asked if we were Alabama fans and we told him no, that we were NC State fans that pulled for Clemson!

We got into Shady Acres RV Park about 3:00 Central Time, 4:00 Eastern Time. It’s a lovely small park with what looks like a lot of full timers. No frills but with Good Sam discount it was only $25, well worth it!

After getting settled and resting a bit we walked down the nature path to the river. It was a nice little walk and we surely needed some exercise albeit a little bit!FullSizeRender (1)

We came back to the coach and were trying to get on the Internet when Jerry suddenly remembered that we had a Wi-Fi signal booster. Between the two of us we finally got it set up on the computer and the iPads so hopefully that will help. We still have to name our hotspot but will do that later. At least we have it password protected now! Pretty good considering we didn’t know what we were doing. Jerry keeps reminding me that I was a technologist and I emphasize the word “was”. Technology changes so fast that it’s difficult to keep up with it when one is actively involved and when you’re not you can get behind quickly! Case in point!

130 miles tomorrow and we’ll be in New Orleans. I expect we’ll be up early and on the way as we’re both tired and still on Eastern Standard Time!

Les Bon Temps Roulé!

Home Away From Home

Unclaimed Luggage Store in Scottsboro, Alabama

Today was a day of rest getting ready for the trip home. With no plans for the day and not wanting to see anymore caves or caverns we decided to go to the Unclaimed Luggage store in Scottsboro, Alabama. It was about an hour’s drive and an interesting place. There were many people there and I wondered if they were local or tourists. The store had almost anything anyone would want – if you wanted to buy used items. There was a lot of clothing but as Jerry said, “I’ve got enough used clothes”. I bought a cover for my Kindle that doesn’t quite fit but will be fine, a pair of sunglasses and we bought a suitcase to keep in the RV in case of an emergency flight home at any time. It was only $15.

On the way home we stopped for groceries at Walmart. According to the GPS it was .6 miles away – perhaps as the crow flies but not as the car goes. Got the groceries and came back to the campground by 2:30. It was a beautiful, sunny day so I begged Jerry to drag out my chair and I sat outside for a while. Came in and since Jerry was asleep on the sofa I went in the bedroom and turned on the TV to watch the pre-show for the Derby. I watched it intermittently and napped intermittently until about 5:30. We watched the Derby and then had dinner. After dinner we intended to take the trash out but ending up sitting outside by the fire with neighbors Barbara and Jim until nearly 9:30. Tried to get the GPS set for tomorrow’s trip but the new GPS doesn’t recognize Townville, SC. Not sure I’m going to keep this one either.