Florida, Home Away From Home

Our Trip to Disney

Well, we got the car on the dolly!  It wasn’t as difficult as we imagined but it was not easy.  I got down on the ground and helped with attaching everything but I just didn’t have the strength to tighten the straps securely. I couldn’t even do it by standing on the ratchet but Jerry finally got it tight enough.

He had a doctor’s appointment Tuesday morning so although I stayed busy trying to get everything done before departure I still was not ready when he got home.  I put pork chops, potatoes, cheese, etc. in the crock pot so we’d have a good dinner when we got to a stopping place, probably somewhere at a Walmart in Georgia.  We finally got on the road about 11:00 and Jerry had no trouble driving.  Occasionally I offered to drive but he said he was fine.  I had bought the Walmart app from AllStays and it is worth the money.  When Jerry began to get tired I began to look for viable places to stay.  We finally stopped at a Walmart in Georgia and although there was already another RV in the parking lot we went in and asked permission to stay.  With that granted we did a bit of shopping getting some broccoli to go along with the pork chops.

The next morning we were on our way to Disney.  Driving a motor home south through Jacksonville, Florida is very intimidating and quite scary.  I could never have done it!  In fact I found that a perfect time to read!

We made it to Fort Wilderness with no problem and check in was so easy.  You don’t even have to get out of our rig.  Shortly after entering the park there is an “unhitching” area so we stopped, took the car off of the dolly and  then headed to our site.   Initially we missed the turn into our section and ended up circling the entire park but it kind of gave us a layout of the land.  (I would suggest that an added perk would be having someone direct you to your site.)  Getting backed into the site proved to be too much for Jerry but with the help of two gentlemen and my directions he finally got it backed in.  Unfortunately I think it set his healing back a few days.

The Beginning!  Both sets of grandparents with Emma, Eli and Olivia.
The Beginning! Both sets of grandparents with Emma, Eli and Olivia.
Disney was …  fun, exhausting, and HOT, HOT, HOT.  We picked up our son David, his wife Jane and the three children, Emma, Eli and Olivia on Thursday and had a whirlwind four days of seeing and doing all we could.  We returned to the coach each night hot and sweaty and too tired to even eat dinner.  How many people go to Disney and lose weight?  I did!  The heat index on Saturday was 101!  Since our return home I’ve often made the statement that if I ever return to Disney (and I will) it will not be in September.  Jerry finally told me that I was making an untrue statement.  With a puzzled look on my face I asked him what in the world he was talking about.  He told me if any of the grands asked us to go again in September I’d be packing my clothes – and he’s right but I’m hoping they choose a cooler month!

Since David and his family were not staying at Disney we went to their hotel each morning and picked them up and then took them back each evening.  Why did no one think of Uber?  Finally on Saturday night at my suggestion we gave them our car and we rode the bus back to the campground.  Once we got back to the drop off site we had no idea what to do.  Since we had not anticipated doing that we had not read the directions about how to proceed and of course they were in the car!  We ended up walking back to the coach and it was nearly a mile but it was a good walk.

Sunday morning we took the boat over to the Magic Kingdom and by the time David and family had arrived we had already done three things!

Two of our little pirates at the Magic Kingdom
Two of our little pirates at the Magic Kingdom
Sunday night we all stayed for the Halloween party.  Lines to the rides were shorter and we quickly rode anything we wanted to.  Unfortunately a lot of the rides and movies were closed.  The parade, though short, was quite good and we eagerly awaited the highlight of the evening – the fireworks scheduled to begin at 10:15.  Well just before then God displayed His fireworks along with a lot of heavy rain.  Needless to say the fireworks were eventually canceled, at least I guess they were.  We left around 11:15 and it was still raining so I guess it’s safe to say there were no fireworks that night.

We finally got back to the park around midnight with no plans for an early start on Monday!