Home Away From Home

The Saga Continues

I got in bed last night around 9:00 and began reading. Jerry came in around 10:00 but didn’t stay long as his shoulder was hurting and he could sleep better on the sofa. I heard him come to bed around 12:30. At 2:45 I was awakened by a beeping noise but Jerry never stirred. Thinking it was the refrigerator door alarm indicating that the door had not been closed securely I headed to the fridge but it was not that. I just followed the sound and it was the TPMS monitor that Jerry had charging. I unplugged it but could not get it to turn off. I finally just stuck it under a blanket trying to mask the sound and went back to bed. Well, that didn’t work so I got up and put it in the half bath. Nope, that didn’t work. I finally got a dish towel and wrapped it up and put it in the back bathroom and closed the door. Mind you, Jerry slept through the entire thing. By then it was after 3:00 and I was wide awake so I just headed to the sofa. What a night!

We got on up and started to get things partially prepared to leave today because the air conditioner was supposed to be repaired this morning. In the meantime Jerry decided to put the TPMS on the tires only to find out that one of the tires will not hold air. Oh my! Although Jerry checks the tire pressure before we leave on each trip he is not sure he would have caught that. If it had not been for that system we would have been traveling down the highway with a slack or flat tire. I called Coach-Net and they have been very supportive first asking if we were safe. After assuring her that we were she went to work finding someone to help us and it was all done fairly quickly. Unfortunately the tire company is not as fast but that is not something that Coach-net can control. The delay seems to be in getting a Michelin tire although we are hopeful that it could just be a nail or a valve stem. The tire is not worn at all.

We spent the afternoon waiting on tire repair or replace. $75 if there is a valve stem gone bad and $675 if we have to replace the tire. Let’s hope for the valve stem.
We just sat around outside this afternoon visiting with various people in the park. There is a Good Sam’s group from Alabama here and they are just as friendly as you’d think Alabamians would be. In fact they invited us to a rally next month. Jerry has visited a lot with a snowbirder from Michigan and they traded RV stories.

The tire repair man finally came just before 3:00 and by the time he finished we decided that it was just too late to start out so it looks like another night in Georgia! The park has bingo on Tuesday nights and the last time we were here Jerry won $26 so maybe we’ll head over there tonight.

It will be an early night though as we will be pulling out as early as possible. The car is already on the tow dolly so in the morning as I am battening down the inside Jerry will be outside disconnecting the tanks and we’ll be on the way to North Carolina.