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Goodbye Chattanooga

All good things must come to an end so on Saturday morning we were up and out of the campground headed for Clemmons. It was an uneventful trip back with good weather and light traffic. Emma has been really good about staying belted in during the trip to and from Chattanooga. Being in a Class A motor home gives one the advantage of getting up and moving around but that is pretty much a no-no for us. I get up occasionally to get Jerry a snack or something to drink but for the most part we are belted in.

We were staying at Tanglewood Campground in Clemmons again. I guess we really should apply to be workampers there since we are there so often! I thought Emma would want her parents to meet us at the campground but no, she wanted us to go to her home and surprise them so after we got set up we headed out again. No one can ever accuse us of letting grass grow under our feet!

Needless to say everyone was happy to be reunited and we enjoyed a pleasant afternoon outside with all of the family. After a quick dinner out Jerry and I headed back to Tanglewood for the night and then Sunday morning we headed home to Kinston. It was a grand trip, such the right length of time but as always the best part is coming home.

North Carolina

On to Sycamore Lodge

We are finally getting back on the road and doing a little bit of traveling and it feels good! We must have been excited about it because neither of us slept well last night. I had hoped to leave by 7:00 and Jerry had said 8:00 and it was actually 7:46 when we pulled out of the driveway. At the end of the street Jerry put the coach in park and we had a moment of prayer asking for safe travel today. I’ll admit I’m a little skittish after our last “trip” but I know God has us in His hands.

Jerry knew that we needed to add some air to the tires and the small air compressor that he has at home just would not do the job so his plan was to stop by Mallard’s on the way out of town where there is an air compressor. At the last minute he decided to go to Universal Tire to let the professionals do it. Good choice I think. He had put the new sensors on the tires yesterday and was eager to make sure everything was working correctly. By the way, the TPMS system that we were using was from TechnoRV and when we contacted Eric about the system’s failure to alert us to a problem he quickly sent us a new set. Campers Inn and TechnoRV have been very supportive throughout the entire ordeal and I highly recommend them for products and service.

Wish I could say the same about Acme Tow Dolly located in Kearnsville, NC. We have called, e-mailed and even stopped by the business but have been unable to reach the owner. He did return one call but Jerry missed it and when Jerry tried to return the call leaving yet another message there was no response. The accident occurred April 15. It is now June 1 so we’ve been trying to speak with the owner nearly six weeks. According to the firemen the brake bearing on the tow dolly locked up causing the fire. The tow dolly was sold to us with a 5 year maintenance free guarantee. Guess you can offer that if you don’t plan to respond to an incident. I really hate that because I do want to support local businesses whether it be our city or our state but I surely don’t recommend Acme Tow Dolly to anyone. I do intend to alert the Better Business Bureau but other than that I guess we have no recourse other than to warn others.

We finally pulled out of the tire shop at 8:14 for a 100+ mile drive to Jackson Springs. We were not exactly sure where it is so the ride should be interesting. We were told to follow our GPS and that’s what we’re doing!

Have you ever heard the phrase “you can’t get there from here?” Well that may apply to Sycamore Lodge! We had two GPS’s plus MapQuest and so of course we got three different routes to take. Sycamore Lodge is located in Jackson Springs which I “think” is in the Pinehurst/Southern Pines area but I’m not sure! Although many RVer’s suggest taking the back roads we always stick to the four lane highways. At forty feet plus a toad we feel safer and less likely to get into a sticky situation if we continue on main highways. Unfortunately for this trip nearly half of it was on two lane country roads going through several small towns. Even at a slower speed it’s difficult to keep the coach in our lane on some of the curves. Jerry commented that only I would be able to enjoy any of the scenery because he had to keep his eyes on the road. Oh no, I don’t enjoy the scenery because in cases like this I’ve found it better just to keep looking down!

We arrived around 11:30, a little over three hours from when we departed. As we were driving in on nicely paved roads Jerrys’ comment was “great place to ride bikes”. More about that later. Registration was quick and we were told that we were scheduled for lunch and to meet with a representative on Friday at 2:30. Guess we’ll be having “lupper”!

