Arizona, Home Away From Home

A Day of Enforced Rest

Jerry hasn’t felt well for the last two days and hopefully it’s because of the high altitude. We have been at high altitudes on this trip but it was a gradual climb. This time we went from 550 to over 7000 and it’s really been difficult for him. I got up early letting him sleep in and immediately got on the Internet trying to find somewhere to stay in the Flagstaff, Sedona, Cottonwood area. I had to wait until 8:00 to start calling for some and 9:00 or 10:00 for others. After he got up we discussed it and just decided to head for Flagstaff and see what worked out. I have never left a campground totally unaware of where I was going plus I was aware that availability at this time of year in Arizona could be scarce. As soon as we started pulling out I got on the iPad and was looking down when I suddenly realized that a lot of cars had pulled over. I just got a glimpse of mabe 20 Elk dang it! I had been looking for them the entire time we were at the Canyon and had seen 4 but 3 were at night and I could hardly see them and the other one just showed us his backside and that was in the shadows. Oh well – I did see one – I think!

I called Kit Carson RV Park in Flagstaff and they had availability. Although I had my doubts since the ratings were vague I went on and paid for three nights. Frankly we are rarely at the campground during the day so hopefully this will be fine. One review said he felt safe and secure and that’s the most important thing – that and FHU and Wi-Fi!

We arrived just before noon and check in was very quick since she already had my information and we had paid. We had our choice of sites, one near the highway or others back in the park. We chose 113 near the highway as we weren’t too worried about road noise. Since they had a pretty big snow here a couple of weeks ago there was a lot of mud! Getting our coach into 113 took three attempts as there were close trees and the electrical panel was on one of those trees. In order to open our slides we had to maneuver a bit. When we finally got positioned before I even put down the jacks Jerry got out the leveler and bless pat, we were already level. That hardly ever happens. I put down the jacks and did not get an excess slope signal. That rarely happens too.

We had some lunch and although Jerry still was not feeling well we decided to go on to the Visitor’s Center. It is located in a train station and was so neat. We talked briefly with the gentleman there and he quickly gave us enough to do to fill up a day and a half. Jerry still was not feeling well so we decided just to go to the grocery store and then back to the coach for an afternoon of rest. We went to the local Walmart and it was unlike any we’ve ever seen. They had covered outside parking and then the store was totally arranged differently than most of them are. We got the groceries and headed back to the campground. When we arrived we drove around the park a bit. I think we must be the only transient or travelers here and the trailers are not new! Enough said.

Guess we have had our enforced day of rest. The drive this morning was less than two hours and half of it on I40E so it was fairly easy (according to Jerry). We spent the afternoon catching up on some chores, blog updating and I made a big meatloaf that I divided into one for dinner tomorrow night and one in the freezer. Hopefully we’ll be ready to go tomorrow!


Unscheduled Trip to Flagstaff

Well, today’s activities were certainly not in the plan book for sure! Neither of us slept well last night so we were both up early. As soon as he could Jerry called Newmar who eventually transferred him to Magnum (inverter) and after a lot of troubleshooting and a couple of hours they finally determined that the 300 amp fuse had blown. We had this happen soon after we got the coach so we were familiar with it. We also knew those fuses were not very plentiful. At that point we went to Page Lumber where they carry RV supplies. They immediately said they didn’t have it but sent us to a marine service. They didn’t have it either but recommended we go to Ace Hardware which apparently is like a Lowe’s, etc. Our next stop was an electrical company. No one had the fuse but everyone could not have been nicer. Kudos to the Page folks.

The recommendation was to go to either Flagstaff or St. George. Before we went however we wanted to make sure that wherever we went had the fuse thus several phone calls ensured. Finally we located a Camping World in Bellemont just outside of Flagstaff that had one. When they quoted a price of $42 I was a bit skeptical because we had been told they cost $100.

After a quick lunch we headed toward Bellemont which is west of Flagstaff, about 150 miles from Page. The ride was uneventful thank goodness but long! Jerry had his earphones so he listened to his audio book but I had to settle for reading a not very good book.

We got to Camping World around 3:00, stretched out legs, bought the fuses (yes, Jerry bought two just in case), got some gas at the Pilot station, grabbed a bite at McDonald’s (I was desperate) and headed back to Page, another 150 miles but with fuses in hand. It was a pretty drive and amazing how the terrain changed from Page to Flagstaff. By the time we got to Flagstaff it was beginning to look like home with plentiful pine trees. Of course unlike home, the remnants of last week-end’s snow was still quite visible. Good-bye Flagstaff. Hopefully we’ll see you again in about 10 days!

As soon as we got back to the Page Lake Powell RV the first order of business was replacing the blown fuse. That was accomplished quickly and voila – everything was in working order again. What a 24 hours. We were both exhausted, both physically, mentally and emotionally. We had planned spaghetti for dinner but since we both ate McDonald’s at 3:00 we weren’t hungry so we passed on the spaghetti saving it for tomorrow night.

We spent the evening washing clothes and uploading pictures from the computer to my Google Photos. Since we most likely will not have full hookup or Wi-Fi at Zion we tried to get everything done tonight. Our plans after visiting Zion are to go to Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada and we won’t have FHU there either so it was necessary to get it done tonight.

We both collapsed into bed and slept like the dead!