Nappanee, Indiana – Home of Newmar Motor Homes

Well we did it. We spent a week, well nearly a week, 6 days in the coach with only electric hook-up. When we arrived we had a full water tank and empty gray and black tanks and we made it. Since our sensors don’t work correctly we really never knew how full our tanks were or how much water we had. When Jerry filled up the water tank before we left the gauge indicated that it was 1/3 full and it was 1/3 full all week!

Plans were to pull out of our parking space by 9:00 and as directed get on pavement to hook up the car. We actually got it all done and pulled out of the fairgrounds at 8:50, an absolute record for us. For a change it was a sun shiny day and an easy drive but Highway 31 to Nappanee has a lot of construction going on and not a minute too soon. It was possibly one of the worst highways we’ve traveled on.

Fortunately we got to Newmar in Nappanee about 11:15 and got the last FHU parking place. We had already decided that if we couldn’t get a full hookup we’d find a campground. Not only did our tanks need emptying we also needed to wash clothes. In view of that I used our AllStays app to locate a campground that was in the area but fortunately we didn’t have to use it. Newmar has a number of places to park RV’s but only a small number with full hookups. Nearly every place we looked though was full as I think many of the folks at the FMCA rally had the same idea we had and headed to Nappanee first thing Sunday morning.

We parked next to another Canyon Star and Jerry visited with him for a while. While he was doing that I began cleaning, getting rid of all of the mud we had tracked in during the rainy week. Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, dusting – all of it but you know, it doesn’t take very long when you only have 300 square feet. When Jerry came in we decided to find a fast food place for lunch since we didn’t have anything we could prepare plus we needed to go grocery shopping and get gas for the car.

We ended up at Amish Acres, a tourist attraction not far from Newmar. They had an ice cream shop, a cheese shop, a fudge shop, a farm tour and a restaurant (definitely not fast food). We headed toward the restaurant and it was like any other buffet, nothing really special but nearly $40. We probably should have gone to the grocery store first!

After we got back to the coach we both took naps. I can’t believe I was so tired but we have been on the go all day and night for a week. Afterward we walked around the “campground” and ended up bringing our chairs and visiting with some folks. One of the guys, Bob from Chapel Hill, Texas also has a Canyon Star. He showed me how he prevented his floors from getting damage from the rollers when the slides come in. He cut foam shelf paper from the Dollar Store into 12” inch squares and lets the slides come over them. We will definitely try that! We also visited with a couple from Tennessee and the guy actually knew someone that I had known years ago. Small world!

As I was sitting here typing this I just saw an Amish buggy ride by and two girls on bicycles behind it. They were going pretty fast! A very different scene than what I usually see out of our window!