On the Way to Amarillo

Well, here it is a little after 6:00 mountain time and we’re nearly ready to go. We’ve prepared the food to go in the crockpot mid-morning (well, actually Jerry did it). I am dressed and ready to go and we can have the coach ready to go in 15 minutes. The problem is (not to mention the infernal wind) it is completely dark outside and we’ve got to put the car on the dolly plus drive out of these strange roads. Think we’ll be sitting for a while. This may be one of those rare mornings when I see the sun rise! (Written first thing Tuesday morning)

(A little later) On the way to Amarillo via Roswell – that’s the way the GPS took us – we saw a sign stating not to pick up hitchhikers as there was a prison nearby. Then we saw a sign indicating a rest stop ahead. Don’t think we’ll use that one.

As we passed through Roswell which is a fairy large town we saw various references to aliens, e.g. Third Rock from the Sun Alien Spacecraft store, UFO museum, lots of alien statues but though we went right through the heart of Roswell we saw no mention of Area 51. There were lots of statues of little and big green men though.

Even though Carlsbad is on the edge of New Mexico we drove nearly 200 miles through New Mexico before we got to the Texas border and then we knew we were in cow country. There were literally hundreds of cattle plus a very active railroad that followed the highway. As we neared Amarillo the winds picked up reaffirming our decision to stay in Fort Davis Sunday. It was a very stressful drive for Jerry with sustained winds of 30 mph and gusts up to 55. We stopped in Hertford, the Beef Capital of the World and got gas. When I went to open the door to go out to help Jerry align the coach to the gas tank I nearly lost control of the door and when I tried to go back in I could hardly get in.

We finally got the gas and got back on the road and arrived at Amarillo Ranch RV Park about 1:00 – we think. Going from Central to Mountain time has kept us very confused! It was so windy that we decided not to put the living room or bedroom slides out although I noticed others had their slides out. By the time we had lunch and got everything settled it was 3:30 and we couldn’t decide what to do. We had had a pretty long day already and I knew Jerry was tired from fighting that wind so we just elected to spend the afternoon inside. We did walk over to the office at one point but other than that it was a quiet afternoon except for hearing the wind blow.

Before we left Carlsbad we got everything ready to go in the crockpot for Crockpot Cowboy Casserole intending to put it on around 10:00. Quite frankly I forgot all about it until we stopped for gas. Then while Jerry was gassing up I was inside frantically throwing ingredients in the crockpot, opening cans, etc. I got it done but we had to wait until after 7:00 to eat. It’s a good recipe for traveling and also a good recipe if you need to feed several people. We’ll be having leftovers one night soon.