Home Away From Home

Home Sweet Home

Got up around 7:00 and Jerry had been up for some time. I must have been sleeping harder than I thought because he had closed the door and though I usually hear that I didn’t this morning. We had coffee and then started getting ready to leave. The first order of business was putting the car on the dolly so out I went in my robe, not an unusual sight in a campground from what I’m told. While he strapped the car down I started storing everything away and then got my shower. We pulled out about 9:10 on our way to – well, we aren’t sure. After talking to Steve and Sue last night I decided that Pedro’s Campground at South of the Border would be an ok place to stay so that was our intent. This morning I started thinking about it and realized that we should be there around lunch so suggested to Jerry that we may want to go on to Raleigh and stay at Plemmons tonight.

Passing the Florence exit at 12:15 so don’t know what the plans are. Even though we’ve been accused of and admitted we are fly by the seat of your pants people some of this trip has been a bit adventuresome even for us. Every other trip we’ve been on we’ve had it all plotted out, where we’d stay each night, etc. Neither the beginning nor the end of the trip had those parameters this time. Guess we’re stepping out!

Stopped for lunch when we got gas at Hess in Latta, SC. Gas was $1.81. Unfortunately we only got 7 miles to the gallon. Driving 60-61 rather than 55 makes a big difference!

1:10 and we’re on our way to Bill Plemmons. Going to miss South of the Border this trip! Wonder what he’s got planned for the rest of this day. Umm……

Got in Raleigh a little after 3:00, checked the rig in and transferred all of our clothes and food to the Avalon. Yep, we looked like a packed rat when we left. Got home around 6:00 after stopping in Snow Hill at Food Lion for orange juice.

Ah – home sweet home. Thank you Lord! Time to start planning our next trip!