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Planning, Planning, Planning

Jerry does the driving and I do the planning. Well, I help a little bit with the driving if I have ideal conditions like a four lane highway with NO traffic! I do spent a great deal of time researching for our trips trying to see everything we can because we rarely return to a previously visited place. There is so very much to see in our country and having a motor home has allowed us to visit many new places.

After our trip to the NC mountains and Virginia we stayed home for the rest of fall except for a couple of trips to Raleigh for the NC State football games. We went up for the State/Clemson game and stayed at the NC State Fairgrounds. When we arrived around lunch time on Friday it was obvious that the campground had been overtaken by the Clemson Tigers as there were orange flags flying everywhere. The Clemson group came in early and were ready for victory – yeah, they got it! Oh well. We had a great week-end anyway.

Saturday after Thanksgiving was the annual rivalry game between NC State and UNC. Remembering the crowded campground at the Clemson game we decided to take the RV up on Wednesday, get our site and then return home for Thanksgiving. We arrived early afternoon and quickly set up. After lunch we ran errands and then settled in for a rather cold night. Since neither of us had brought a coat we had a quiet evening inside. Being in a motor home when it’s cold outside and the fire is glowing inside is just the coziest feeling!

We got up Thursday morning and returned to Kinston (leaving the RV in Raleigh) and had Thanksgiving with our family. By 8:15 that night everyone was gone and I looked at Jerry and said “want to go to Raleigh?” Well, “yes”. Since we didn’t have to pack anything we just jumped in the car and were back at the campground shortly after 10:00.

We woke up Friday morning to a frozen faucet outside but no worries as it soon thawed. I had looked at the weather forecast the night before and it didn’t indicate freezing temperatures so we were a bit surprised. Unfortunately I had left our two mums outside and the pretty yellow mums were now brown. Of well, it’s almost time to put away the fall decorations. It was a fun week-end. We saw some friends we had met at the Clemson game, had fun tailgating and to top it off we won the game!

Back to Kinston, back to the warehouse for the motor home and back to the computer for me to begin in earnest researching for our big January trip. Before Jerry took the RV to the warehouse he got the oil changed, filled up the propane tank and the gas tank so it’s ready for the next trip. Although we know it will be cold and possibly snowy we are planning to go to Northern Arizona and Southern Utah with a stop at Petit Jean State Park in Morrilton, Arkansas. After a couple of days in Morrilton we know the rest of the trip will depend on the weather and the wind. Because of that I have a Plan A, Plan B and possibly a Plan C! I have learned a great deal about the area and am looking forward to some beautiful scenery. Because of our vague plans I have not made any reservations as I will do that along the way. Surely hope we don’t run into any problems with that. We can always boondock if we need to but would rather not if the temperatures are freezing. It should be quite the adventure.

Home Away From Home

NC State vs Louisville

Although we had talked about tailgating at the game today Jerry and I decided due to our late arrival home last night we’d just have lunch at the RV and leave about 12 to go to the game. I sent Sandy a text this morning letting her know what time we’d pick them up. I think we both slept well last night since we were exhausted from the previous day. I was a little tired this morning though. We decided that we had to do some laundry so I gathered all of the clothes and towels and Jerry went to the laundry facilities. I stayed behind and straightened up and cleaned fingerprints! When I told Jerry I had cleaned the fingerprints off of the mirrors he wanted to know why I hadn’t taken a picture of them like I had with Eva’s. When he got back we began to get dressed and have a quick lunch. Sandy and Landy knocked on the door about 11:35. She hadn’t gotten my text and they’d been out walking. They hustled and got ready and we took off for downtown Louisville. We had to go by and pick up our ornaments that we made on Thursday. We then headed on to the parking lot designated for the State fans. Interestingly enough the University is not far from Churchill Downs and it’s all downtown in the middle of the city.

