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Wayah Bald Lookout Tower

When we were riding around yesterday we went up to the top of the campground where the sites are for sale and we saw another Canyon Star so since we weren’t doing anything this morning Jerry and I decided to walk up there and perhaps visit with the owners.

Luckily the lady of the house was doing some gardening so we spoke with her and she immediately invited us up to have a seat. Her husband came out and while Jerry and he visited she took me inside to see their coach. Theirs is a 3914 and what I really thought I wanted when we bought the 3953 because I liked the idea of an L shaped sofa and it had more counter space in the kitchen. I’m so glad I got to see it because I know for sure now I really like the 3953 better and it fits our needs wonderfully. They absolutely did not want another ½ bath and I absolutely did plus our bedroom feels larger than theirs. They only have 3 slides and we have four so that does make a difference.

Jan and Jim having returned from having breakfast out called and I told them where we were so they drove up and we all visited for a while and then we took off for Wayah Bald, part of the Nantahala National Forest. The last part of the road going up is another typical mountain road but is graveled. I kept telling Jim to “Go left” as I could see where we’d be if he went too far to the right. I think both he and Jerry got tired of the two backseat drivers they had. When we reached the top of the mountain there was a parking lot and bathroom facilities.

The Lookout Tower
The Lookout Tower
It was just a short walk to the three story stone observation tower where you could absolutely see for miles. The elevation is 5,342 feet and it is situated on the Appalachian Trail. In fact we saw a young man who was hiking the trail. He had already been about 100 miles. Jerry walked down the trail about 50 feet. Now he can say he’s hiked part of the Appalachian Trail.

We came back to the campground and Jerry took a nap while I cross stitched and watch the preliminaries of the Derby. Quite frankly I think the horse race gets lost in the theatrics of the television station. Just tell me about the horses and the horse people affiliated with them please! Dinner was scheduled for 6:30 so we went on up to the club house where they have a large television so I did get to see the race.

There was a meeting of the Peach State Travelers after dinner and up for discussion was the possibility of a webpage. Guess who got put on the committee to investigate that. I guess it can be done from North Carolina. After the meeting we visited with several of the members and they really are a nice group of people. I wish we would be able to attend more meetings but I’m afraid that distance will prohibit that.