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What Were We Thinking – or Were We?

Just let me say – It was a morning!>

Knowing how much Emma loves eastern NC barbeque we always try to get her some for her birthday but I realized last night that we had not gotten it yet.  Jerry checked the website this morning to see what time Kings opened and it said 9:00 so off he went while I was showering and getting dressed.  Apparently the website is incorrect because when he got there no one was there and it was dark so no barbeque for Emma this time.

Sometimes it’s just not fun to be right!  Jerry built Emma a very pretty and not so small bookcase for her birthday so we’re taking it to Clemmons this week-end.  It won’t fit into the Avalon so Jerry said we would just tow the Forerunner.  I told him that I had read that it wouldn’t tow but he assured me that it was just like the Avalon and would tow with no problem.  Right!  We got everything loaded and then put the Forerunner on the dolly.  I was a bit nervous about driving it up on the dolly since it is much bigger and heavier than the Avalon but it went up with no problem.  Jerry hooked it up and then went in to get his shower so we could leave.

Everything was  ready and we were in the RV and pulling out at 10:12.  Wait, what was that squealing sound?  Jerry asked if I had put on the emergency brake on the forerunner.  Well, duh – of course not.  He got out and looked around and then told me to drive up a bit.  He immediately told me to stop as the back wheels on the Forerunner were not turning.  Guess what – the Forerunner won’t tow.  Like Jerry, I don’t understand why as it’s supposed to be front wheeled drive but it really doesn’t matter to me why – I just know it won’t tow.

Back to the drawing board.  It looked like we were going to have to put the bookcase in the coach as it wouldn’t fit in the car.  We put the living room slide out and pretty easily got the bookcase in.  Then we had to take the Forerunner off of the dolly and then put the Avalon on.  We often learn lessons each time and this time we learned that a Forerunner will not tow!  Hopefully that is the only lesson we learn on this trip.

We finally pulled out of the driveway at 10:40, a little later than I had hoped but on the way.  We were trying a new route.  Because the beltline in Raleigh is under construction and the highway is absolutely awful we decided to try going 264.  The last time we were on the beltline in the RV I was afraid that every screw and bolt was going to come loose not to mention that every dish would be broken.  This should be a lot easier.

Also just after passing Stantonsburg we realized that we got nothing out of the fridge.  There wasn’t much but we’ll have to make a trip to the grocery store sooner than we expected.  Like I said, it was a morning!

We got to Tanglewood RV Park a little after 3:00 and got set up in site 14.  I had asked for a site closer to the router so our Internet would be better but the lady taking the reservations didn’t know where the routers were located.  Apparently they are not near site 14!  (I did talk briefly to someone who told me the sites nearer the bathhouse had stronger signals.  Next time we’ll be more specific.)

Fortunately the rest of the trip and the week-end was uneventful.  We had a delightful time at Emma’s party which was at Cash Lovell Stables and then Jane, David, Emma, Eli and Jane’s parents came over Saturday night for hamburgers on the grill.

Sunday we were able to go to Emma’s riding lesson.  She’s doing so well and I am really proud of her.  Hope she keeps it up!

Monday morning we were up and out before 9:00 as we had a 3:00 appointment in Kinston to get the oil changed in the coach in preparation for our Finger Lakes trip next month.

Happy RVing!