We got to the parking lot around 1:00 and after parking Jerry immediately took off walking around. When he got back he said he had been talking to Bo Hines’ dad. The folks next to us had a son playing, #89 a tight end – like I know what that means! After visiting with some of the State fans we took the chairs out and snacked on chips and salsa. Sandy and I decided that we needed a cup of coffee so after asking if there was a Starbucks nearby and feeling really foolish when they guy pointed to it behind us we walked over there. Chatted with a young girl who had on a Saddlebred sweatshirt and was preparing for Nationals. Got the coffee and walked on back. As we were getting ready to walk over to the stadium Jerry noticed the couple walking with us had Advocare jackets on so we started chatting with them. The lady and I discussed what we were eating and she suggested chicken and said they also ate a lot of bison – don’t think we have much of that in NC!

Thank goodness I had my cuddleduds on although I could have worn the fleeced lined pair. It was cold! 57 degrees but windy with no sun. Our seats were toward the end zone but we could see the field clearly. We lost – again – but at least we weren’t embarrassed. We left with less than 2 minutes to go and apparently the State team did also because as we were walking out Louisville scored again. Oh well.

Our GPS apparently doesn’t know where Shepherdsville is as it again took us on some strange way way out of the way. Jerry got frustrated after about 45 minutes of driving and ending right back up near the Papa John’s stadium. We finally saw a sign indicating Hwy. 65 and decided to go that way and ignore the GPS and the phone GPS. Our campground is off of 65. Finally we got back after 8:00. We were having warmed up meat loaf and I had cooked cabbage this morning so all I had to do was peel and cook the potatoes. As I was cooking them I realized that I had neither a mixer or a masher but did have a chopper. Jerry got the chopper and chopped the potatoes into mashed potatoes and they were just as good. Just as we were finishing with the dishes I got a text from Helen Jo asking me to call when I had time. We talked over an hour about Mom and what decisions need to be made. Still no answers but I feel bad about figuratively abandoning Helen Jo to deal with everything. Guess this is our last trip for a while.

Went on to bed but it was almost 10:30 and I knew I would have trouble going to sleep – yep -it was 3:00 in the morning. Didn’t know the Closer came on that many times. I had to leave the TV on. Otherwise my mind was working overtime worrying about Mom and Helen Jo and trying with no success to come up with a solution. Just praying for answers!

Home Away From Home

A Wet Week-end in Raleigh

We left Kinston on Friday headed to Raleigh for the week-end. We were staying at the State Fair Grounds again but this time we were staying up on the hill. That is quite different especially at this time of the year. Many of the State Fair workers are staying there some in trailers that appear to hold 6 to 8 small rooms. I think I’d be a bit claustrophobic to say the least.

Friday night Jerry and I rode over to the South Point Mall in the continuing search for some boots for me. While there it began to rain quite hard so we headed back to the campground.

Saturday dawned nice and pretty. Becky and Billy came over and we cooked out before the game. Jerry had put the baked potatoes in the oven and somehow we must have forgotten how to use the convection oven because I suddenly began to realize that something was burning – yes, the potatoes. We ate potato chips!

Headed on over to the game even though the weather was threatening. As the game progressed the weather continued to deteriorate and then suddenly they announced that they were evacuating the stadium. We though since we were under the ledge and out of the rain we’d stay. No, they sent us on our way so we assumed we’d be staying out on the concourse. No, they were sending everyone out to their cars. Becky tried to go in a bathroom and they wouldn’t even allow that! We got to the car as quickly as possible and then headed to the rig. Jerry and Billy listened to the rest of the game on the radio!

Fortunately Sunday morning was nice so it didn’t take us long to get on the way with the ultimate goal of Kentucky. We had a nice drive from Raleigh to Blountville, Tennessee just outside of Kingsport. The campground, Rocky Top Campground & RV Park is nice with some permanent residents and some transients – like us! It’s not far from the Interstate but the little road in is a little tight, easily navigable though. It is a little “hilly” though and will be a challenge for our morning walk. After we checked in a gentleman with a golf cart led us to our site and stayed there until we were set up. Sandy and Landy are right next door to us so after we all got set up we sat outside and chatted for a while.

Came in and had dinner and then turned in for the night.