Alabama, Home Away From Home

Heading Home

We woke up this morning to 30 degrees and a lot of wind. Fortunately Jerry didn’t have to hookup anything but of course he went outside to make sure everything was secure. While outside he spotted another traveler in the parking lot and though it was freezing cold he couldn’t resist taking a couple of pictures.

As we traveled through Texas the temperature begin to drop, 28 degrees with a wind chill of 18 and we had to stop and get gas! Brr… We were also getting alerts on our phones about winter precipitation coming in so we were anxious to get out of Texas. We also saw several warning about Ice Prevention Crews ahead although we never saw anyone.

I began to look for campgrounds for the evening and located Travel Centers of America in Greenwood, Louisiana. The gentleman I talked with was very nice and met us at the gas station upon our arrival and led us to the park. It is a very nice overnight park located right off of I20 not I10 as some reviews say. We got a pull thorough with easy hookups of light, water, and septic and the slides were all opened unlike a night at Walmart. I could also get my pajamas out of the drawer which I couldn’t do that last night

We woke up on Sunday, February 11 to another cold, overcast day. We pulled out about 8:30 headed to Coaches Corner in Tuscaloosa. The first 10-15 miles through Shreveport confirmed what I remembered about Louisiana highways. Wow, I knew if any nut, bolt, fuse, or waterline, etc. remained tight it would be amazing. After about 15 miles though the highway smoothed out. We began to see green grass and standing water, ah, thoughts of home. The entire day was overcast with occasional misting rain which made for easy travel plus there was not much traffic on Sunday morning. As we entered Mississippi we began to get alerts about flood warnings. – fire and dust warnings in Arizona, winter storm watch in Texas and flood warnings in Mississippi. Wow!

Unfortunately before we got to our destination it began to rain heavily so that slowed us down a bit but we still got there mid-afternoon. As we were checking in I mentioned that we had heard about the campground from Tami and Eric Johnson of TechnoRV and by golly, he pointed out that they were right next door to us. Small world. After we got set up I went over and chatted with them just a few minutes and then back to the coach to get ready for a visit with my nephew and his lovely wife.

Davidson and Sarah came over and we had a nice visit plus we got to show off our motor home. No one in the family has seen it and most of them probably think we’re a bit crazy. Hopefully Davidson and Sarah will tell them about our nice home away from home. We went out to dinner at Depalma’s Italian Café in downtown Tuscaloosa and then rode around a bit to see the campus. In conversation Sarah and I realized that her mom and I are sorority sisters!

After a tour of their apartment they took us back to the campground where we settled in for the night a little closer to home.