Home Away From Home

Broken Mirror

We got up early this morning and headed out of Perry as we knew we had a lot of miles to cover before reaching Raleigh and the horse show. Getting on the road was uneventful thankfully but just after we got on the four lanes the two GPS’s were sending us in divergent routes. We decided to take mine and wouldn’t you know it it was full of road construction and on two lanes. We finally found a place to turn around and we did and then followed Jerry’s Clarion.

Everything was going find until …. We were in a small town in Georgia in the left lane slowly approaching a stoplight when I mentioned to Jerry that we were a little close to the semi next to us and suddenly just as I got the words out of my mouth zap! Our passenger mirror hit his mirror. I don’t know what happened to his as he went on but the top part of ours flopped over. We turned and pulled off of the road and Jerry got out to check the damage. He had bought some super-duper glue at the rally so we got that out but guess what – it wasn’t quite super-duper enough to hold the mirror so we duct taped it together. It’s up but at such an angle as to be unusable.

I told Jerry that we could skip the horse show and go on home but he was persistent so on to Raleigh we went. Let me tell you. If you’ve never driven in Raleigh, NC in 5:00 traffic on a Friday afternoon in a big rig with no side view mirror – well, consider yourself lucky! It’s a bit nerve wracking! I tried to hold my phone out of the window and use the reverse camera but that didn’t work. Fortunately Jerry had the side view camera and I was super vigilant watching emerging traffic. We made it without incident! Whew. We pulled in about 5:30 and quickly got set up.

The horse show was small, not many horses but it was still fun to see everyone. We stayed until Saturday as we wanted to be “home” for Easter. The trip home was uneventful and fortunately there was little traffic so the absence of a side view mirror was not an issue. We got home, quickly unpacked and headed for the river for Easter. We left the rig in the driveway so we can quickly pull it out to take it to Wilmington for the repair.