Home Away From Home, Ohio, West Virginia

Just Adding Miles

What a quiet and restful night. I fought sleep until 9:00 and then just gave up, turned the lights off, put up the book and was sound asleep within minutes. We had been told that it was quiet at night and they were right. I never heard a sound. Jerry slept well too. But then …

If it’s not one thing it’s another! We realized yesterday that our TPSM was not reading the pressure in our tires and Jerry felt that the batteries in the sensors were dead. According to the powers that be they are supposed to last from 10-12 months. Ours have not been changed since we bought the system so it was definitely time for replacements. Jerry had decided to wait until this morning to work on them hoping that the temperature would be lower plus we were on hot asphalt. I had gotten a youtube how-to video produced by TechnoRV where we had purchased from so we knew what we needed and how to do it – kind of! Jerry had gone to Home Depot last night and bought all of the batteries they had – four and we needed six – but he didn’t buy the tiny necessary screwdriver so off to Home Depot he went again this morning. Parking between Cabela’s and Home Depot has certainly been advantageous!
Jerry decided to get started immediately on replacing the batteries before it got too hot. Afterward, we got permission from Cabela’s to empty our black tanks. It’s free if done during working hours. It’s a bad job but someone has to do it.

For the most part, Ohio roads seem to be better than West Virginia but it’s like Jerry said, “Every state has good roads and bad roads and every state has construction!” So true and some construction crews think we have a skinny van rather than a motor home.

We had to try two Pilot stations before we could access one to get gas. Pilot says they are RV friendly and perhaps they are for the Diesel RV’s but not so much for gas coaches. We later stopped in Washington Court House, Ohio at a Walmart and had lunch plus were able to pick up two more batteries for the TPMS.

We arrived in New Paris, Ohio around 4:00 with plans to stay at a Harvest Host site. Although we knew we would not actually be staying at Wesler Orchard, when I had called earlier they told us to go there first and possibly buy some produce. We would be actually be staying at their winter business, Valley’s Edge. We got to the Orchard, bought some produce and quickly assessed that we couldn’t possibly turn around without detaching the car. That done and with directions to Valley’s Edge we proceeded on. Located on the edge of town we had the large parking lot to ourselves.
As soon as we were settled Jerry wanted to ride around the town – like we hadn’t been riding all day! Sorry to say there is not much to see in New Paris. In fact, we never even saw a grocery store so we came on back to the coach and read for a while.

I had prepared some spaghetti sauce and also had, upon a recommendation from someone’s blog, frozen some leftover vermicelli. Believe it or not the noodles were fine. I would never have thought of preparing and freezing them but knowing we would be boondocking for a couple of nights I tried to use every trick I could think of and surprisingly it worked.

After dinner we hooked the car up and Jerry finished putting all of the sensors on the tires only to discover that we had two tires that were low. Bummer but at least we knew so Jerry drug out the air compressor and began that hot job.

But that was not the end of the day. After resolving the TPMS problem we realized that the coach was getting warmer. Ah, the breaker on the generator had tripped. Jerry went outside, flipped it and it tripped again indicating to Jerry that the oil was probably low. Where to find oil in New Paris at 9:00? We unhitched the car and headed out. Fortunately, the Dollar Store was opened and had the oil. Back to the RV only to discover the bright yellow dip stick was missing. We walked all around the coach, the car and the parking lot but could not find it. Jerry even went back to the Dollar Store to see if perhaps he had left it there. We looked a little like CSI walking around with our flashlights pointed to the ground. Finally, after probably 30-40 minutes Jerry opened a bin next to the generator and there it was, just where he’d left it.

All in all, not a very exciting day but we’ll take it. We’re just making miles headed to Springfield, Il tomorrow for a few days. It was a good travel day with just a few hiccups at the end.

Home Away From Home, North Carolina

A Night at a Winery

Up and about this morning as we had about 200 miles to go and an errand once we arrived at our destination for the evening. Fortunately the only difficulty was locating a gas station we could maneuver around and that was easily accomplished. We arrived at our Harvest Host site around 1:00 in the afternoon. I went in and spoke with the host who gave us two ideas as to where to park. We elected to park next to the vineyard right there at the winery. After lunch we went in and I had a wine tasting. As my friends tell me I am a wine neophyte meaning I don’t know anything about wine and I only like a couple of the semi-sweet ones, a moscato or ruscato so tasting the chardonnay was interesting! I actually bought two bottles as gifts for friends.

We ran our errand which took us into Greensboro and we spent most of the afternoon there. When we returned to the winery about 6:00 everyone was gone and it was mighty quiet. I mean we were in the country! Although we had the AC on we had not pulled the shades when we left and the setting sun had shone brightly into the RV heating it up quite a bit so it took a while for it to cool down. Lesson learned! Don’t forget the shades when it is 90 degrees plus outside and the RV is parked facing the western sunset.

