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Betty’s RV Park

FullSizeRenderWhat to say about Betty’s RV – well, we came for four days, added one and then ended up staying for eight! As I understand it that’s not how most folks to it though as they usually extend their stay much longer. We were on a fairly tight schedule so we sadly pulled out Sunday morning but not without hugs and good-byes and hearing “hope to see you down the road”.

When I was doing my research both on various park reviews and on IRV2 and rv.net Betty’s RV Park kept cropping up. One reviewer even suggested we re-route in order to stay at Betty’s and how right they were. As several reviewers said “they make you feel like family” and yes indeed they do whether you’ve been there one night, one week or one month.

As soon as we arrived someone from North Carolina came up and welcomed us – always good to see a homebody. Every afternoon at 4:30 Betty has Happy Hour where everyone brings something to eat, some fancy and some bought from the local grocery but everyone shares and enjoys and afterwards everyone feels they have had dinner. There’s lots of conversation about where everyone is from and then LOTS of recommendations on where to go and what to eat. I feel like I am eating my way through Louisiana! I must say all recommendations were duly noted and acted upon and were without a doubt right on target.

Our Canadian friend, Lynn
Our Canadian friend, Lynn
We met people from as far away as Canada, Alaska, Washington and California, not to mention Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma and of course the western part of our North Carolina. Betty made everyone feel welcomed and as you entered the Happy Hour she always called you by name so if you couldn’t remember someone’s name her greeting to each person would refresh your memory.
Cookie and Jim from Washington State.  A selfie with no selfie stick is difficult!
Cookie and Jim from Washington State. A selfie with no selfie stick is difficult!

In the late afternoon as everyone is returning after touring or doing necessary chores the questions asked were what did you do and where did you eat? Sometimes we even went out together.

Dan and Merlene from California .  I was trying hard to focus!
Dan and Merlene from California . I was trying hard to focus!
Last week Jerry and I had the pleasure of having lunch with folks from Michigan and North Carolina. Then this Saturday many joined together for Cajun music at a local bar, Touchet’s. We were the only non-locals there but again they acknowledged and welcomed the group from Betty’s. Lots of friendly people in Louisiana!

Earlier in the week Jerry and I had the great pleasure of eating at Shuck’s and we had a nice visit with the owner. He said he was often asked why he didn’t have Happy Hour and he said it was because he couldn’t compete with Betty’s Happy Hour. We ended up missing a couple of the get togethers during the week we were there because of our touring but we tried each day to get back to join in the fun and comradery.

In summation, it’s quite easy to see why Betty’s was selected as one of the top 25 parks in America and also the “Most Fun Small Private RV Park” in the United States. If you get a chance go by and stay for a night – or a month! You’ll feel right at home.

Home Away From Home

A Short Travel Day

Since we just had 130 miles to go today we didn’t rush to leave so it was after 10:00 before we were loaded with slides in and the car on the dolly. Then I had to walk around and say good-bye to all who were up and about. I missed some either because they had already left for their day’s activities or because they hadn’t emerged from their cocoon yet.

FullSizeRenderWe had a very uneventful drive fortunately. Always love uneventful! Colfax appears to be a very small town. Of course it’s difficult to tell on a Sunday afternoon. The campground, Colfax Recreational RV Park, is a Corps of Engineer park and with our America the Beautiful pass all of our stay was half priced. That makes it nice as it is only costing us $64 to stay for four nights and we have full hook-up and free Wi-Fi. No cable but our Dish works fine.

After getting set up we had some lunch and then took a walk around the park. It’s located right on the Red River, a seemingly muddy river that empties into – well, perhaps the Red River. I don’t know. We were quite impressed with what we saw. Although it’s not opened due to high water there is a very nice boat ramp with nice pier and access. It was rather windy so we didn’t stay out long.

Later in the day Jerry talked with the host and he said that he had worked on an oil rig for 31 years but now with oil at $30 a gallon there is no new drilling going on so many people are being laid off. Wow, imagine being laid off after 31 years.

This is a beautiful park but at this time of year very underutilized. There is only one other RV here, an older fifth wheel. The weather is beautiful, a nice 70 degrees although there is a chill in the air as the sun goes down. It is so quiet probably the quietest campground we have ever stayed in. After being in such busy places for the last two weeks the quiet is nice!

Looks like dinner and an early night so we can be up and about and on our way to Natchitoches tomorrow!