Home Away From Home

Hiking Crabtree Falls

Greenwood – Day Three – Monday

Started the day off slowly enjoying a cup of good coffee and then got a text from Helen Jo a little after 7:00 asking if I was up. Fixed a second cup of coffee and called her and we talked for over an hour. In fact we talked so long Jerry went back to the bedroom to read and went back to sleep. I figured he needed the rest so I didn’t wake him after I finished talking with Helen Jo. We finally got it altogther though and left about 10:30 for Crabtree Falls in Montebello. We had talked about hiking at Humpback Rock which was about 1/2 the distance to Crabtree Falls but when Jerry looked at the trail distance we decided that we were not quite seasoned enough for such an endeavor so we decided on Crabtree Falls instead.

We took the Blue Ridge Parkway part of the way and it was a winding road. For a while we followed a motor home towing four down and I was hopeful that they would stop so we could chat but they never did. Interestingly enough we saw a number of bikers and even more interesting they were all going up hill abeit with a struggle. Some of them teetered so much I was afraid they’d fall in our path.  We stopped at several lookouts and took lots of pictures. I tried to get a picture of the name of the lookout so we could know exactly where everything was taken. We’ll see how that works out. Jerry took his camera and I had my new one so I imagine we have a lot of mixed up pictures.

We got to the falls and immediately checked out the bathroom facilities. They were gross to say the least. A portapotty in a little room – enough said. I washed my hands with the water I had left in my water bottle! Before we started our hike we decided to eat our sandwiches that we had prepared earlier. As we were eating we were chatting with another couple and I asked where they were from and he said everywhere. They both teach English and have just left Korea and are going to China after visiting his father in Staunton. He suggested that we might be interested in teaching abroad if we were interested in traveling but Jerry told him that first we wanted to see the USA.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe started the trek up to the water falls. The first one was easily accessible and very pretty. The weather was nice and we had a nice breeze and then … we started up toward the next one which was two miles further. I didn’t know that .3 of a mile was so far. The breeze disappeared and it got really hot. We stopped and chatted with some people and decided that we really didn’t need to see the top of the falls. When I saw people in hiking boots with backpacks and pith helmets I knew we were out of our league. We hiked back down to the car and Jerry was wet as water.

Came on back to the motor home and Jerry decided to take a nap. About 3:45 I decided to join him however I don’t think I ever went to sleep. Just as I drifted off a big rig, an Allegra came in and for some reason decided he had to back his rig in his pull through. The thing beeped for about 10 minutes, enough to wake the dead.

We got up and decided we’d get groceries and ride through the University of Virginia. We really wanted to see the rotunda which I learned was closed for construction plus I wanted to see the chapel. After a stop at the Hess station where gas was $3.23 we went to Harris Teeter Then we rode through the campus but never found either building. The sky was looking bad and there was a forecast of heavy rain and thunderstorms so we headed on back to the RV. We ran into some heavy rain but fortunately when we got back to the campground it hadn’t rained at all.

Jerry grilled hot dogs and I fried some french fries in the fry daddy We had homemade chilli, relish and onions and it was all good. Since we drank the last of the tea tonight I fixed another pitcher. I used the water we had brought but had to add a little of the campground well water. After dinner I went outside and read a bit and Jerry joined me after talkng to Julie on the phone. After reading for a while we went for a walk around the campground. It really is a nice place and it’s quiet and peaceful now that all of the week-enders are gone Shame on me for saying that. There are several big rigs parked around us but everyone seems to be staying inside. I have only seen one couple walking their dogs but they didn’t pass our way so we didn’t get to speak.

After determining that we wouldn’t grill anymore before we left Misty Mountain Jerry decided to take the grill down. When he came in hot and sweaty he declared that that grill was going in the trash and he was buying another one. It is a good grill but very difficult to put up and take down. I usually help and when he put it up this time he said it was the easiest it had every been. Taking it down was the hardest it had ever been though. Looks like a new grill is in our near future! I think I saw one at Camping World. 🙂

A night for reading and then early bed.

Home Away From Home

Misty Mountain Campground in Greenwood, Va

We left home at 7:56 and hit the road for Virginia.  We got as far as Snow Hill and stopped for breakfast!  Jerry went in and bought a ham biscuit for me and some sausage biscuits for him.  While in he got a brief visit with Ilene and Julia Harper.  Then, back on the road.  We drove until we stopped just in Virginia for gas.  Our gas card wouldn’t take but $75 so Jerry had to stop and start since he was filling both the RV and the car.  He put $115 in the RV.  He couldn’t finished filling up the car so he sent me in with the gas card.  They turned the pump on and it took a whole $12 more!  On the road again.  Jerry put some CD’s in and we rode along singing with the Temptations.  We did this last week-end while Emma was at the river and her comment was that we were weird.  Maye we are but we are having a good time!

We arrived at Misty Mountain Campground in Greenwood with no navigational problems a little before 2:00.  Check in was quick and easy and they put us in Site 8.  Fortunately we are not planning to use the bathhouse because it is a long way away!  Hopefully if the weather cools a bit we can go for a walk around the campground and see everything.  There are a lot of campers here and we’re pretty close to each other but it is pull through and we have a small little patio and picnic table.  The sites must be a bit slanted because when level our front tire is not touching the ground.  I suggested that Jerry do something about it but he’s not worried so guess I shouldn’t be.

Since we hadn’t eaten lunch was the first thing on our agenda after we got set up.  We had fresh tomato sandwiches and after cleaning everything up we got on the bed and slept until after 4!  Pretty unusual for me.

I got up and decided that I would check into RVillage.  I had tried earlier on the iPad but couldn’t get it to work so wanted to try on the computer.  Well, I discovered the first thing that we left home – the power cord.  Jerry said he saw it in the chair in the den but didn’t know that I was taking the computer so he didn’t comment on it.  Not a problem.  Fortunately I have the iPad and the chargers for it!

I tried very quietly to prepare the potato salad for dinner while Jerry was still sleeping.  Don’t think a bear in winter could have slept through all my noise.  I used the nuwave to boil the eggs and yes, it does take the same amount of time but it heats up quickly and the water is boiling in seconds.  It still takes 12 minutes though.  While they were boiling I peeled and cut up the potatoes and then mixed everything together.  At this point the potato salad is made and the gas grill is hooked up.  Now just waiting for a while before we have dinner.  All in all a great day!

BTW – as I sit at the picnic table typing this Jerry is putting chocks under the tires.  Didn’t think he could leave it hanging!

It was so hot that we decided to come back inside.  We read for a while and then continued with dinner preparations.  I put the butter beans in the pot and didn’t know the pepper flowed quite so freely.  Needless to say the butter beans were a little spicy.  Jerry tried to soak up some of the pepper with paper towels and I tried to spoon it out.  Even though we got a lot out they were still a little HOT!  We ate them but didn’t save the left overs.  We had 5 pork chops, ate two so will be having pork chops tomorrow night also – without peppered butter beans though.

Cleaned up the dishes and then watched the Ladies 5-gaited class from the Lexington live feed, then we went for a short walk.  Didn’t seem to see much to walk to!  So far not too impressed with this park.  The ratings seem to be good so perhaps there are things we haven’t seen yet.  At this point no comparison to where we stayed in Williamsburg and yes, we’re here for five nights.  Since tomorrow is Sunday I’m wondering if some people may be leaving then.  There is a group across from us that is having a large loud time but as I was falling asleep last night I never heard them.

Read a little and then early to bed and a good nights sleep.