Home Away From Home, South Dakota

Arriving in Spearfish

Although we had planned to leave about 9:30 for our short drive to Spearfish we decided this morning to do some house cleaning. We had all of the laundry caught up but it was time to clean the coach. That put us leaving around 10:30. Now we can guess why the couple we were waiting for on Tuesday waited until 10:30.

Big Pine was the perfect place for us to stay as it was centrally located for the places we wanted to visit. Rapid City was not very close but we had not planned to make two trips there. We didn’t use any of the amenities of the campground so cannot comment on them. The only negative and I’m not sure that anything could be done about it was the one-way road around the campground. There were pullouts so traffic wouldn’t be blocked too long. At night the road was a little more confusing as last night I guess we ended up in the tent area where no cars are supposed to go. Oops, we slowly backed out hating shining our lights on the tent campers. As we were leaving today, we blocked a truck for a few minutes while we were hooking up the car. When we finished I waved at the couple and they just smiled and waved back. Part of Rving!

Of course, our two GPS’s gave us two different routes. Mine was a bit longer and was going through Rapid City where we could get to a Flying J. Jerry’s was shorter and agreed with RVTrip Wizard. I think mine would have been an easier drive for Jerry but he chose his, a two lane, curvy, mountainous highway. Is there any other kind of South Dakota? It was a lovely ride and actually quite enjoyable. At times it felt as though we were flying but when I checked we were only going 51! If I had a dollar for every motorcycle I’ve seen today, not to mention the other days, we could well pay for this trip and more.

We arrived at Chris’ Campground around 12:30 and check-in was the easiest I’ve ever had. They only take cash or check so I had to return to the coach to pick up a check although Lana, the owner told me not to worry, that she’d get it later. After checking in I went outside and Jerry was gone. There was a gentleman there in a golf cart who told me to hop on and he’d take me to the coach. When I got to our site Jerry was already parked and was unhitching the car. Thirty minutes from the time we pulled in the park we were fully set up and level!

We had lunch and then I finally found a chiropractor who would be able to see me, Nelson Chiropractic. I made an appointment for Friday morning. Kathy, the receptionist told me I would need to fill out some paperwork in the morning but I could run by this afternoon and pick it up and fill it out at home. Jerry and I decided that was a good idea so off we went. When I went in there was the paperwork lying on the desk with my name on it. I timidly asked if there had been any cancellations and bless Pat, they worked me in. Dr. Bjorn Nelson, his mom Deb and Kathy could not have been nicer. They knew that I would not be a returning patient but still treated me as though I would be. After a treatment on the Tens machine – oh, that was wonderful – and some adjustments I felt like a new woman. The pain is not gone but it is so much better. Thank you Nelson Chiropractic!

After a quick run to Walmart we returned to the campground. Jerry grilled some pork chops and we had a delicious dinner. The day surely didn’t work out like we had planned but there is always tomorrow!