Home Away From Home, Virginia

Colonial Williamsburg

Since we had such a long day yesterday we took it a little easy and didn’t even arrive at Colonial Williamsburg until 11:00. As we were walking up we saw Phillip and Becky, our NC Directors and joined them for a delightful day.

Recommendation was to take the shuttle bus for the entire ride which encircled the historic district so we decided to do that realizing that we’d get enough walking in as the day progressed. After going all around we all decided that we hadn’t gotten a lot out of that – don’t recommend it to anyone else. We got off at the Governor’s Palace which we had seen before but it was interesting to see it again. The palace was noticeably clean. All the chandeliers were sparkling and I didn’t see one bit of tarnish on the silver displayed. When do they do all of that cleaning? I think I need to take them home!

After the palace we wandered around a bit and then decided on lunch at Chownings Tavern where we had eaten when we were last here. The menu was interesting, written I suppose in Olde English. of the entrée’s was accompanied with sippers. None of had any idea what that was – it was toast! Each of us got something different. I just got a garden wedge salet and a Basket of House-Made Chips—rustic hand-cut seasoned potato chips served with a trio of Chowning’s dipping sauces: malt vinegar bleu cheese, rarebit sauce, and gunpowder sauce. The gunpowder sauce was a little hot but very good. Jerry got Bangers and Mash—Roasted English sausage with sautéed onions and mushrooms, served with Madeira brown sauce on a bed of whipped colcannon potatoes. I had to look on the menu to determine what bangers were.

Jerry couldn’t resist a picture of me in the stocks.
After lunch we walked around a bit and then Phillip and Becky decided to return to the campground. Jerry and I walked around a bit more enjoying a beautiful afternoon. One of the shops we went into was a silversmith. I learned that when silver is engraved some of the silver is lost but if it is etched on the back, a process called repoussee then all of the silver is retained and it keeps its weight. In Colonial times the worth of silver was determined by its weight so silver designed by the repoussee method was more valuable.

By this time we were getting a bit tired so we headed back to the Visitor’s Center by shuttle. They have two gift stores so we went in both and I bought the ubiquitous magnet for Williamsburg. I had bought one yesterday for Jamestown thinking I might have already gotten one and I had so now I have two Jamestown magnets on an already crowded fridge! Tomorrow we visit Yorktown and I’ve already checked. We have the magnet!

We headed on back to the campground. I had some work to do on the computer and Jerry went outside to read accompanied by cheese and crackers. He didn’t stay out there long though as it was too cold so he came in and took a nap. Tonight was the night to have dinner in so I brought out the spaghetti sauce

We had to get to the Newmar tent a bit early because they wanted a picture of the North Carolina Tarheels – do you know how hard that is for us as NC State fans to say we belong to the North Carolina Tarheels? Our boys would love that! Oh well, we got the picture. The night began with a salute to the Virginia State Directors who were retiring and then they had a raffle. Next we all played Card Bingo. It’s a real easy game with a lot of winners but alas not us. It was fun though.

Lucky for us Becky and Phillip who by the way are our next door neighbors drove to the tent so we got to ride up and back with them and didn’t have to brave the cold, dark walk back.

Home Away From Home

A Quick Williamsburg Week-end

Williamsburg Trip – June 20 – 22

Wow – what a quick trip! After talking with Theresa and Earle we decided to pull out of Kinston around 8:00 on Friday morning, June 20th. When having lunch with Trent a couple of weeks earlier I asked him when they would have Eva’s birthday party. They always have it on Thursdays because they go to the beach on Friday. I didn’t call to verify this because I knew they were involved in Abby’s wedding but I felt pretty safe planning a week-end getaway for June 20th. Well, don’t ya know – Eva’s birthday party was scheduled for Friday at 11:00! I told Jerry and his response was that we had decided not to schedule trips around birthdays. Well actually he decided that. As I later reminded him I was silent during that conversation! Think he learned something else about me. When I’m quiet I’m usually not agreeing but not going to say anything at that point. All this to say though that Jerry changed his mind so we scheduled our trip to leave Kinston at 1:00.

