Home Away From Home

Tampa Super Show 2015

We spent two days at the Tampa RV Super Show and it is indeed a super show. We got up early Wednesday morning because I wanted to make sure we got to the show in time for the 10:00 seminar on RV Maintenance. Ken was having problems with his motorcycle so he stayed behind and planned to join us later in the morning. Donna, Jerry and I got to the fairgrounds a little after 9:00 and wow – there were already so many people there. We wandered around just a bit and then went on to the seminar. Rob Cochran of Myrtle Beach and Kissimmee spoke and gave some good ideas. I was taking notes but he said we could request his power point which I will do but it only gives the bullets. He gave a lot of additional information. Wish I could have taped him!

Then the wandering began. There are over 1100 units at the show and it is definitely a maze. We went in one that cost nearly a million dollars and I have to say if someone were giving me any one unit out there it wouldn’t be that one. We saw some nice ones though. I had planned to look at the Holiday Rambler, the Winnebago and the Tiffin Phaeton LH. Somewhere along the line of my research I had seen the Holiday Rambler Vacationer and the Winnebago Adventurer and Grand Tour 2HL and thought they might be good floor plans. We went in all of these and for one reason or another I didn’t like them. Then we went to the Tiffin area and I went in the 40′ Phaeton LH. There may be some amenities that it doesn’t have that I would like but at this point I surely don’t know what they could be! It is definitely my dream coach. Unfortunately it is not within my budget! 🙂

Ken joined us and they found a Grand Design 5th Wheel that they liked. After looking at them we were all starved. We found a place to eat and they were serving Angus beef hamburgers. It was absolutely delicious, the best hamburger I’ve ever had in that type of venue. Unfortunately they didn’t have any seating so I ended up sitting on a rubber mat that was covering electrical wires. All was fine until I heard the generator start – it was a little eerie sitting there.

Next on the agenda was a tour through the exhibition or suppliers halls. When we entered I couldn’t imagine that there could be more people on Saturday. The first part was so crowded, elbow to elbow. One of the booths was for the group including Tampa East. They asked me how I liked our campground and I was very honest. It is the most expensive campground we have stayed in and the least impressive. We are in the very back with the seasonal and fulltime park models and the Internet is awful plus there is no cable! Other than that …. She was a bit nonplussed and then ask me to please visit the campground she represented.

The rest of the two days were spent attending seminars, visiting various dealers and wandering through the vendors. After talking with a salesman at Lazy Days we made an appointment to meet one on the next day as we were leaving Tampa.

Donna had to fly out Thursday night due to work and it was Ken’s birthday so we went out for dinner to celebrate before Donna had to leave. We went to a very nice restaurant and had a delicious meal ending with a delightful crème brulee. After dinner we took Donna to the airport and then returned to the campground. Ken is going to be staying in the area for a while doing volunteer work so we said good-bye. Tomorrow we start on another leg of the journey.