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Off to the Falls      

We left this morning a little after 10:00 headed for Ithaca and the Ithaca Falls.  Ithaca is only 30 miles from Watkins Glen but the GPS said it would take us an hour.  Little did we know.  We got to Ithaca easily and then the fun began.  Getting around Ithaca is like getting around Chapel Hill on a very busy day.  I couldn’t believe there was that much traffic before noon on a Sunday.  We rode through Cornell University and were amazed at the beautiful buildings.  It is definitely an Ivy League school!  We kept riding up and down streets trying to find the falls and finally I asked a young man.  We actually weren’t far from the falls and he indicated that they were beautiful and we definitely needed to see them.  Actually earlier in our wandering around we had passed them but hadn’t seen them as they are obviously off the road a bit.  We found parking in the school parking lot and walked over to the falls.  We followed a little foot path down to the water and walked over stones and rocks to reach the falls.  They are indeed lovely. There were several people there taking pictures and stacking rocks.  Don’t know why they were stacking rocks but we saw several other stacks.  Jerry even started one and then we added a few more to it.  Took a few pictures and then on to the state parks.

Ithaca Falls

The first state park was Buttermilk Falls.  Of course we took the wrong entrance riding by the soccer field and finally ended up at the top of the park.  The falls are visible from the bottom!  We paid our $7.00 admission which is good for all NY state parks today and then went rode back down and found the right entrance.  We took our little picnic lunch over to the falls and had a lovely lunch right along with the bees!  We walked over to the falls, took a few pictures and then headed out.

The Lively Goat Cheese Farm is in Interlaken and that was our destination.  Just before we got there we came up on an Amish buggy.  I tried to get a picture but my camera is too slow so I just got the horse.  When we got there the owner was sitting on the porch reading and I was afraid that perhaps they weren’t open but it was just a little down time.  Since we were the only ones there he talked a long while about the various cheeses and answered a lot of questions.  Just as we were beginning to select some cheese several people came in and he got very busy.  We got some Chevre goat cheese and some cinnamon flavored honey and went on our way.

Our next stop, the Taughannock Falls to see the largest waterfall East of the Mississippi located at Taughannock Fall State Park.  We ended up at an overlook along with a lot of other people.  We went up to the falls and then decided to take the Rim Trail.  We had only gone a little way which was all downhill when we saw people below in the gorge.  We decided to turn around (fortunately) and head back up.  Jerry did not want to do anymore hiking so we headed to the car and Watkins Glen KOA.

Taughannock Fall State Park
Taughannock Fall State Park

When we reached Watkins Glen we rode by the RV park, WW Clute and I was glad we had made the decision to stay at the KOA.  Although a little pricey for our usual campgrund, the KOA is very nice with large level sites.  The RV’s at Clute Park are very close together and I understand there are a lot of seasonal people there.

We came on back and after a brief rest went to the pool and hot tub.  Ah…  Dinner and that’s it folks!