Home Away From Home, North Carolina

Leaving Trail’s End

Sunday was a day of rest for us. I think we packed too much in in three days and we were just exhausted. Although the weather forecast called for rain it was a pretty day. Sunday afternoon we rode into downtown Waynesville and walked around some in and out of some pretty interesting stores.

Downtown Waynesville
Downtown Waynesville

After a quick run to the grocery store we headed back to the campground. I sat outside and read for a while as Jerry worked on the awning. Our next door neighbors, Becky and John came over and we chatted for a while. They are from Manning, SC and leave the fifth wheel at Trail’s End and come up when they can. Jerry noticed that they have a bird’s nest in the front hitch. We watched the birds flying in with worms obviously feeding little ones. John said he had planned to move the nest but just couldn’t do it with the little ones there.

Monday was moving and traveling day. We hated to leave Trail’s End because we felt that we had made some new friends there but that’s part of RVing I guess. Hopefully we’ll see them again perhaps when we are in Asheville for the horse show in July. Peggy called about 10:00 and said we could stay as long as we wanted as no one was coming into our site today but by then we were nearly packed up plus we had done most of what we had planned to do. Before we left I walked down and told her good-bye. I don’t know that we’ll make it back to Maggie Valley any time soon but I guess there’s always a chance.

We left about 10:00 and had a very easy ride. In fact I told Jerry that I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and the roads to narrow – and they did. I asked him if he heard a plop when the shoe fell! The last 12 miles to River Bend were curvy and winding but that wasn’t the interesting part.

We knew the RV Park was three turns past the post office but we still just passed it. Jerry stopped right there in the road and we tried to figure out what to do. There was nowhere to turn around so he told me I needed to get out and help steer him as he backed – yep, a 40’ Class A towing. While I was getting out I called the campground and they were unable to help me. Finally the guy said “Lady, what state are you in?” “North Carolina”, “Well, I’m in Tennessee”. Oops, wrong Riverbend. Then I called the right one and they said there was nowhere ahead of us to turn around SO Jerry began backing up with the tow still on. Occasionally he would yell at me to watch out for an approaching car. What he didn’t know was I couldn’t see around the bend so I couldn’t see any cars approaching. We finally got backed down enough to turn in. I hopped in and we drove on into the campground. Whew!

Gary and Carol checked us in. It’s a Passport park so our charge is only $17.50 a night. Gary led us down to the site and we got set up.

We decided to have shrimp for dinner so we of course had to make another grocery store run. The closest grocery was in Cashiers so off we went.
Instead of stopping in Cashiers though we rode on to Highlands. Highlands appears to be a real upscale town with a lot of shops and boutiques. We didn’t stop though, just headed back to Cashiers. Gary had told us about a hardware store that he thought we’d like so we stopped in there. Zollars is a hardware/gift shop, little bit of everything.

After we returned I sat outside and read for a while and then I heard the bell ring indicating Happy Hour. We headed on up to the gazebo where they had a circle of chairs around the fire place.

Sitting around the fireplace chatting
Sitting around the fireplace chatting
We met two other couples and we all sat and chatted for a while. As we were leaving Gary congratulated everyone for staying an hour and a half and not discussing politics or religion. Then he added that he liked Fox news! Smart guy!

We came on back to the coach and had a wonderful shrimp dinner. Now for a quiet and restful night.