Home Away From Home

Arriving in Perry, Georgia

Jerry got up so very quietly this morning that I never even heard him close the door. He turned the heat on – yes we go from AC to heat and back to AC within a few hours. I slept until 8:00 and then slowly got going. Other than getting myself ready I really didn’t help break down at all.

We pulled the coach out into the empty lane and then I drove the car up on the ramp and then realized that we had traffic backed up both ways. Oh well. Who knew there would be that much traffic at 10:00?

We stopped at the trash receptacle and darn if the vehicle behind us didn’t stop too. I really don’t like to leave as hastily as I felt we were very rushed and didn’t have time to go through our check off list. We did stop though and check everything off and then headed on to Perry with a stop for gas along the way.

We also stopped at a Flying J for a McDonald’s quick lunch for Jerry and then arrived at Fair Harbor around 3:00. It is definitely warmer here than in North Carolina and by the time we got everything set up we were both soaking wet. Can’t believe that I couldn’t find even one pair of shorts to bring!

After getting set up we realized that the front air conditioner was not cooling. The back fortunately is working fine but the front is to say the least hot! Jerry has called a technician who will come out tomorrow. In the meantime I found all of our paperwork and we called Good Sam who we have our extended warranty with. Hopefully that will work out!

I also realized that the check for our homeowners insurance at the river had not cleared and the due date was past so I had to work on that situation. Even when traveling home business has to be taken care of.

We caught up with friends that we met at the Gathering in Bradenton, Fla last October and met them for dinner at Swanson’s Restaurant. It is a lovely restaurant right in downtown Perry and the food was delicious. It was so much fun to catch up with Jan and Jim.

Back to the rig and surprisingly so it’s pretty cool in here. I’m sure it’ll heat up tomorrow.