Home Away From Home

Off to Fletcher, NC

Day Eight – Saturday – Fletcher

I had a difficult time going to sleep last night. Don’t know why though. It was quiet except for the gently falling rain and no TV. I read and even completed a book but still was not sleepy so I started organizing my Kindle. Finally fell asleep about 12:30 so it was after 7:00 when I got up this morning. It was pouring down rain! I am so very glad that Jerry put the car on the dolly yesterday because he would have gotten drenched this morning. We had our morning coffee and checked several weather sites and they all pretty much agreed. It’s raining, 90% chance and it’s going to continue so we decided to just bite the bullet and go on. I showered and got dressed first. That’s what we’ve been doing this week and it’s worked fine. I shower, dry hair, dress, put in contacts and apply my Accent face cream and while that’s drying Jerry showers, then I put on my make-up. We have quite a little routine now!

After that I started securing everything for travel and Jerry did the necessary things outside in his bathing suit!. Then he came in, dried off and changed clothes and we started on our way at 9:23. Crossed over into Kingsport, Tennessee about 10:10 and it’s still raining hard. Jerry commented that he’d never driven in the rain before and now he’s not only in the rain he’s driven in the mountains in the rain! I’ve been texting with Ivy and Holley about our arrival. Holley says they have planned for us to back in site 92. I told her to make sure Brian was there when we got there!!!!

11:27 – Rest Stop 24 miles from Asheville – still rainy and now getting foggy with low visibility

Got to Fletcher and the Western Agricultural Center where we’ll be spending the week about 1:15 and Holley and Brian were waiting for us to show us where to park. Unfortunately AGAIN the battery on the car was dead so Brian drove his truck over but the car wouldn’t start. We finally figured out that it wasn’t getting hot from Brian’s truck so once they reattached it the car started. Jerry backed in and we very quickly set up. After everything was settled Holley and I went over to visit with Ivy Jo and Les. They asked all of us to join them for them at the Moose Cafe but Holley had already asked us for pork chops with me fixing potato salad.

A bit later Holley, Brian, Jerry and I went to Camping World. Jerry found a stand for the grill and we got some covers for the steps. I hope the covers cut down on the dirt and trash coming in.

Came back and fixed the potato salad and the four of us ate. Then Brian took Holley, Savannah and me up to the show ring where we met Ivy and watched the show. Got back to the motor home a little after 10, worked on the iPad for a while and then crashed!

It looks like it’s going to be a grand week with good friends, good horses and a great horse show!