Home Away From Home, North Carolina

Tanglewood Park

The purpose of being in Clemmons for a week was to help with the grands and wow, they have kept us busy. Spending a day at the hospital when Baby Olivia was born and then shuttling back and forth for various reasons. It has been a good week but an interesting week.

When we are in Clemmons we stay at Tanglewood Park. It’s a grand park except for the poor Internet reception and it’s close to David and Jane’s. Unfortunately because it’s a county owned park they don’t take any discounts so it’s a full $33 a night. It really is a good deal if you can take advantage of all of the amenities that the park has to offer but unfortunately when we are here we are generally visiting Jane and David so are often gone from morning until night. We noticed on this trip that the week-ends have a full campground so it’s advisable to make reservations. In fact we would have come in on Friday, the 15th but they had no vacancies and neither did Greystone in Pinnacle. I guess everyone must be getting the camping fever as the weather is trying to warm up. It seems though that we had April weather in March, a big tease and then April has been more like March. It’s been cool and windy.

Monday morning Jerry and I took a nice walk on the walking path of the park. The weather was beautiful and couldn’t have been more perfect for a walk. I was hopeful that we’d be able to do that each day but that didn’t happen.

Tuesday dawned early as we had to be at David and Jane’s by 7:00. We headed to the hospital and the waiting room. Sitting in the waiting room with an energetic four year old and an anxious eight year old is quite the experience. It’s going to be a week! Olivia was born a little after 9:00 weighing 8 lbs., 9 oz and 21 inches long – a big girl! Blessings abound as mom and baby are fine!

Tuesday afternoon we brought Emma and Eli back to the campground and we all went on a walk. We split up and Jerry and Eli took the walking path and Emma and I started through the woods. We eventually met back up and finished the walk together with Eli on Jerry’s shoulders for a while. His little legs just can’t quite keep up! We only got to take one more walk during our time there and this time it was jut Emma and me. We had rain one day and then Emma had a dance competition one day so we were too busy to enjoy the campground.

Off to the mountains of North Carolina on Sunday!

Home Away From Home, North Carolina

Did we have tire problems before?

Since we were not on any schedule and didn’t have a long drive today we just took it slow this morning. Although we were both up around 6:30 we just lolled around until nearly 8:00 and even then we didn’t move too fast!

After showers there was still the last minute packing to do plus putting the car on the dolly. We finally pulled out just before 11:00 and we hadn’t even gotten out of the neighborhood before the TPMS started beeping. We drove on for a few miles and then stopped at Mallard’s on 70E where we knew we could easily get in and out plus they had air. One tire was a little slack, the same tire that has given us trouble before. Jerry had taken the coach out to the tire place and they checked it and said that other than a loose stem everything was OK. While the coach was still there we bought a longer stem hoping that would solve the problem.

We finally left and headed to Clemmons both of us listening to audio books. It really does make the travel time pass by quickly. I was also cross stitching. Just before we got to South Pointe Mall the TPMS started beeping again. While I ran into the mall on an errand Jerry added some air to the tire.

We were there about 45 minutes while I did a bit of shopping, Jerry added some more air to the tire and we ate a wonderful lunch – Cliff bars – and then hit the road again. The TPMS beeped one more time but Jerry said nothing was wrong. While we are in Clemmons he will recalibrate it and see if that helps. We’ve driven about 25,000 miles without a TPMS – guess we were just blessed not to have had an accident.

We arrived at Tanglewood just before 4:00 and boy is it crowded. Everyone in Clemmons who can walk, ride a bike or play with a dog is bound to be here. The campground itself is only about half full. We had preselected site 20 because it was close to the router and we were hopeful that the Internet signal would be stronger. Apparently we were more concerned about the Internet than with the slope of the site. Site 20 is really sloped for this part of the country. It took us about 20 minutes to get level and only then by doing it manually. We even considered changing sites but the park is going to be so full that that wasn’t a possibility. We finally did get it level though by Jerry standing outside giving me directions and me adjusting the jacks manually. We’ve tried this before with limited and confusing results but today I hit the right button and it worked!

After we set up we went over to David and Jane’s to check on everyone. Jane is really ready to have her baby but Emma is not! There is definitely going to be some adjustment there. I talked to Jane about the possibility of taking Emma to Chattanooga when school is out and she said nothing was scheduled for that time. Hopefully we’ll be able to work it out.