Home Away From Home

Max Meadows, Virginia

We got up a little after 7:00 despite our intentions to get on the road early. It was COLD! 36 degrees. I had put two blankets on the bed last night so we slept warm and toasty though. Got up, had my spark and gratefully had my cup of hot coffee! We had the fireplace on and the little heater. Lesson learned – bring both heaters when traveling this time of year. I was not excited about taking a shower and really not excited about stepping out of the shower. I had put the little heater back in the bathroom though so it wasn’t too bad. We got everything ready and were on the road at 8:57. 169 miles to Max Meadows, Va.

Somehow I didn’t know that we would be going through Charleston, WVa (rather around). It is very mountainous but Jerry is doing a great job driving. Don’t think our gas mileage is going to be very good though. Saw a beautiful domed building in Charleston and I am assuming that it was the capitol. In the midst of that beautiful building though were what looked like row houses reminding me of the scene in Harlan County, Kentucky. Of course West Virginia is coal mining country. We just went through our first toll booth. Didn’t know if we were a car or a truck and still don’t but it cost $3.25 whatever we are. The lanes are very narrow and I just close my eyes as Jerry very competently drives through.

Continued on our trip going through two more toll booths finally selecting the one on the right for wide vehicles. Much easier. Jerry asked if we were paying for two vehicles and she replied that there was a charge for an RV and a charge for an RV with a tow – $3.25.

The ride has been absolutely beautiful fall in all of its splendor although both Jerry and I agreed that the colors don’t seem to be as vibrant, the oranges and reds just not quite there yet. It is still lovely though. I haven’t been to the mountains in the fall in many years so it has been a real treat.

We arrived at Fort Chiswell RV Park at 12:24, set up including taking the car off of the dolly in 17 minutes! Pretty good! I had asked about a grocery store and was told there was one about a half mile from the park so we rode down to Food Country to get some things. After we got back to the RV we had lunch, sandwiches made from the roast we cooked Sunday night. We also had some baked potato chips, not the best in the world but not the worst. I guess for health’s sake we’ll eat them.

Sandy and Landy pulled in about 1:30 and began to set up. They came over and wanted to ride into Wytheville. It is a quaint small town. We saw the giant pencil outside the hardware store and several old houses. Went by Food Lion and picked up the rest of our groceries and then back to the campground. Jerry and I went for a walk and covered most of the campground. There are sheep and llamas on one side, cows on the other and horses on one end. It’s really a lovely place and it would be nice to stay there a couple of days. As we were walking though we were astounded at the number of rigs – big rigs – coming in. I’m sure we saw at least 40 come in. I asked in the office if something special was going on and they said October was their busiest month as snowbirders were either coming from the south or going to the south. You could tell that these folks were serious RVers. One lady had a table and table lamp set up in her front window!

We decided to go for a walk and walked about 27 minutes until Jerry mentioned that he was lightheaded. We went right back to the RV and he checked his sugar and it was in the 50’s. I got him a piece of chocolate and he began to feel better. He took his blood pressure and although the pressure is OK the machine says his heart rate is elevated, in the 90’s this afternoon but about 104 this morning. I took it this morning and by my count it was only in the 70’s. A little concerned and will be glad to get home and check with Lee.

Jerry took a nap and I played on the computer and talked to Mary Ann. George called and said it had frosted in LaGrange last night. Glad Mom’s heat is on and will be so glad when we sign the papers selling her house! I’ll send him a check tomorrow.

I started fixing dinner and then woke Jerry up. We had spaghetti. It’s not Prego but I’m getting used to it. We had so much left that we split it into two cartons so have dinner two more nights – later! We finally decided to get up early in the morning and try to be on the road by 8:00 so hopefully we can get a place to park at the fairgrounds

On to bed and asleep a little after 11. Jerry turned off the fireplace but left the little heater on with the thermostat on. We slept fine, not too hot, not too cold. Of course I don’t think it got as cold last night.