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Last Day in Natchez

We have seen so very much in Natchez and it has been a high point of our trip for sure. Today we just tried to see the few things still on the list that we had missed so we started our day in Ferriday at the Delta Music Museum.

The museum focuses on three cousins: Jerry Lee Lewis, Mickey Gilly and Jimmy Swaggart because they all are from Ferriday but other famous people mostly musicians from the Delta area are covered as well. The guide, Jane, was full of information and was quite eager to share it all. There are displays through the small museum but Jane was eager to explain each person. Unfortunately Jerry got a bit tired and bored but I enjoyed it for a while. For such a small town and small museum they have a lot of memorabilia from the various artists. The only person who was not a musician that was covered was Howard K. Smith, a journalist and broadcaster who was born in Ferriday.

I wanted to see the Fork in the Road which I understood was a monument to the slave trade. By the time we found it they wind was blowing so hard that we couldn’t stay outside for very long and despite what I had read there was nothing there but some written signs so we decided we could read about it on the Internet. I did stand there for a moment though thinking about the many people whose lives were so drastically altered by that place. The cruelty of being sold to someone is incomprehensible to me.

We left in search of Natchez Under the Hill. We didn’t find it but ended up riding down to the casino at the bottom of the hill, at least it seem to be the bottom to me. We didn’t stop!

We stopped by Stanton Hall to see if they had a Longwood magnet and they had one left. I chatted with three of the ladies in there for a few minutes – love talking with the people who live there!

Next we went in search of the Magnolia Grill for lunch as it had been recommended to us. Gypsy was her usual lost self so I pulled up Waze on my phone and we not only found Magnolia Grill but also Natchez Under the Hill! Unfortunately Magnolia Grill was closed so then we had to decide where to eat. We finally decided on Pearl Street Pasta which is not only on Pearl Street but right down from the Presbyterian Church I wanted to visit.

I had a salad for lunch and Jerry had a yummy flat bread pepperoni pizza. Then we topped it off with bread pudding for dessert. When you’ve had the best and we had the best at Oak Ally you shouldn’t go on looking for more. Although it was good it paled in comparison to Oak Ally’s bread pudding with raspberry rum dressing drizzled on it.

We walked over to the Presbyterian Church where they have a pictorial history of Natchez. There are any number of rooms that show pictures from the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Houses, ladies fashion, steam boats, families, floods, and sinking boats – you name it they showed it. It was quite interesting.

Back to the coach to check the groceries and then off to Walmart for a final grocery run. Since we are taking the coach to Concord on Monday we don’t want to have too much on hand as we have no cooler and we will have to get it home somehow so we are only buying the essentials.

I’m a bit anxious about our travels home as the forecast calls for freezing temperatures – 9 degrees on Saturday night plus some snow earlier. Jerry has assured me that we are prepared for it and will not have any trouble staying warm with no freezing water in the coach. Prayers for safe travels.