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A Lovely Day in Cedar Key

Woke up a little after 7:00 and immediately looked out of the window for our wonderful view. I don’t know what kind of tide they have here but it is definitely low tide. It looks like PB when the water blows out! Still pretty though. Slowly working through coffee! It does take two hours.

Well, it looks like we may be heading home. 😦 We called Dick Gore’s RV in St. Augustine, Jacksonville and Savannah and it could take up to a week to get the frayed cord on the slide repaired. Jerry is just afraid to keep putting it in and out and I agree. That was a loud pop yesterday! He also called Jamie at Bill Plemmons in Raleigh and Jamie is going to try to see where it can repaired first: Raleigh or Rural Hall and call us back. He transferred us to the service department in Rural Hall and Jerry left a message. Waiting for call backs now. Jerry thinks we should head on home driving a couple of hundred miles a day. It’s almost 600 miles to Rural Hall and we could make it in two days if we needed to. Hate that our trip is ending this way but after reading boards it’s not unusual to have problems on the road. People often spend more time in one place because of repairs. Because we aren’t that far from home we can just head on back. We could continue to stay in the RV without putting out the dining room slide but it would be cramped for sure! Will update later.

Jerry showered and dressed and then went on to start the laundry while I dressed. I also e-mailed Robbie at Bill Plemmons in Rural Hall informing him of our situation. To make a long story short he is working on it. Although we had hoped to stay here another night they could only accommodate us if we moved and if we move we’ll have to pull in the slide so that wouldn’t work.

After I showered I went over to the lounge where Jerry was chatting with a teacher from Florida. Apparently Florida doesn’t treat their teachers very well either! Jerry returned to the coach and I visited with her. She mentioned going to Tony’s for clam chowder so I suggested to Jerry that we do the same.

Oh my gosh! That was absolutely the best clam chowder ever. In fact he won the World’s Best Clam Chowder Contest held in Rhode Island three years in a row forcing him to retire from entering. They sell it either canned or frozen. It seems our plans for pork chops for dinner have changed and we’ll be going back to Tony’s for a seafood dinner tonight so we’ll be getting some chowder to take home.

After returning to the campground and finding out that we couldn’t stay another night I started on a search for a campground 300 miles away. One is too far, one is not far enough and one is too expensive. Actually the halfway point would be Beaufort – been there, done that! Finally decided on Hardeeville RV. Reviews are extreme but whatever we’ll only be there one night. It’s only 22 miles from Savannah so we could go in if we chose to. It’s also a Passport park so we’ll save $25 right off the bat. Our membership was $41 so after tomorrow night we’ll only be $16 in the hole!

Jerry is watching the State-Florida State game on TV. I really wanted to go into Cedar Key but since Jerry didn’t get to watch the State-Duke game on Sunday or the State-Carolina game on Wednesday night I’m not going to mention it. He deserves to see his boys play once in a while.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAfter a victory for State we rode into Cedar Key and walked along the dock. Fortunately I had changed clothes as it was much warmer this afternoon. It is a lovely little town full of restaurants and just a few shops. I ended up buying a Cedar Key sweatshirt. I have more t-shirts than I can wear but I did like the sweatshirt and it was only $25. I saw a football jersey I would have liked to have but it was $50 so I just went with the sweatshirt.

We returned to the campground in time to sit on the dock for a while. Jerry finally got out his camera which has traveled all around and not been taken out on this trip until today. He took lots of pictures of an incredibly beautiful sunset. We talked with the new neighbors who are from Canada and in a small trailer, a casita. Of course it is new. They had been spending a lot of time in a pop up A-Frame on the back of a truck! More power to them. I still like my creature comforts. We sat on the dock with them and watched the glorious sunset. I wish we could have stayed another day for another sunset. 😦

The pier at Cedar Key
The pier at Cedar Key
Afraid we’d be waiting in line and late for the Saturday night jam session we quickly got up and went back into town to Tony’s for dinner. We didn’t have to wait at all and had hardly finished our salads before our meal came. We had the seafood platter for two: boiled shrimp in the shells, fried shrimp, fried fish, hard shelled crab, scallops and clams. Who said anything about eating healthy? It was delicious and between the two of us we ate it all! Eating hard shelled crabs though is – well, hard. Where is Landy when you need him? I finally got up just before I finished and washed my hands!

We came back to the campground and immediately went to the meeting room to listen to the music jam. The musicians are good and though most of the music was unfamiliar to me I enjoyed it. I might like blue grass if I could understand the words! They had three guitars, a banjo, a bass and the banjo player who appeared to be in charge also played the doh bro.

Back to the RV afterward and soon to bed. Other than the one night I ate the Creme Brulee (think sugar) I have slept so well on this trip. What a blessing!