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Day Two at FMCA Reunion in Perry

Jerry had an 8:00 session this morning, actually the first part of a two day session called RV Driving Safety Program. Once he completes the session tomorrow he will be presented a certificate that he can present to our insurance agent and our insurance should go down. Good deal! Since I also wanted to attend an 8:00 session we were up and out early. They have a devotional each morning at 7::00 but we haven’t been able to make that yet.

My session was called The Intentional Traveler and the presenter was Pam Johnson. A former engineer and programmer she has written a program to consolidate planning tools and records to include maintenance records as well. She is beta testing an online version and asked for volunteers so I gave her my name and information. The only requirement to be a tester is to make at least one entry a month on the application. It was very informative although a lot of what was covered were things I was already familiar with. Relative to trips she said one of the most important things was to do research ahead of time and to make notes about each destination. One tip I got was to take each of the very many brochures that we get when we stop at a Visitor’s Center and to write down a few facts about that particular site. Then throw the brochure away because you can only keep so much in the motor home. I am certainly going to try to do this in the future and hopefully can eventually get caught up on our vast collection and try to minimize the number of papers we have.

She gave the analogy of filling about a 1/3 of a jar with sand and then finish filling it up with rocks. How many rocks can you put in? Then she suggested putting the rocks in first and then adding sand. You naturally can put more rocks in even using the same amount of sand. That is how our trips should be planned. Determined the big rocks first and then plan around them.
She recommended several apps most of which I already have but one good tip was to use the satellite view on the Allstays app. I’ve never done that but will certainly use it in the future. Although we try to abide by the 330 rule, either driving no more than 330 miles or stopping by 3:30 she suggested that the 230 rule be used. Always allow time for an oops, a campground you really don’t want to stay at, or getting lost, or any number of reasons. She also recommended getting a Big Rig Atlas. We have an atlas but will try to get the one for big rigs as it has very pertinent information for us.

My next session was Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda by Camco out of North Carolina. The speaker was very entertaining and told relevant stories as he gave a great many tips. Yes, he was selling a product but that was not the focus of his presentation. One thing he suggested that everyone have is a Volt Alert by Fluke which can be purchased at Harbor Freight. This determines the line voltage and can prevent someone being shocked by touching the motor home. Another tool he recommended was an infrared thermometer. Just by touching the tire you can test the heat in the tires and then determine if additional air is necessary.

Whenever selecting any kind of tank treatment be sure that it contains coconut oil as that lubricates. All in all it was a very informative session. An additional tip he told us was to use hornet spray to fight off bears! Hopefully that’s a tip I won’t have to use!

The last session I went to was on inside cleaning. It too was a vendor but the cleaning products she used were household products, e.g. white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol. Her company is Almost Heaven Microfiber and although she strongly recommended using her towels she also gave out a booklet with all of her cleaning tips in them. I am definitely going to try some of them very soon.

Jerry and I met and walked around some of the exhibits and then decided to return to the campground for lunch. We were back at the fairgrounds by 2:00 and he didn’t have a seminar until 3:00 so we went over to talk with the TechnoRV folks about the tire monitoring pressuring system, TPMS. We are very interested in buying one but want to make sure that we get the right one.

Jerry went to his seminar and I went to the other exhibition building and ended up buying a couple of things. In the seminar I went to yesterday the lady demonstrated some dishes that could be used in the microwave to boil eggs and cook pasta. Since we do both of those things often I decided to get those two dishes. Using those in the coach prevents the “kitchen” from heating up.

I met Jerry a little after four and we tried to find some other TPMS dealers but the vendors were closing at 4:00 so we weren’t able to see any.

Then we went to a meeting of Coaches for Christ, a national organization of Christians who are RVers. It was very uplifting to see believers together in a national meeting. The “Singing Auctioneer” sang and he is quite good. There will be a church service on Sunday morning and he will be singing then.
We came on back to the coach and I finally fixed dinner. It was nice to have a good home cooked meal.

After we cleaned up the kitchen we headed back to the fairgrounds for the opening ceremony which was impressive. A young girl whose family full times gave the invocation and then we said the Pledge of Allegiance and then sang both the Canadian National Anthem and our National Anthem. Very nice!
Next we were entertained by a comedian, Lee Marvin Adams. At our last rally (and only other one) we were “entertained” by a not very funny comedian but Mr. Adams had us all rolling with laughter.

Just before he concluded I got a phone call from Caroline and it frightened me as she generally doesn’t call me. I immediately got a text from Trent saying that Eva was trying to call me to tell me she lost her first tooth. I couldn’t return the call then but as soon as we got out and away from everyone I facetimed her and saw that precious snaggle toothed munchkin. Oh my, she’s growing up so fast.

Back to the coach and to bed. Another 8:00 morning coming up!