Since we were free for the rest of the day we set up, had lunch and then decided on a bike ride. That was not one of my brightest ideas! Yes, there are paved roads but they are right in the center of the campground. Otherwise there are graveled, sandy roads – and deep sand at that. We rode two miles and I must say that is the hardest two miles I’ve ever ridden. It was hot and humid and in places the sand was so deep we had to get off and push the bikes through. Oh, it was about 1:00 in the afternoon too.

The campground itself seems to be very nice with a lot of amenities (not cable) but is in the middle of nowhere! I used the GPS to search for places to visit and there’s just nothing nearby. The closest Walmart is 14 miles away! The campground does have a nice pool and hot tub, a pretty lake for catch and release along with a pedal boat and some canoes on shore for use, horseshoes, volleyball, and some other outdoor activities. My favorite was the small putt-putt course.

We had a lazy afternoon which I guess we both needed after the previous busy days, weeks and months that we’ve had so it was sort of nice. Wouldn’t want too many of these days though! Perhaps tomorrow before the appointment we’ll have to take in the pool. It’s really too hot to do too much outside.

After dinner Jerry and I took a walk. We eventually ended up at the lake and just sat and chatted while we enjoyed the view. Since no one else was around it was so quiet and peaceful and restorative. It was a nice way to spend our 27th anniversary, nothing special, just the two of us appreciating the years we’ve had. On the way back to the motor home we played a game of putt-putt. I haven’t improved at all in the years since I last played but it was fun.

Needless to say it was an early night for us. Jerry turned the air condition down to 65 degrees and we slept snug as bugs in a rug!

Home Away From Home

The 2016 Winter Journey Comes to an End

Our plan was to get up around 6:00, get showers, a quick breakfast and hit the road as we had over 300 miles to go today. Guess the time change got us because we didn’t wake up until 7:00! Jerry had to put the car back on the dolly so by the time we got everything done it was 9:00 before we left. It took us 10 minutes to just get out of the campground and then the winding and hilly road. Actually that is not quite accurate. It was winding, yes, but hilly – well, that’s an understatement! I’d say we were in the mountains. It took us 45 minutes to go 23 miles and it took us 2 and half hours to get to 85 and easy driving. That did include a gas stop though.

We stopped for a quick lunch at a Pilot/Flying J and then continued on arriving at Greystone RV Park in Pinnacle around 4:30. This is a small Good Sam campground with only ten sites but plans for expansion. The view of Pilot Mountain is incredible and quite a selling point. Although we didn’t use it we did see a nice bath house. They also have a pretty pond stocked for catch and release. There were only a few other rigs there so we got our pick of sites. Check in was very quick and the owner was very friendly. We got set up quickly and then that was it! Nothing else for the day.

Amusingly, we had fussed for the last week because we didn’t have TV and then tonight we had it and it was not turned on. Um…change of habits perhaps? Internet is strong which enabled me to catch up on posting which was fun because I had such good memories of a great trip. We did so much and had so many different experiences that at times they would all run together so blogging has helped solidify those wonderful memories.

Friday morning dawned with cold temperatures. Upon request we had turned off the water at the tap last night but it still was frozen this morning. That didn’t present a problem since we had no pressing business this morning. We are being very conservative on the use of propane as we only have a quarter of a tank and have no idea how long that will last. We have two space heaters plus the fireplace so that keeps the chill off.

The fast few days of our trip were spent visiting with family and then early on Sunday we left for Tom Johnson Camping World/Charlotte Motor Speedway Campground in Concord, NC. Fortunately we were able to find some propane in Concord so we were warm and cozy for the remainder of the day.

We spent a week at this campground last year when we were snow-bound in Concord so we were quite familiar with everything. We had easy and quick check-in and then quick set-up in the frigid weather. Jerry never did get the cable to work so we just stuck with Dish which worked fine. Internet signal was good and Verizon worked well.

We got up early Monday morning, packed everything in the car – yes, five weeks of “stuff” and then took the RV over to Tom Johnson’s for it’s yearly check-up before the warranty expires. With trepidation we started the ride home hoping that we wouldn’t get stranded due to impending icy rain and snow. We made it home by 3:00 and it was a welcomed site, time to see the other grands!

The next couple of months will be busy catching up with family and friends but I’ve already started planning our next trips – yes, plural. I’ve always got something in the works so stay tuned!