But – before we left – As usual Thursday was spent getting everything ready. Since we had not even been in the motor home since we put it up in April it needed some freshening up plus Jerry had some work to do on the bed. Since the RV came with an uncomfortable short queen we decided to take that one out and put in a standard queen. The only problem with that is that the bed frame is short too so Jerry wanted to add a section to it to support the end of the bed. That was on the agenda for Thursday also. After numerous trips to the grocery store I was in the kitchen cooking dinner, fixing chicken salad, broccoli and cauliflower salad. I told Jerry that I would be glad when we could take off for a trip and not be totally exhausted from the preparation. He just gave me the look that meant that might never happen.

Friday morning dawned bright and early – well not so bright for me. I woke up at 4:30 and Jerry was up by 4:45. Unfortunately we couldn’t leave until 1:00 so we had plenty of time to get ready! We got everything packed and in the RV (except the food which we put in just before leaving) and then the plan was to load the car on the car dolly at 10:00 so Jerry could get showered and changed and go to the birthday party with me at 11:00. Jerry had already hitched the tow dolly so he pulled the coach up and I pulled the Avalon behind it. We both just looked at it and realized that duh – there were no ramps. We checked all of the bins and they weren’t there so Jerry went out to the storage warehouse to see if possibly they had fallen off of the dolly out there. They had and some nice person had propped them up so we could find them. Another lesson learned. By the time Jerry got home and we got the car loaded and secured it was almost 11 so I went to the party alone. I got home about 12:30 hoping that Theresa and Earle would already be there since I told them that we could possibly be leaving early but they didn’t arrive until 1:00 and then we had to pack their things in the car. All of this in mighty hot, humid weather. We had kept the air condition on in the coach but had to turn off everything when we put the car on the dolly. It is amazing how quickly everything warmed up. I thought I would melt. Earle sat up front with Jerry so I finally went up and sat on the floor between Jerry and Earle. Not the safest place to be but when I’m that hot … We did not stop for anything on the way up as we had gassed up after our Charleston trip. Gas in Virginia is about ten cents cheaper than in NC so we will be filling up in VA as often as possible.

We arrived at the campground around 5:30 and went to check in. They gave us our site assignment, #58 which was not a pull through so I questioned that. They offered us another site, #121 and said we could take our pick. We rode through the campground and decided on #121. It was near the back in the new section and had a concrete parking pad and a nice new picnic table. Only later did we discover that we were in the middle of a Holiday Rambler get together.

We got everything set up and then got ready to take the car off of the dolly and discovered that the car battery was dead. I have no idea why although I have heard of it happening to others after they had towed their car. The only thing we could figure out was the car was not completely turned off when we loaded it. One of our neighbors jumped the car and Earle rode around a bit to recharge the battery. Then Theresa, Earle and I enjoyed a glass of wine and then had a nice dinner outside. Shortly afterward Theresa and Earle took the car and went to find their blue/green room. Jerry and I turned in early as we had gotten up so very early this morning. He decided to sleep in the den because he was sure he would be snoring and would keep me awake. I didn’t go to sleep as quickly as I thought I would but quite frankly if he snored I didn’t hear it.

We were up early Saturday morning and expecting Theresa and Earle at 9:30. We enjoyed our coffee, checked e-mails, read and just enjoyed being quiet and with each other. We were eager to get out.

We stopped by the store and bought the tour tickets at the discounted price and off to historic Williamsburg we went. We parked at the Visitor’s Center and then had quite a walk ahead of us. We visited the Governor’s Mansion first. The guide was quite good and told the story as though the governor had just fled for safety. Clothes were left on the bed and silver, a lot of silver, was left in the cabinets. The cornices on the beds were painted to match the linens, very impressive. We then visited the brick mason and watched them stomp in the clay – no, we didn’t get in the clay although I think Theresa and Earle had done it on an earlier visit. A trip to the cabinet maker was next and then we strolled around. We had lunch at a local pub and then walked around some more just enjoying Colonial Williamsburg but it was HOT!

Sunday morning we were up and at it and ready to head back to Kinston. Another lesson learned – it is not cost efficient to RV for a week-end. Because we were late leaving Friday we actually only had one day to tour Williamsburg and we were back home mid-afternoon on Sunday. It was a nice but short trip and I think Theresa and Earle enjoyed their RVing week-end.