Home Away From Home

We Got the Car!

Since Johnson City, Tennessee is a good six hour drive from our home we decided that we would split the drive and go halfway to Clemmons and spend the week-end with our younger son and his family. His older daughter was in a dance competition on Saturday so that would work out for everyone as we would be there to help with the two younger children. We left Thursday and made our way to Clemmons and along the way were able to spot exactly where the tow dolly caught on fire. We left our mark!

A week later the evidence of the fire was still there.
Since we had been unable to reach the owner of the tow dolly company by phone we decided to stop by the business on our way up. Unfortunately he was still out of town. we left our name and number AGAIN. He did finally return our call but dang it, Jerry missed it. Jerry called back just minutes later but the owner did not answer. Do you think he’s trying to elude us?

Up and att’m Friday morning and on our way to Johnson City. Aren’t GPS’s interesting. We took one route to Johnson City last Friday, took another route home Friday evening and then this Friday we took still a third route. We went right down the main street of Boone, NC and then began rambling through the mountains. We were not in a hurry so we were able to enjoy the scenery as we went up and down and around. The flowers were all in bloom and beauty was everywhere. If you get a chance visit the mountains of North Carolina in the spring. You won’t be disappointed.

When we arrived at AutoNation there was our pretty red jeep all ready to go. We signed a few papers and then headed toward Leonard Trucking where they had installed the base plate, etc. for our Blue Ox towing system. They showed us how to attach it and although I don’t think there’s a steep learning curve we will definitely need some practice. Back at the dealership Jerry picked up his car and we headed back to Clemmons. That was a little mistake. We should have gotten some “training” on how to use all of the electronics but more on that later.

I input the final address in the navigational system and off we went but we missed the first turn and then I don’t know what happened but we ended up going back through the lovely mountains only they weren’t quite as pretty to me as I wound through all of those turns! At one point I realized that I had inadvertently turned on the cooling seat and my butt was freezing but I had no idea how to turn it off. It’s kind of difficult to look at the input screen and maneuver the mountains. I chose to pay attention to the road rather than go off of the side of the mountain trying to regulate the seat temperature! I finally pulled off the side of the road and found the answer ti that problem. Obviously after having driven a 2006 Avalon for a number of years it will take me a while to learn about the options on this car.

During the week we went by Campers Inn in Raleigh – well, it says Raleigh but it’s really in Selma – and ordered the Air Force One Braking System for the car. That will be installed next week and then we’ll be ready to travel.

When things began to fall in place I went ahead and finalized the June Chattanooga trip and then registered for the July FMCA International Rally. It feels so good to be the planning stages again and I am ready to take off as soon as possible!