We warmed up leftovers for dinner and then settled in for the evening. I glanced out of the window at one point and realized that it was mighty dark outside, not a light to be seen, we were alone in the country and it was a bit spooky. It got even spookier in the night when I was awakened not once but twice when we had a severe thunder storm. When the second storm hit I thought someone was beating on the door so I woke Jerry up. It was only thunder and pouring rain and all was fine. Scaredy Cat that I am.

Although the owner had told us that they would be out early picking grapes we never heard them. I assumed that the heavy rain prevented them picking that day. We headed out early to Raleigh and the NC State Fairgrounds where we spent the week-end. Saturday was my birthday and Jerry told me he was having a party for me with 55,000 of my closet friends – we were going to the NC State vs James Madison football game! NC State won. It was not pretty but it is a “W” in the record books!

When we got up Sunday we got the linens and towels washed and ready for our next trip leaving on September 12th. A quick ride home, parked the coach and off to the river we went. Guess one can see why it is difficult to answer the question of where we live.

Home Away From Home, North Carolina

On the Road Again – Finally!

After a summer of staying home we decided to join our FMCA Carolina Guroos for a week-end in Franklin, NC and there was a lot to do to get ready.

In preparation for the trip we finally got around to getting the RV out of storage. I was pleasantly surprised at how clean it was both on the inside and the outside. Of course there were a few cobwebs on the tires but other than that it was a lot cleaner than usual. Guess moving it to an enclosed storage was a good idea.

Of course when we got there the chassis battery was dead so we had to jump it. No problem. Jerry got it started and said he was going to ride around a bit to charge the battery so I left him at the storage building. I drove on out to the highway but decided to wait for him. Glad I did. When he didn’t come in a timely manner I returned only to find out that the steps were out and would not go in. $600 later and four new house batteries and we finally brought the rig home, backed in, plugged it in, turned on the air conditioner and left it for the week-end.

We returned home Sunday evening and began the task of loading things. Actually we just transferred from the car to the RV. A trip to the grocery store for spaghetti fixings and we were in for the night.

Monday was a fairly busy day as we had to get both cars inspected so we could renew the licenses that will expire while we are gone. Oops! We also had to get the oil changed in the jeep getting it ready for the trip. We completed putting everything in and then headed to Trent’s to keep their children for the evening. Although we didn’t get home until nearly 9:30 (with no dinner – oh well, we had time with the grands) there were still things to be done. Since we have the house on the market we always try to keep it neat and clean so that meant vacuuming at 10:00 at night!

Tuesday morning dawned bright and early for me as I received a text before 6:00 but honestly, I was already awake (going to be a long day). It was from the gentleman who owns the Harvest Hosts farm where we were planning to spend the night before going on to Franklin. He was verifying our arrival. I had a hair appointment at 8:00 and we were hoping to be on the road by noon.

When I got home from the beauty salon Jerry had already hooked the car up and within 30 minutes we were ready to leave 30 minutes ahead of schedule (highly unusual). After going through the check list and having a moment of prayer we headed out for what we hoped was an uneventful trip.

Oh well — that didn’t exactly happen. We were only about 45 minutes from home when we suddenly heard a loud sound as though the roof was coming off. Jerry immediately pulled over and inspected everything but didn’t find a problem. Next he inspected the car and that seemed to be the problem. He realized that the braking assist was for some reason applying the brakes. After stopping and starting, disconnecting, reconnecting, and ending up at a Walmart parking lot he finally decided that one of the cords was bad. He disconnected that and all seemed fine. We were running behind schedule but were hopeful we would be able to make our Harvest Hosts appointment for the evening.

We stopped briefly in Clemmons to drop off our oldest grandson who had spent a few days with us and after a very brief visit with his mom and sister in the Harris Teeter parking lot we were on our way again. Thankfully we arrived at our Harvest Host site around 5:30. Although the parking place appeared to be on an incline we put the jacks down and leveled quickly. Our host Tim, an American Airlines pilot and owner of the farm, was very personable and suggested we all go all to eat Mexican. Jerry and I rarely eat Mexican and quite frankly have no idea what to order! I ended up with a chicken based dish and he had a spicy shrimp dish. Both were very good.

We returned to the motor home and got ready for bed. We were hoping it was cool enough to avoid using the generator but sometime after I went to sleep Jerry gave up. He said it was 95 in the coach. It wasn’t but it was a bit warm. We don’t like to use the generator all night but felt it was necessary. Even so I don’t think either of us got a good night’s sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night to pouring down rain. I must say though it is very soothing to hear rain on a metal roof, even pouring rain.

The next morning we bought some fresh vegetables from Tim – corn, tomatoes and cucumbers – and were off for Franklin a little after 8:00. I can’t believe how prompt we’ve been so far, again highly unusual!