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The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson

Got up early, real early as I started waking up about 4:00 with cramps in my legs and feet probably from walking so much yesterday in new shoes.  Got out of bed and walked around, back in, slept until 5:00, got up and danced around some more.  Woke up a little after 6:00 but didn’t get up.  Jerry had slept on the sofa last night and I didn’t want to wake him up so I stayed in bed until about 6:30.  I quietly went to the kitchen trying to get some coffee but he was already awake.  What a morning in maybe 400 square feet!

We spent the morning trying to decide what to do.  We found out that the shuttle that comes to the campground comes between 8:30 and 9:00 and then again at 1:00.  Well, the 8:30 was out of the picture since it was already 8:15.  We did a bit more research and realized that the shuttle was just that, a shuttle – it took you there but there was no trolley tour involved.  Jerry called the trolley number but only got a recording as they don’t open until 10:00 so we decided to go on to the Hermitage, the home of President Andrew Jackson this morning.

President Jackson's Tom
President Jackson’s Tomb

The Hermitage tour is a very well oiled machine and I liked the way things worked.  We got the general admission tour plus the carriage ride.  When we went in we were given audio equipment with headphones and a map.  When we approached different places on the tour we could enter the number corresponding to the map and get an explanation of the feature.  That is the first time that we’ve seen something like that and it is quite effective.  The house is grand and the grounds are beautiful very unlike what they were like when President Jackson lived there although there was a beautiful English garden then.  Overall, very impressive.  One could easily spend an entire day there.  At the end of the tour we went back to the museum and watched a video.  I was hungry and tired and it was dark – yep – went to sleep a couple of times at least.

After the film we went to the museum shop and bought a cookbook of Tennessee recipes. I must think I’m going to cook a lot!  Jerry was feeling a little shaky so he got some M&M’s and some other kind of candy which he shared.  By the time we had eaten the candy and I had gotten a little nap I was ready to go!

On the way back to the campground we stopped at Krogers and bought groceries, came home and fixed lunch then again tried to decide what we were going to do. Since it was already after 2:00 our time was limited.  Jerry tried to call the trolley company again and unfortunately did not get a local number but the main number (which is the only one listed on the webpage).  “Dave” really didn’t know much!  We found out that the ticket was only for 24 hours so it was not wisdom to do the trolley this afternoon so instead we went downtown to the Johnny Cash Museum.

No explanation needed!
No explanation needed!

Luckily enough we found a parking place right down from the museum.  In fact it was such a good spot Jerry worried during the entire tour that the car might be either towed, ticketed, or booted.  I also felt a little uneasy about it.  The tour was really good, got to listen to a lot of his early music plus music by other singers.

Jerry was relieved when we got out though and he could see the car was OK.  It was nearing 5:00 so traffic was already heavy.  Jerry commented that he just couldn’t live in a city and I agree with him. His comment – “this isn’t hell but it’s purgatory” just explained it all.

Since Camping World was pretty close to the campground we went by there so Jerry could get a key duplicated.  Camping World doesn’t do that but they suggested that we go to competitor who was next door and get it done.  We did!  While at Camping World we bought two place mats and I think I have finally found one that will keep our plates from sliding around while we eat.  May have to go back tomorrow and get two more.

Came home and Jerry started preparing dinner.  He’s frying shrimp and cornbread outside.  He’s using the cornmeal that we bought at Cade’s Cove for the cornbread so we’ll see how that goes.

Dinner was delicious!  Mary Ann called just before we started eating so after dinner, dishes and a little TV I called and chatted with her.  It’s now almost 9:00 and I’m headed to bed and hopefully won’t have any cramps tonight!