Home Away From Home

Winding our way home

Despite our good intentions for an early start it was nearly 8:30 before we pulled out. Leaving Natchez was interesting as our two GPS’s, one a Clarion and one a Garmin told us two pretty different routes. So when all else fails we’ve learned to go to Waze which you guessed it – gave us a third route. Finally in desperation I brought up Google Maps and it was still another variation. Quite honestly, they all were about the same going 61 to I20E but different ways to accomplish it. Clarion wanted us to go down the Natchez Trace and for a couple of reasons I didn’t think that was a good idea. One the speed limit is 50 so that would lengthen our trip. Also, although no one seems to know it but us, length limit according to the website is 55 feet. We go over that by about 7 feet. Eventually we got to I20 and every GPS seemed to agree. I bet when we get to Tuscalooa there will be several different ways to accomplish the same goal to the campground.

We stopped in Forest, MS at a rest station for a brief break and then headed on to Cuba, Al where we had a sandwich for lunch. One of the very nice things about a motor home is having our kitchen and our bathroom right at hand.

The trip has been uneventful with little traffic but the wind gusts have been pretty bad, up to 19 miles per hour at time. I know Jerry will be glad when we reach our destination and we can only hope that the wind is not as strong tomorrow.He’s got both hands on the steering wheel and 75 more miles to go!

The wind certainly does seem to be picking up although when I check the weather there is no indication that it is. We do have 20 mph gusts and that’s a lot in a motor home. Jerry’s shoulder is beginning to hurt as he is really having to fight the wind. Fortunately we don’t have much further to go. I had wondered if we might breeze (no pun intended) by Tuscaloosa and head on to Birmingham today but that’s surely not going to happen. The 330 rule is certainly going to be in effect today.

We wound our way into Deerlick Creek COE Campground and believe me it was winding. One of the reviews I read said that it was winding and hilly but doable. I completely agree with that statement. It is about three miles off of the main highway and just when you wonder if you’re on the right track you arrive. Our campsite was at the end of one loop and was a pull through. It was a wonderful campsite with a great area outside the door.

Our view from the front door
Our view from the front door
Unfortunately it was so very cold and windy that we couldn’t take advantage of the beauty. In addition to all of that it only cost $11 with our America the Beautiful pass!

We nestled down for a quiet evening with no tv again and no Wi-Fi but for $11 who can complain.