Home Away From Home

Big Stone Gap, VA

Day Six – Big Stone Gap, VA

I woke up about 6:00 and waited until I smelled the coffee and then got up. Jerry also got up so we enjoyed just a few minutes of coffee and then began prepping to leave. I got my shower and got dressed and then went outside to drive the car on the dolly. While Jerry was securing it I finished with my make-up and started putting everything away for travel. Jerry came in and showered and the only thing left to do was disconnect the sewer and electric. We noticed that getting out of the site was going to be a tight turn so I realized that the guys in the Class C right in front of us were preparing to leave also so we waited just a few minutes and after they left we pulled right out. I had also noticed that our receipt said that Tuesday night was our last night. I wanted to make sure that we had paid the correct amount so I went into the office to verify. It turned out that the receipt printed out incorrectly and we were paid in full, $129 plus the deposit we had paid earlier. We pulled out at 8:36 into a lot of traffic. Jerry is a bit nervous although he is doing a great job. It is a little mountainous though!

The hunt for gas! We started looking for a Hess station around Roanoke but couldn’t find anything. We finally saw a sign that indicated that a Hess was in Christianburg so we turned off and drove right through a lovely town. Hanging baskets and planters filled with purple flowers were everywhere. We did find the Hess station but it was small so we passed it by and got back on the highway. We kept looking and finally ended up at Love’s station where we filled up both the RV and the coach. Gas was $3.23 and wouldn’t you know a mile down the road we saw a Hess and a Pilot at $3.19?

A few miles further we stopped at a Rest Stop and had lunch consisting of fresh tomato sandwiches and chips. Took off and then the drive! Although we were four lane until the turn off for Stone Gap it was very mountainous. At one point Jerry jokingly said that he was now thinking about a diesel! He has said all along that driving the coach is boring because you just get in one lane, set the cruise control and drive. I asked him if he was bored today and of course the answer was no. He really had to concentrate today!

We drove right to the campground and I went up to the office which was locked but there was a phone number to call posted on the door. John answered immediately and said he was cutting grass and to just pick a site and he’d catch up with us later. We chose Site 27, a pull through but in the sun. Oh well, it’s supposed to rain. Jerry wanted to time the set up including getting the car off of the dolly. I set the timer and he went out to start the process. When I got in to start the car the battery was dead – again and we have no idea why this is happening. We saw a couple sitting in front of their camper so Jerry went over and asked for a jump. Bill came over and we started the car and I finally got it off. I left the car running as Jerry set up and start to finish it took 25 minutes, not bad considering we had the battery issue. After everything was set up we jumped in the car to ride around for a few minutes to recharge the battery. We rode into Stone Gap and saw a CVS where I thought I could get my face cream however I realized that I didn’t have my wallet with my CVS card in it so we decided to go to the grocery store instead. I told Jerry that I’d sit in the car while he went in so we could keep the car running. He got out but was very quickly back as he didn’t have his wallet either. I told him I hoped we didn’t get pulled as we had no identification at all! When we got back we went over to thank Bill and met his wife, Karen. A very nice couple with a rather small camper but I think they said they had visited 43 states including Alaska which was their longest trip, 3 months. I don’t think they’re full timers but very close to it.

We came back to the campground and finally located the laundry facility which is by the office and by a large covered porch. We took the clothes and towels over and got the wash started. We sat down in the rocking chairs to read while the clothes washed but as people began to come in we just visited. Interestingly enough the rig next to us is Adventures for Christ and although they live in the motor home about 10-11 months of the year their home base is actually New Bern. He was assistant City Manager in Kinston during the 80’s and she taught briefly at HJ. Small world.

After the clothes finished we rushed back to the camper, ate a quick dinner, dressed and headed to the outdoor drama, The Trail of the Lonesome Pine. We had a little trouble finding it as we didn’t realized that it was in a theater in the middle of the town and streets were blocked off for it. When we arrived a young man was singing for the pre-show. His songs included Amazing Grace, Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the USA and other sacred songs. Before the drama started one of the ushers approached Jerry and asked him to serve as one of 10 jurors during the second act. Of course he agreed. The drama was superb. I couldn’t believe there were that many talented vocalists in a town this size. I think some of them come from UVA at Wise. Wherever they’re from, they’re great! We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Got back to the rig a little after 10 and by that time the temp had really dropped. We turned off the air conditioner, tried using the antenna for television to no avail so we went on to sleep.

Another great day!